Thursday, December 07, 2006

I watched BigBlueEyes on Tuesday!! She's so sweet!! She's started crawling!! Can you believe it?!?! She's still not real great at it, but if she doesn't think too hard about it, she can crawl with the best of 'em!! LOL She does it best when she's on a mission, compared to conciously trying to crawl, if you know what I mean :) LOL Just so stinkin' cute :) She's a good baby, too :)

Whew!! Will somebody please remind me that I don't handle stress well, and that being in charge of the Christmas program isn't my idea of a great time when Christmas rolls around again next year? I'm crazy to actually want to do it in the first place, I'm sure of it. Just go ahead & commit me to the Loony Bin, because something's not right in my head, seriously :) hehehe I had a very emotional night tonight. It was play practice, and people didn't have their songs, none of the wisemen were there, and our set isn't really constructed, yet. Plus, we have so many shepherds that are all boys around the same age, and they're VERY hyper boys!! I'm a little nervous about the shepherds. I keep praying about it, and I keep wondering what's gonna happen. I'll actually be alright about everything once the actual "box" thing is together & stuff. I'm getting really nervous about that being put together (because I'd like it together for practice on Saturday morning, and I don't really think that's gonna happen.) Oh, well, you work with what ya got, ya know?

*********************RANT WARNING*******************************

I had a "run in" with BadAttitudeMyrtle tonight (DebbieDowner might be another good name for her...) Anyways, this lady is pretty negative about everything, and it drives me crazy, plus there's a bunch of other stuff, but she just set me off tonight. There was no need for her to have an attitude about what she got an attitude about, and she was just not very uplifting. Not building me up, very much a negative nelly...Wow, there are a lot of names I could come up with for her, huh? Or just a generic name for any "DebbieDowner" type personality, huh? Anyways, remember all that scenery & stuff I made for VBS this past August? Well, I made everything by hand, painted all of it, except for the cardboar I covered with "wood" contact paper to make it look like wooden logs, whatever...Well, Pastor actually hurt my feelings, because after it was all said & done he just said to pitch it all...then, there was this stuff that was totally NOT made by hand, just the pictures that came with the teachers stuff that was taped to the wall (we have a multi-purpose room & the classes were just in different parts of the room). Anyways, he says to leave THAT up because "it'll give people an idea what the kids have been up to this week at VBS." So, throw out the handpainted stuff, to my face, then tell someone else to leave the very non-personal junk up on the wall. Whatever...well, I'll admit to you, I cried, and I couldn't help it. I didn't want to cry in front of Pastor, because I felt stupid for crying in the first place, but the head director walked in on me crying & I just spilled my guts. Well, Worship Minister must've heard something about it, because he kept the God-awful snowmobile I made & it's been a joke ever since...that was my least favorite thing I made for VBS, btw. Anyways, I keep telling him to pitch it, and he kept saying, "No! We can't pitch that! It was part of my station (it kinda sat in front of the laptop & multi-media stuff, and hid the equipment). Anyways, tonight, it was sitting by the front of the sanctuary doors getting ready to be pitched. Again, I have NO problem with it being pitched, that's not the issue that got me upset. NegativeNelly says snootily, "That thing needs to be thrown away." I was offended by her tone, so I said, "You know I made that, right?" She starts going on, "I know, but there's just no where to store it here. Can you tell me when we'll use it again? Do you want it at your house?" I was shocked that she would be so rude as to say things like that to me to my face!! If she says that kind of stuff to my face, what is she saying behind my back?!! So, I didn't say anything else, really, but OH, I wanted to. She has a history of complaining, and of acting the martyr, and that was so inappropriate! So, after she walked out the door I looked at King & said, "Well, I'd better throw that God-awful snowmobile away." And literally threw it in the trash can. Okay, and here's the thing. She is one of the people who complains the loudest about things not getting done, etc..., but she shows NO respect for anything that DOES get done, and people's effort, unless she's had a hand in it. Did she do anything for VBS this year? Nope. But she would've complained if we hadn't had one. I guess it was just lack of appreciation for other people's work. I just didn't take it well, and since I'm under so much other stress for this program to go well, I know I'm overly sensitive, but still, she was rude.

Okay, sorry to unload all that, but I had to, or I would explode. And, I hope you followed that, because I'm sure it was rambly & incoherant, but again, I needed to VENT!! So, going back to put "Rant Warning" up above that...

*******************End RANT**************************

So, anyways, onto better things. We went to the Mall again today :) It was a lot more fun today than it was last week!! LOL At least for me...Princess ate 1/2 of her cheeseburger & 1/2 of FAB's fries (hehehe), so she got to play today!! :) YAY!! I got to hold Petunia while the girls played & she is SUCH a cuddlebug!! :) So sweet :)

We didn't really shop at the mall today. I needed to get some things ready before our play practice tonight, so we just came home & Princess fell asleep on the way home, so that was nice. She took a nice long nap, too, and I got a lot accomplished before practice. Practice itself was CHAOS, but semi-controlled chaos. The daycare toys were out, so of course I had to compete with that, but other than that, things went well. I think on Saturday before we get started, I'm gonna have the kids do these exercise things I learned in daycare inservice. The shepherds got a little (read A LOT) antsy, so I started a game of "Miss Mandy Says" to get 'em moving a little bit, at least in a controlled movement. Mr.AF came over & took over so I could get back to directing, and that was a blessing. I'm glad he stepped in. Those kids like him, anyways, he helps with the games at Awana sometimes.

So..........please pray with me that Saturday goes smoothly & that things will come together on Saturday? I'm getting nervous about the "box" thing being done for Saturday's practice...I need to call my carpenter...earthly & Heavenly :)

I'd better go...there is so much more I could share, but it's getting late, and I'm getting tired, and I really don't want to think about it right now. I really need to vent to someone I trust in the church...There are so many people who are so supportive of this play & with doing whatever I need of them, but it just takes one NegativeNelly to tear ya down, ya know? SO, here's to not letting negativity (i.e. the evil one) get to me...This is all for the Lord, anyway...

Okay, seriously, better go...King went to the store real quick, and Lord knows Princess isn't going to sleep by herself...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Hey, Happy Friday!! I've had another busy week here, going here, going there, doing this, getting ready for that...It's Christmastime, ya know?!?!

Wednesday I got up & Princess & I dressed earlier than normal, and went to the Teacher Store, then Flower Factory, and then to Walmart...I got a lot accomplished, really, but WOW what a long day!! We met King at Fricsh's for supper (Princess still has free kids' meal coupons from Halloween), then we went to church for Awana. I'm really frustrated with church right now, so I won't say anything more...Except to ask for your prayers, please? I realize that no church is perfect, and if we left (and we don't really feel that's what the Lord wants us to do, but it's definately tempting, ya know?), we'd just find another church with either the same problems or different problems, but still problems. A wise man said a few weeks ago, "There aren't really problem people, just people with problems." I know that he spoke those words to me for the Lord, because every time I get frustrated with the whole situation those words pop into my head like a little bit of peace. It's just REALLY hard to hang on to that. I'm thinking of just "laying low" for a while after the Christmas play is over. I'll still do Sunday School & Praise Team, but other than that, I don't know that I really want to do any more. I've entertained thoughts about setting a date for a women's luncheon in January, but, again, I just don't feel like doing anything there right now. ARGHHH!!!! I wish I could really put into words what I'm frustrated over, but it's more like I'm just frustrated with an attitude more than just something someone/some people did, ya know? Double ARGH!!

Okay, I just had to share that....So, anyways, that was Wed...

Thursday we met Missy, FAB & Baby at the mall...we were late, and I felt really bad about it, because we would've been on time if I didn't have to email Worship Minister (play stuff), so I was frustrated about that. I'm serious, next year, I'm not in charge, I'll just help with the Christmas program...Anyways, so we met them at the mall, and Princess was a P-I-L-L!! We got Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and she was only eating waffle fries, and not any of her chicken. Well, I told her to eat at least one bite of her chicken before she could play in the play area. She took a bite, and chewed & chewed & chewed. I told Missy to go ahead & take FAB & Baby over to the play area & we'd be along in a minute...15 minutes later she was still chewing!! ARGH!!!!!!! I put her in her stroller & we went over to the play area because I thought she'd give up once she saw FAB playing & having a good time in the play area...NOPE. She chewed & chewed & chewed. I even had been giving her some milk to drink because I thought she'd swallow it that way, but the last drink of milk she got, she let dribble out of her mouth. So, I said, "NO PLAY PLACE FOR YOU TODAY!!" & she lost out that way. She whined for a little bit while we were shopping, but I was NOT going to let her run the show. I told Missy that Princess had better be greatful we were in a public place because if we had been at home? She'd have swallowed that chicken after 2 minutes!! LOL Oh, I was so aggravated with her!!

Anyways, I didn't really shop at the mall, just looked around. It'd been a while since I'd been there (when Princess was a little younger, we used to go to the mall all the time so I could just get out of the house & see adults!! LOL), but since we moved to HH, it's been a little more difficult to go "all the way over there." (Like it's hours away :) hehe). It was neat to see all the different changes going on, and I got a few gift ideas for the people on my list :)

Thursday night we went to the Cheesecake Factory!! :) YUM-O!! WOW wast that awesome!! It was expensive, but not as expensive as I was dreading. We'll definately split next time, but since it was our first visit, we decided to get our own meal & even our own slice of cheesecake :) Dulce De Leche...AWESOME!! :) I wanted the Caramel Pecan Turtle cheesecake, but they were out. Steve got some kind of peanut butter white chocolate seasonal one, and it was yummy, too :) Very neat place & atmosphere. It was our first time at the Greene, too, and it was very cute :) It was raining, so we didn't get to walk anywhere but around the block, but it was very pretty. The Christmas lights are neat :)

Tonight I went to K-Mart (finally got out my lay-away :)) & Target. Man, oh, man, could I spend a truckload of $$ at Target!! LOL I love it, and their scrapbooking stuff is really cool, too. I like their Christmas stuff, too...Anyways, I had to get a baby shower gift for tomorrow, but I got some M&M's & laundry detergent for me...wait, that's not exciting...

Anyways, tomorrow's the baby shower, then tomorrow night is GIRL NIGHT!! with Carebear & EnglishTeacher!! :) Daisy might come, too, but she said she'd asked Mom to go shopping before I told her about girl night, so we'll see. I think King's got the Princess for me, too :) After Thursday, I need a break!! LOL

Well, on an upside with Princess, so you don't think too badly about her, she's wearing her "big girl" underwear again, and keeping it dry all day!! YAY!! That's only today, though...

Better go...lots to do, and I want to go to bed early tonight :)

Love you guys!! :) Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's that time of year again!! :) Have you started your shopping? Most of the people on my list are getting homemade presents this year because money's a little tight. Same old story. Every year it's the same. Daisy & I were talking about this the other day...why is it that you get everything in order & are "comfortable" in March?!?! LOL j/k We've been SO blessed this year, and I love that I have the choice to stay home with Princess, it just makes things a little tighter financially. I've been looking into a home-based business...again(...Josy, I used to do Mary Kay, too!! :) And, Sara, I was an Avon lady after that...) Anyways, this new business is NOT in the makeup industry, it's a lot different than both of those companies, but I'll let you know more about it when I'm actually a consultant.

I didn't make it to those craft shows this year, either. We heard from a "scout" that they weren't all that great, and to not waste your money on admission!! LOL So, the only place I went shopping yesterday was Hobby Lobby, and that was at 7p.m. or so. I only spent $10 (I could've spent WAY WAY more, but just couldn't), but what I got is productive & practical to what I'll be doing/making for Christmas this year. I'm contemplating making soap, too, this year. They have the cutest little things at Hobby Lobby & when I read the back of the glycerin soap stuff, it said you could melt it in the microwave!! And, the molds & scents aren't that expensive, either, so I'm really thinking it would be impressive, yet practical. SO...

I'd better go. Princess has been a PILL this week. She's been sick, and she's REALLY trying us, and disobeying us. SO, that makes for a fun holiday season, huh? She really is fun to have around & stuff, and is SO excited when she sees Christmas lights on houses. Last night I noticed a lot of people already had their lights up in our neighborhood, so maybe for some peace & quiet we'll go for a little drive... In my head, I know that she's acting out because she's EXHAUSTED (because of her coughing & stuffy nose she doesn't sleep really well), and you can totally see it in her eyes. She's been unbearabley (sp?) whiney, too, and that's really what's driving us (me) crazy.

Gotta love 2 year olds...

SO, I'll leave you with another little blinkie :) I just love those things :)

**Nevermind, the stupid thing's not showing up...I tried**

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post!! Where does the time go? Last weekend was SUPER busy, but fun...I met up with Missy & FAB & Baby at Chic Fil A, and then a quick trip to Old Time Pottery. I think we're gonna try & meet once a week (after Thanksgiving, of course) while she's off work so the girls can play together & we get a little Mommy break & adult conversation :) That's always nice!! :) We had a good time!! :)

So, hmmm, that was Thursday...Thursday night was PTpractice, and then Friday was a Birthday party for Princess's best friend from church. I don't know if I've shared this here, or not, but she's got this little friend from church that she just LOVES, and he loves her, too. They're so cute together, and their sweet friendship is such a blessing to everyone. They're so loving towards each other & just get so excited when they see each other!! LOL They litterally drop whatever they're doing & run to greet the other, arms outstretched. It's so sweet. They really have fun at Awana, too... Anyways, please keep BestFriend in your prayers. He's living with his Grandparents (last I heard, I'll get to that in a minute) because his Mom has pretty much desserted him. It's so sad. She was *supposed* to get him "for good" this past weekend, but I'm not sure that ever happened. I haven't gotten word either way. SO, whatever's happened/happening, please pray for protection over him, and God's will in his life, no matter what happens. I know it's hard, but sometimes God's best is not exactly what we want. I'm sure we could all share stories like that... Anyways, my heart's been heavy for him this week...

Speaking of Awana...It's been as good for me as it has been for Princess!! LOL I've never been great at memorization, especially scripture, but it's been pretty much happening while I help Princess memorize hers...Let me tell you, it's awesome to hear your 2 3/4 year old say, "My eyes have seen your salvation" & "While we were sinners, Jesus Christ died for us." A couple of weeks ago, she stayed with us during church because the inlaws were in town. Anyways, Pastor used 2 of her Awana Cubbies verses in his sermon, and she knew exactly what he was talking about both times!! Her eyes lit up like, "I know what he's talking about!" SO sweet. Then she started saying, "Jesus Christ died for us..." over & over in her sweet little voice. I about started bawling right then & there.

Oh, so Saturday I went to SkinnyBlondObnoxious cousin's baby shower. I'm telling you, I love her because she's family, but I have tried & tried to like her, and it's just not there. It's one of those things where you're like, "Surely I'm remembering her wrong, and she's not that bad" & then she opens her mouth & you take that *inward* sigh, like, "Oh, yes she is..." Again, nothing specific comes to mind, I guess it's just her attitude. Other than her being her, it was a good shower. Princess was funny & was jumping in all the tissue paper & wrapping paper & having a good ol' time. Afterwards, we took Princess to Mom & Dad's where she stayed with Dad & watched the OSU/Michigan game, and Mom & I took off to Kohl's & JoAnne Fabrics. Then, when we got back to her house, I remembered (it was, like 8p.m.) that I had told BestFriend's grandma that I'd make him a cake for his family party on SUNDAY (the next day). It was a smaller cake, but I ended up making it at Mom's. It was (no exaggerating) the ugliest cake I've ever decorated. She said it tasted good, and I guess that's all that matters, but WOW, was it ugly. I didn't charge her for it, because I didn't even make the icing. It was BAD.

Anyways, Monday...what did I do Monday? I forget, but I had something to do. Or maybe not. OH!! We got pizza & Princess ate Burger King while I shopped at KMart (I had a lay-away to pay on & bought a few other things I shouldn't have, probably). Then, we went home & watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving & went to bed.

Tuesday was eyebrow apts. & we went to Frisch's for supper (with Mom & DaisyGeorge), and Wal-Mart, and tonight I made supper & pumpkin "brownies" for tomorrow, and got the base of my sweet potato casserole together & in the pan for tomorrow. I'll just have to bake that tomorrow & some crescent rolls!! It's been a LONG time since I've been this "together" the night before Thanksgiving!! LOL

So, now that I gave you a play-by-play on my oh-so-exciting life, I guess I'll just say goodnight. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving at Mom & Dad's, and we hope to leave not long after the parade is over, even though dinner's not "officially" until 3p.m...WorthlessKnowledge (DaisyGeorge's hubby, my bil) has to work until 5p.m., so that's why it's a little the food isn't TOO cold for him when he gets off...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So, I had a post all ready to go a couple of days ago (or was that yesterday?) and blogger ate it, I could've been operator error, I don't remember, but anyways, it was eaten one way or another :) LOL

So, this is mostly a pictoral post...I'll be back to share more about my oh-so-exciting life (LOL) later :)

This is what I did yesterday :) I had BigBlueEyes & Princess yesterday :) It went very smoothly!! They were both lots of fun!!

This is one of the ornaments I made at the bazaar Friday & Saturday. I had a lot of fun, and painted everything (except the original coat, they already came painted), but I painted the snowmen, the writing, and the "antiquing" medium (I LOVE THAT STUFF!!) while they waited. It was really a lot of just makes you feel good when people are willing to pay money for something you made. Such a neat feeling.

Here are the other kinds of ornaments I had. For the lady that had me do 10 for her, I ended up painting on all of them, even the stars & stuff, and they turned out really great. These are ones I made pretty early on with the little wooden embellishments I had on hand. Next year I'll know to have some ready, because people really liked the reindeer & stuff. Maybe I'll get some Santa's & more snowmen...I'm sure I could find some different kinds of snowmen. Super cute.

Well, that's all you're getting from me. Oh, and because Josy had mentioned ordering ornaments from me, I'll share this. There was another lady at the bazaar who asked if she could get my name & number, because she might be calling me for an order, and when I told the lady in charge of the bazaar, she said that any $$ I made after the bazaar was mine, to do with as I see fit, so I might just set it back & let it go towards operating expenses for the next bazaar. I really had fun, and I think that people really appreciated all the things I contributed. I just had that feeling of a job well done afterwards, ya know? Just with decorating & set-up & stuff...

Okay, seriously, I'm done...oh, except to say that our tree is up & waiting for ornaments...that's what I'm going to do after I get offline :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Thursday, everyone!! :) A few things to share today...

First of all, I went to the dr. yesterday...FINALLY!! LOL She told me I have PCOS, a not-so-rare condition in women that some of us are just born with, and it's NOT cancer :) LOL The actual name is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and it just means there are these little cysts (again, NON-cancerous) that mess with my hormones. She said that sometimes the symptoms (all of which I have, and a lot of other things make sense to me, now) wax & wane, sometimes there, sometimes not, kind of thing, and that treatment is dependant on whether we want to get pg. right away or not. She said that if we want to wait a little bit, she'd put me on birth control (regulating my cycles, hormone therapy, that kind of thing), and she said that for someone with PCOS, right after you get off of birth control it's REALLY easy for you to get pregnant because your hormones are all regular & just makes us more fertile, I guess. It made sense how she explained it. Anyways, that's the update on that!! LOL

It took me 3 days to type that up there, btw!! I got sidetracked the other day while I was on here, and then had to go to church to help set up for the bazaar & finish getting the house clean for the inlaws. Yes, I said inlaws. They're here, and right now they're watching Cars with Princess. Oh, and bil came... There've already been moments where I've wanted to give him a spanken &/or a time out, but I won't get into it right now. It's really been a blessing for me to have had the bazaar to go to this weekend. I've gotten to visit with them some, but I've had an escaping place, and painting, nonetheless, so it was even relaxing. Tonight, though, we fixed a Thanksgiving dinner, and my bp got up a little bit a couple of times, but whatever. I got to make the mashed potatoes, so it was all good. Actually, if you have a turkey roaster, YUMM-O as Rachel Ray would say!! LOL SO tender & juicy & quicker than the, it frees your oven up for other stuff. Speaking of turkeys, I just thought the pic SebbieDue sent out was HILLARIOUS!! Maybe I'll post's kinda weird, and you might feel halfway dirty looking at it!! LOL :)

Anyways, the bazaar was so much fun!! I got to decorate!! Not for Christmas yet, really, but got to decorate for the bazaar. We tried to really bring your eyes down...our multi-purpose room is so huge, it's hard to get that personal/warm feeling into the display, plus, those ladies in charge say that they weren't very good at displaying stuff anyways. So, I had a few ideas, and so did another gal, and we just got to work. We had a pattern, some ladies would get the stuff out of the boxes and set 'em on the table, and me & MilitaryGirl would go around playing with it, tulle & Christmas lights :) We had a good time.

My part of the bazaar is personalized Christmas ornaments. I make 'em while you wait. Friday wasn't very busy, just had a few orders from the ladies at the bazaar, and just a couple from your average passer-by, but today I was BUSY!! One lady wanted 10!! So, I did 10 in an hour. I'll have to take a pic of the one I made Daisy to give you an idea of what I did. It was very easy, and they turned out really cute, I think. I was proud of them. And, it's always neat when people think your talent is good enough to pay money for, and to give as gifts. The lady with the order of 10 was so sweet!! We had a nice chat while she was there & I had a really nice time with her. Most of the others I did, though, were all for church people, but that's cool, too. It's neat to think that I've given a little bit of Christmas to so many this year :) Such a blessing to be a part of so many's holiday :)

Okay, I'd better go. I think they're taking Princess to the potty, and I feel like I should go, there's some pumpkin pie that's calling my name in the kitchen :)

I'm sorry, I don't care who ya are, that's funny!! LOL

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I can't seem to stay off the computer today. I keep checking msg. boards & trying to google every little thing that pops into my head... I tried to google a former boss I really didn't like (think Stinky Pete, Missy), because King emailed me when he found a posting for my former boss's, I was trying to dig & see if StinkyPete-alike quit or was fired. It really could be a toss up between the 2, also. Nobody really liked working with him, and he didn't do anything. Ugh, he was just annoying... Anyways, I tried to dig, but all I found was a few quotes he'd given to newspapers & such. Sometimes google is disappointing :) LOL

ToTing was fun last night. We (King, Princess & I) went together with Daisy, BB & BigBlueEyes (formerly known as CutiePie), and we had a pretty good time. The girls were SO cute!! Princess went as, well, a princess, and BigBlueEyes wore the chicken costume (Princess wore it her 1st ToT). We just went around Fbn to friend's & families we knew would get a kick out of seeing the girls all dressed up. Mostly family...but it still took up about the whole 2hr ToT time!! LOL We ended up at my Aunt's house last, right at 8p.m. (or thereabouts). We ran into TeacherCousin & MJDancer & their little Cowgirl...I'll have to email myself the pic of all 3 of 'em I got with my's stinkin' cute :) There's a cowgirl, a chicken & a princess. They were sweet :)

My drs apt. for today was re-scheduled for next Wed. I got a call from CompuNet last night saying that they didn't get enough blood from my test that I took a week ago for just one of the tests (I guess they were collecting for a few tests, and were short blood for just one), so I had to go back & get that done today. It got me out of bed early today, though, because I called Dr. H's office yesterday & asked what they wanted me to do, and last night they said to just keep my apt. for today, but then this morning they called & said it'd be better to just re-schedule for next week...Whatever...I think I know what they're looking for...I think they're trying to pinpoint/rule out a slow thyroid problem. I got a call from a nurse on Tues (yes, they've called me quite a bit this about drama!! LOL), and the nurse said something like, "did you get your blood drawn? It looks like to get your thyroid checked." I said, "Yes, last Wed., but I didn't exactly know what for." She said, "Oh, yeah, Dr. H just wrote down bloodwork." But, when I looked up thyroid on webmd (I have become quite relyant on this, brain twin), what happened to me can be linked to hypothyroidism. SO, not self-diagnosing myself, but I'm pretty sure that's one thing they were testing me for. I guess it's wait another week, and I get to dread "that" for another week...

Nothing else really going on...I've had this really yucky junk going on in my throat/sinuses/nose. I'm really ready to be over it already. The worst part is, well, there are 2 that I just can't live with. One is not being able to taste. For real, there is NO TASTE to ANYTHING I eat or drink. I know it's all related to not being able to smell right now, too, but still, it stinks (not that I can smell it!! LOL I crack myself up!! LOL). Anyways, the second thing that is actually worst than the first is when your ears get all clogged up & full & you can hear every little sound that goes on inside your mouth. Your chewing is amplified 500% in your head, and when you take a shower you hear every little drop of water hitting your's SO stinkin' annoying. And, asking people to repeat themselves OVER & OVER & OVER!! Argh!! It's enough to make me wanna scream...but I won't because it'd be too loud in my head!! LOL :)

ANYWAYS, I just needed to whine about it some...Now I'm done.

Back to the gym for me this week, too. Probably tomorrow. Tonight I've got stuff to do (take Princess to Awana, clean more around the house). BTW, did I mention my inlaws coming next weekend? I don't know if bil is coming with them, or not, but if he can weasle his way out of working that weekend, I'm sure he'll be tagging along. Come to mention it, I don't think we've ever had a visit with just his parents. BIL has ALWAYS come with them. Again, mil & fil aren't that bad, it's bil that I have a hard time dealing with sometimes. Oh, and next weekend is our church bazaar weekend, and I'm pretty committed to that (I was committed before inlaws said they were coming), so we'll see how it goes.

I'd better go...Princess is up from her nappy nap, and I have to get her juice...she said please :) LOL

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sister!! (DaisyGeorge!! :) ) I can't believe you're so old!! LOL :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone :)
WOW, it's been a couple weeks, eh? Or, maybe it just feels like a couple of weeks, I guess it's not quite been 2 weeks...

Anyways, just been busy...doing this, going there, feeling crappy... I took that Provera stuff, and it stopped things...saw Dr. H last Tues. & she did a pelvic exam (yipee), and said that she wasn't 100% sure what it was, but she *thinks* she knows what's going on, but would talk to me more about it after I got some bloodwork done. SO, since it was a fasting one, I went on Wed. morning to get that done, then, came home & after Princess's nap, met Mom & Daisy to get our eyebrows done. That's when I found out that Daisy had had a pretty bad car accident on her way to work that late morning (about the same time I got my bloodwork done, so I wasn't home when Mom tried to call me). Daisy's OK...VERY sore, but ok. Her knees are BADLY bruised, and she's got bruises from her seatbelt, and she said her hips are bruised, too, but other than that, she's fine. Her car is totalled, though, so they're in the market for another one.

Anyways, oh, I didn't mention, on Tuesday, when I saw Dr. H TOM started, too, so double that yipee up there. It's been weird like last time, but I can tell it's almost over **keeping fingers crossed** Oh, and Dr. H also asked if King & I were still trying to get pg again, and I said, "Well, uh, not really right now..." And she says, "But you're not trying to prevent it, either, right?" And I say, "Yeah." So, she said that at my next apt. (this coming will be a "fun" one, too...) we'll go over my blood work, and talk about getting me "regular" again to leave the window open for another pg. SO, that's what's going on in that department.

I've had a hard time thinking about getting pg again this time. I don't know why, maybe it's just hormones, or fear amplified because there's always "that chance." It's been weird to think that if I got pg again, it would be my 4th pregnancy. I don't know why that's such a big deal to me, but it keeps going over & over in my head...I just have to mull it over & keep praying about it. I do pray about it all the time. My prayers have changed from "I don't know what I want, Lord," to "Whatever YOU want, Lord," though, so that's a step in the right direction, huh? :)

Didn't mean to get all heavy on you guys!! LOL I'm gone for 2 weeks, and lay this deep stuff on ya...seems like I should've led up to that, huh? :) LOL

I haven't really had time to get online & check out journals, so I'll make a quick runthrough, but I can't promise's late, even if it is daylight saving time!! :)

Have a great Sunday!! :) Love you guys :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

No, I'm not going's time to start thinking about Christmas!! I've got to make up my Christmas list (shopping), and I'm the "head" of the Christmas play at church this year...YIKES!! I'm pretty excited about it, though. I think we're gonna do a "dinner show" (at least, that's what we're thinking right could totally change between now & then!! LOL), and I'm really not feeling overwhelmed right now :) LOL I'm going to have a "brief" showing of the play after church on Sunday (it's the play my dad wrote, that might make sense to some of you out there), and we have it on tape somewhere (at Mom & Dad's, I think), so we're going to watch that on Sunday to give everyone an idea of what it's supposed to look like. I'm not really looking forward to this, because I'm in it (the lead), and WOW do I look bad in it!! LOL I look like a total dork!! LOL It was towards the end of my "awkward-looking" childhood, though, so at least I don't look as dorky as I could...
Anyways, there's lots to do, lots to think about & plan...I've already got an preview/informational email out to the praise team, at least, since they'll have to start thinking about music NOW, and I really need to pray & prod for our 3 & 1/2 speaking parts. I'm not worried about the nativity cast, it's the "speaking" cast that I'm worried about. Not worried, really, just wanting to fill ASAP!! :) The date for this thing is December 10th!! We did set that tonight, so we've got a date to go with, a deadline/timeline, which is good for me...I need a deadline/timeline to work with :)
So, within the next couple of weeks, I need to get a hold of the script (I think I have a copy somewhere around here), and I need to write up a set list. The only thing I'm semi-worried about right now is construction of the tableau stage. At the church that Dad originally wrote this for, there was a baptistry that was behind the pulpit (think Bethany's, too), that was kinda set into the wall. This made a perfect little stage for the tableaus (pronounce tab-low) with just a big sheet of plywood (with wooden 2x4 braces underneath for support so it wouldn't bow in the middle) that was placed over the tub. Then, we hung curtains from either side of the opening into the baptistry. Well, our church (COTC) isn't constructed like that, and we'll need to actually build a mini stage. I know it can be done, but it's something that's really out of my control. We'll need to think about all sides of it, too. Trust me, we'll have to put a "top" on it, too...At the last church I did this play at, we had the curtains/plywood all ready, but the baptistry was open, not enclosed (like Bethany's), and when the lights went on inside the tableau, there was this AWFUL shadow on the wall above it!! It was a logistic I hadn't thought about...duh...It was my first play, give me a break!! LOL
SO!! There's a lot going on in my head right now :) My brain's just swimming with ideas, with "blue prints" with people to cast in this thing, you name it, my mind's racing with it!! :) I'm looking forward to having a cast set & a set built. At least there won't be any scenery painting or anything like that. Oh, and there's always my Dad to help as a "consultant."
Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on. I need to find that script, that's buggin' me...I'm sure it's around here somewhere...
Tomorrow is lunch at McD's with ladies from church (and our kiddos can run wild at the playplace). That's been a lot of fun, and gives me something to look forward to on Fridays :)
Oh, I wanted to share with you an update on my "female problems." I called the nurse on Monday, and she called back & said she had no idea what was going on with me/cause of it/whatever, and said she'd schedule me an apt. for Friday with the dr. Then, on Tues. morning, she called me back again, and said that Dr. H said to cancel my apt. on Friday & gave me a prescription for Provera (or a generic version of it). I've taken this stuff before, and it just jumpstarted things back to normal. I already FEEL better & can tell it's making a difference just in the way I feel. I'm not nearly as tired & the bleeding has pretty much stopped. I hope it makes things "normal" again. Getting me back on a schedule really helps with TTC (trying to conceive), even though I'd rather lose about 20-30lbs before we get pg again...
Better go... it's getting late, and I'd like to go to bed (even though my mind's racing right now with Christmas stuff)...
Love you guys!! :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hey, everyone!! I just met my newest little cousin!! Little G is SO cute!! :) She's a little I-Man & FAB all wrapped into one!! :) LOL I guess that's a warning!! LOL Here are a few of her pics...Sorry, Jodi, I know she's your neice, but I thought everyone might enjoy these pics...

Isn't she adorable?!?! She was making all those cooing noises that newborns make...all squirmy & pink & adorable...She's a sweetie!! :)
Better's gettin' late & it's time for bed...
Love you guys!! :)

Little G is here!! :) 8lbs. 7oz., 20 1/2 inches long...

Mommy Missy & Baby G are doing fine!! :)

I'm heading to the hospital tonight. I wanted to go yesterday, but it just didn't happen. I can't wait to hold her!! They say she looks a lot like I-Man. Maybe I'll have a pic to post soon, too :)

Better go...I just wanted to let ya'll know (even though you probably do already!! :) )

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Guess what we did today? LOL I LOVE going pumpkin picking :) It was such a beautiful day, too!! We had a good time, and spent more than we anticipated...I got one of those really cool white pumpkins, though, and we got a HUGE pumpkin!! LOL I'll have to share a pic of our new fall harvest display out front...I love it!! :)

Anyways, that's about all we did today. Tomorrow, though, is church, then naps!!, then out to dinner for Grandma's B-day. I guess that AuntChattyCathy & Uncle FunnyHat already took her out when UncleWeird & AuntWeirder were up (totally not planned, is what I heard), so it'll probably just be the PonchoP's tomorrow taking her out. I guess UncleSinger & ShouldBeOurAunt will take her out Monday on her actual Bday...Hope you wanted a play-by-play!! LOL Anyways, we're going to Olive Garden (endless pasta bowels!! YIPEE!!)...That should be fun :)

I just wanted to pop in & share that pic of Princess, so I'd better's getting late, and I still have to browse my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow morning...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gotta love the look on Princess's face!! LOL This is from a hs open house we went to this summer. It was on a Sunday, and Princess had, maybe, a 10-20minute nap...Hence, the "what do you think you're doing with that camera" look on her face :) LOL

Anyways, not a big day here today. Yesterday I got my eyebrows done, and then ate with Mom & Daisy (& Princess & CuteNeice, too) afterwards. Then, I headed back to H. for Awana (oh, yeah, Princess has been going to Awana on Wed.'s now!! She's so stinkin' cute :) Last week she got her "uniform" (it's just a vest) when it was time to go home, and when I showed her she said, "IS THAT MY OUTFIT?!?!" she had her hands clasped together & the biggest grin on her face, and she was so excited about it. Her friend TippyToes has one, and she thought it was neat that they both had one on. I about didn't get it off of her when we got home!! LOL). Anyways, after the drive home, I just was not going to be able to take Princess to Awana, so had King do it. Female problems, again. I got out of the van, came straight into the house & laid down for about 2 hours. It was awful. Thankfully, I feel a TON better today. I feel more like myself, so I'm thinking it's over for this month :) My problem is that I hadn't had a "TOM" since July 4th!! Then, I finally started a couple of days before PraiseFest (I'm sure you really wanted to know that), but it hasn't stopped until, um, well, it still hasn't for sure, but it's been a while. SO, I need to schedule *that* apt. anyway, but now I have this to share with the dr.

Aren't you glad I shared that? It's been frustrating, because for the last 2 1/2 months I've been taking pg test after pg test, and they've all been negative...This happened to me once before, but I had to take a medicine to bring TOM on...but the TOM time was just as long, so maybe it's working itself out...We'll see...

Again, aren't you glad I shared all this with you?!?!

Tonight Princess & I went to Captain D's for supper...FYI, Thursdays are kid's nite, so Princess's meal was only 99cents!! :) SWEET!! Then, we went to Wally World, and spent more than I should've, but got a lot of "filler" groceries, if you know what I mean...bread, pumpkin sugar cookies (the Pillsbury kind), crescent rolls, you get the drift. I got myself a nice little Christmas organizing basket!! It's where I'll keep my cards, stamps, lists, coupons, etc... for Christmastime...and you know it's less than 3 months, now, right? WOOHOO!!

Okay, talk to ya'll later :) Can you believe Baby G will be here in 4 days?!?! YAY!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This was from the summer...All 3 girls are SO much bigger now...That's Princess on the left, then CuteNeice in the rocking chair, and that's MathCousin's little girl, BlueEyes...The first of many meetings, I'm sure :) hehe

Not much going on today. We pretty much just hung out around the house today. I've not been feeling very energetic lately (because of the female problems I may or may not have mentioned before, I don't remember), so we've been laying low. Tonight is $.99 Kid's Meal night at "Zoli's", so guess where we're headed in a little bit?!?! LOL This gal at church has all the kid's night info down!! She can tell you where to take your kids on any given night for a kid's meal deal...she's amazing!! LOL She should start a newsletter :) LOL

So, King has an Elder's mtg. tonight, so after dinner he'll go do that, and I was thinkin of FINALLY hitting Once Upon A's been about a month since I perused their ailes, so it's time to do that again...Princess needs some fall/winter clothes, and I'd like to hit there first. I'd like to see if there are any tricycles there, too. Princess is big enough to actually pedal one and get around by herself on one. I know it's late in the season, but she could still get a few more weeks on it, maybe even a month, and then spring will be here before we know it. I'm wondering if we shouldn't wait until her birthday, though (she'll be 3!! Can you believe it?!?! It's less than 4mos. away!!). Anyways, we went to Meijer's on Sunday night, and she rode that thing all over the store!! LOL Kept her content, and King occupied while I shopped!! LOL Anyways, she did really well on it...

I'm hoping we'll go to the farm this weekend and get some straw & pumpkins, and I'd LOVE a big ol' pot of mums for a little "harvest display." I know, I'm a dork. I'll have to get a pic of my pumpkin turned out really cute :)

Seeing as how I'm just rambling on & on, I'll go so I don't bore you anymore!! LOL :) I'll have to post a link to the CLM website about fall & autumn celebrations. I found one of her devotionals/writings whatever you wanna call it, last year & it brought peace to my soul...I'm always uncomfortable about Halloween & "celebrating" it. I love to dress up & let Princess dress up & stuff, but I steer clear of all the witches & ghosts & stuff & keep with the harvest celebration. Anyways, she puts it a lot more eloquently & perhaps a little more coherant than I would!! LOL :) Here it is... http://

Better go...King should be home any minute!! :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Okay, thank you all for your encouraging words about being a SAHM :) I agree, if you haven't read Jodi's comment to my last post, brain twin, you got it, girl!! :) Thanks!! :)

I absolutely look at staying home with Princess as such a priveledge & honor, really, even though some days I want to pull my hair out!! LOL, I was just really strugglin' with that the other day :) It's not the first time. And, you're right, I would feel even guiltier if I worked & didn't stay home with Princess...just a different kind of guilt.

Have ya'll ever seen the Oprah or Dr. Phil shows that talk about this "thing" where moms who work outside the home & SAHM's were fighting that their way was the only way, and that there must be something wrong with the other side's thinking? The attitude wasn't different on either side of the argument (work vs. SAHM), but they were both adament about there being a right & wrong side. I think that's ludicrous!! That kind of thinking leaves no room for individuality. We are all different, all have different callings on our lives, and mine (at present) is stay home & teach my two 1/2 yo not to eat crayons :) LOL or anything else besides food!! LOL :) Anyways, thank you to all those encouragers :) You really did build me up when I was having a weak/pity party moment.

I've been reading some in this book that's called "Queen of the Castle" and at first glance, it looks like it's a read for SAHM's only, because the word "homemaker" is used A LOT!! LOL BUT!! She (the author) classifies any mother, any woman who lives in a home (lol) a homemaker. That is our God-given job, since Adam & Eve, and we should be proud that the Lord would bless us with such a responsibility. Does that mean that I won't make King take out the trash or do his own laundry every now & then? Absolutely not, (lol, but the control freak I am, I just nagged on him to leave the laundry alone because he put my "air dry" sweater in the dryer!! ARG!!), but anyways, that's what a "woman's touch" is all about. Not just the decorating or the cleaning, but the complete atmoshphere of our homes.

Very neat book, btw :) The author's name is Lynn Bowen-Walker. Lots of humor, lots of seriousness, and even some devotions & prayer time thrown in there. It's done in a week by week, seasonal basis, so it'd be totally okay to wait until January to get it :) LOL

King's taking his finals tonight, so it's just me & Princess here for supper...we're having leftover pizza...I love leftover pizza, re-heated in the oven or toaster oven...almost better than the original night. I don't do the cold-pizza-for-breakfast thing...just lunch or supper reheated. Very good.

I also started a mini pre-school for Princess today. I have one of those big school calendars where you put the date up every day, and the month changes, blah blah blah. I'm surprised at what all she knows already without having these "traditional" times of learning, ya know? She can already identify her name written down (can't write it, but we'll work more on that when she actually turns 3), and she knows the letter A, and the sounds it makes. It's a little different having "circle time" with one kiddo instead of 5 or 6, because they all work off of each other, but I think Princess will like "playing school." I'm such a teacher dork for getting excited about it!! LOL

I'd better go...Oh, before I do, though, could you keep my friend Gina in your prayers? She's a neat lady I met through Dotti's msg. boards, and I still keep up with her blog. Anyways, a little over a week ago, her 20yo son passed away in a freak skateboarding accident. She has 4 or 5 kiddos, but he was the oldest. They had a memorial service this past Saturday, but as we all know, the hardest part of losing is after everything has quieted down & life seems to just go on, whether we are ready for it or not. Just keep her & her family in your prayers. He was a Christian, so she's resting in the assurance of that...

Anyways, I love you guys!! :) Talk to ya next time :)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yes, it's been awhile...and, yes, I've been very busy...I haven't been online in weeks!! I feel so disconnected. I feel kinda weird.

So, this is what I've been thinking about the last few days. Busy-ness. And, why I feel like I need to be busy. I'm afraid I've got so much going on that I'm setting myself up for failure & burnout, but I have this need to be busy right now. I think it's a SAHM thing. I really feel sometimes that I don't do anything "worthwhile" with my days. So, hey, we need a Sunday school teacher at church...I can do that, right? So, I teach Sunday School. Well, that's great, but it's only one day, one class, not very many kiddos. Well, I stay at home with Princess, shouldn't I be able to do more?!?! So, hey, there's no women's ministry at church right now (I know, wierd, right?) Well, I'd love for there to be a women's ministry!! Why don't I get that started?!?! I don't do anything but stay home with Princess, right? Well, there's a few other ladies that are going to help with Ladie's Ministry, so that takes some of the pressure/responsibility off of me...besides, all I do is stay home with Princess, so surely I could be doing more...So, hey, now's the time to start thinking about a Christmas play. I only stay home with Princess, so surely I have time to be in charge of that, right? So, there's a Craft Bazaar meeting this week. What are you making for that, Mandy? You only stay home with Princess, right? So, WAIT A MINUTE!! We don't have any clean underwear!! AHHHHH!!

I have a secret to share. I feel guilty. I feel guilty for not doing enough at church; I only stay home with Princess, right? I feel guilty for not doing enough with Princess at home; I'm only doing a few things at church, right? Then, there's family stuff!! I don't want to miss out on any of it!! I really feel like the driving force for all these "commitments" is my guilt for "only staying home with Princess." Like that's not important enough to really do, or something. I LOVE staying home with her. I love being available during the day (except between 1-3p.m. for Princess's naptime!! LOL). I love piddling around the house, and I love cooking dinner for my family. I love being a SAHM!! :) But, I feel like I'm not doing enough. I feel guilty for not doing stuff at church & with family because "all I am is a SAHM." So, I over-commit. Then, the laundry doesn't get done (see last 2 sentences of the previous paragraph!! LOL), things get piled up from our mad dashes between this place & that, and when things slow down again, I have an even BIGGER mess to clean up right before we start all over again with the craziness.

Guilt is powerful.

Okay, enough of that. I was just thinking about it. I was pondering over all these commitments I have, and had a eureka moment when I thought about my feelings of guilt & fear of being labeled lazy because I don't "do" enough. So, sorry if any of that was incoherant, but I didn't make you read it!! LOL :)

The Office & "Earl" have started back up again!! LOL They're hillarious!! I love NBC Thursday's again :) Oh, and Smallville started back tonight...and have you heard?!?! 7th Heaven is back again this season!! YAY!! Those are my 4 shows I DVR all the time, and watch later after Princess is asleep :)

Oh, I wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to Bethany Praise Team for coming & sharing with us this past Saturday night at PraiseFest!! Ya'll were awesome!! We REALLY enjoyed having you guys!! Even though it was hotter'n Hades in the sanctuary!! Thank you for bearing with us!! :)

I'd better go. I still have to watch tonight's Office & Earl. I might be a little obsessed...

Love you guys :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wow, I didn't realize I left such a cliffhanger the other day!! :) hehehe

Princess has been doing AWESOME with the potty training!! Something just clicked last Monday, and she's even TELLING us when she needs to go potty. Sometimes I still wonder if it's not a ploy to not stay in bed at night or whatever, but she's doing REALLY well!! I'm such a proud Mommy!! Now, she still has accidents & stuff, but not all the time, and we've gone full days without one, so YAY!! Okay, that loose end is tied :) LOL

The Vow Renewal ceremony was only a surprise for the bride!! :) Their 10th anniversary was Wednesday, and they had always talked about wanting to renew their vows on their 10th anniversary, and a lot has happened to them, really, so it was a testimony for them, too. Anyways, her husband had emailed all of us church people that he would like to surprise her, because she didn't think they could afford it, but he did, so he wanted to surprise her. He did!! :) We normally have potluck & praise on the last Sunday night of the month, and after clearing it with PastorP, he invited everyone to be there BEFORE 5p.m. (normal P&P time), and he would get her there around 5p.m., and just walk her down the aisle...Well, everything went SO smoothly!! I think I mentioned that I had been there since 3p.m., along with another lady, and we got it all ready. I even sang a song with Worship Minister ("I Will Be Here") while they lit the Unity Candle (and that was SO last minute we didn't even practice first...we should've, I wanted to at least go over it once...but it was a song we both have sung/sang in 1,000 weddings each (hehehe), so we thought we'd be OK, and we were for not having run through it first...not too bad for no practice...Anyways, my friend (the Bride) was SHOCKED!! She had no idea!! And the little touches that we decided last minute to do (cake cutting/feeding each other, a toast with sparkling grape juice, the song during the ceremony) was just a surprise for both of them!! :) It was a lot of fun to make it into more than even the groom anticipated :) So, wasn't that sweet of her hubby? The only thing, and this is just a hubby-thing...we got to talking beforehand about what (I'm gonna give Bride a name) CoolCat would be wearing. CoolCat's hubby had told everyone from the get-go that it was to be VERY casual, to not even THINK about dressing up!! LOL But, we got to talking, wouldn't you want to at least wear a dress or skirt when you renew your vows? LOL Or at least know to look a little nicer than usual? LOL Such a hubby thing to NOT think about :) LOL As women, we were kinda concerned for her :) LOL But, she wore jeans (and she did say that while they were repeating their vows she thought, "I'm renewing my vows in my jeans!!" LOL), but she had on a dressy-with-jeans shirt, if that makes sense, so she looked very nice...but had she known, I know she would've been in a skirt/dress!! LOL :) It was fun :) Loose end tied :) LOL

Was there another loose end? I forget...

Yesterday I FINALLY got my pedicure :) Mom had gotten me & Daisy a gift certificate for Mother's Day, and I FINALLY cashed it in :) Mom went with me, actually, and we got one at the same time...Oh, my goodness, it was AWESOME...If you're ever wondering about a gift for me, there ya go...wonder no more :) LOL I REALLY LOVED IT :) I'm kinda wierd about feet, too, so it was a little wierd for someone else to be cutting my toenails, but overall it was SO NICE :) Then, we went to Wal-Mart because I needed to get another thing of hair color...

So, I had this bright idea last weekend that I wanted to color my hair dar red again (that's not a new thing with me...I love coloring my hair!! LOL) Anyways, I decided on a new shade...Spicy Salsa...Well, I colored my hair yesterday afternoon, and WOAH!! It was VERY red!! LOL Not a "dark auburn" like I usually like...I've never had an experience like that one!! Very weird color...So, I went to Wal Mart last night & got another box that WAS dark auburn, not "spicy salsa" (which is just BRIGHT ORANGE RED, kinda like salsa!! LOL) Anyways, so I colored my hair again last night, and now it's more of a dark purple red...I'm hoping the color will not be as intense this weekend.... LOL

Well, I've got a LOT to do today...Pack, for one...I think we're leaving here around 9/10a.m.ish...we want to get down there early enough to play in the pool before we have to go to Wal-Mart & head to the hill. Tonight, though, we have a Birthday party to go to at Marion's. English's daughter Brilliant turns 4 today!! :) I can't believe it!! :) It'll be 4 years this October/November that I had my 1st miscarriage...I remember English bringing Brilliant to Mom & Dad's while I was recouping after my surgery, and she was such a sweetheart & such a blessing for me to hold...Anyways, didn't mean to get all maudlin on ya :) LOL Anyways, Princess & Brilliant have gotten to play with each other a lot this summer, so it'll be fun tonight to see how Princess handles Brilliant getting to open all her presents :) LOL And Princess not!! LOL :) I think they'll have fun :)

Okay, better go, and get started packing!! :) Tomorrow is Reunion Weekend!! :)
This is Princess & King in front of the Weiner Mobile at the Ohio State Fair AFTER the SCC concert :) I have no idea what Princess is doing :) LOL

This is Princess with Papa & Mammy waiting for the Train Ride at the Columbus Zoo :)

Thought you might enjoy some "mini vacation day" pictures of Princess ;)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oiy!! I don't know if that's how you spell it, I just spelled it phonically :) LOL Is "phonically" a word?!?! LOL

Kooky mood, that how you spell "kooky"? Does "kooky" even have a correct spelling?

See, told ya, wierd mood :) LOL Did you know that there's only 116 days until Christmas?!?! I'm ready to put my tree up already!! LOL :) I told you I'm in a kooky kinda mood :) LOL

Hmmm, so, what've I been up to lately?!?! HUGE weekend!! I barely had time to sleep at night with all the stuff going on...

Thursday night, Princess stayed with Mom & Dad (SO NICE!!) and King & I watched "Last Holiday" with Queen Latifa & LL CoolJ (hubba hubba!! LOL), and then he took Friday off!! What a sweetie!! We ate at Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch (we had breakfast for lunch, we were even too late to call it "brunch"), then just killed some time before we met Mom & Dad at Danberry to see Cars!! :) It was Princess's 1st movie in a movie theatre!! CUTE MOVIE, too!! Although, I didn't get to see some of it because I had to take Princess to the bathroom like 3 times...More about that later...

Then, we went out to eat with the Indy-laws (cute, huh? LOL BB's parents if you didn't catch that :) LOL). Hung out some more at Mom & Dad's then went home. Saturday was our benefit Talent Show for PraiseFest & PastorP's hearing aides. We had an ethnic smorgasboard (sp?), and I cooked some ground beef & cut up some onions, & decorated my table with Fiesta kind of party stuff...CUTE :) Another lady helped me make the Mexican portion of our "Taco Bar", and it was a lot of fun. Dad & Daisy & I sang 3 Accapella songs (He Leadeth Me, My Rock, & Blind Bartemus (again, spelled phonically!! LOL) Wait, is that "phonetically"?) Anyways, that was a lot of fun...Oh, all day Saturday, I was baking cakes, too, for a surprise vow renewal ceremony on Sunday, and, again, more on that in a minute...

So, we were at church probably until 10p.m.ish on Saturday night. Sunday was a Baptismal service (and the water in the baptismal was GROSS!! It was a nasty pond scum green, you couldn't even see to the bottom, it was just so gross...They forgot to turn the water circulation thingy on, and it got all nasty.) Anyways, I sang with the PT, then we had the baptism (SO cool...there were 4 teenagers who accepted Christ over the summer at church camp), then after church, there was a cookout for these kids. I had to be BACK at the church at 3 to help decorate for this vow renewal ceremony, so it was a crazy day. I got to the church & brought in my cakes & stuff, and there's only one other lady there!! And, she's pretty, um, just not strong enough (physically) to handle all the preparations & moving of furniture & stuff, so guess who did that? :) LOL It was a lot of fun, and really, a bit of a challenge. We had nothing to spend (that we hadn't already) and we had to set up an area on the stage for them to renew their vows, and light the unity candles, and, set up tables & centerpieces before they got there, and, of course, the cake table. I made one sheet cake & one cake topper (like the top of a wedding cake) for them to cut into & serve each other. I don't think the husband expected all the different stuff we had!! It was great to treat them to a mini-elegant ceremony. Oh, and last minute, Worship Minister & I sang "I Will Be Here" just to add a little pomp to the ceremony, ya know? So, we sang it while they lit the candles. Worship Minister took LOTS of pics, so as soon as I get a few, I'll share with you. PastorP asked me if I would be intersted in being the church's Wedding Coordinator (I'm thinking it's more like a liason job between the church & the people getting married, not really decorating & stuff, although, I'd do that if they wanted...well, at least help). So, he said they don't really get a whole lot of weddings, but there are 2 coming up in December!! LOL Of COURSE there are!! LOL :) Only the busiest time of the year!! LOL :)

So, that's where I've been. After Sunday night, I crashed!! Monday I didn't do anything until it was time to go to Water Aerobics, and yesterday was another hang out & do laundry day (we're getting ready to go to Reunion this week!! YAY!! I'm getting excited!! And, then we get to go on VACATION!! DOUBLE YAY!!) So, that's what the rest of this week has in store for me...Packing & Laundry, and probably a lot of trips to Wal-Mart!! LOL :)

Better go...Talk to ya'll later :)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just sitting here, browsing the web, and I remember that Mom said our cabin we're staying in (with BB's parents, too) is owned by the same people who own Lid'l Dolly's in Pigeon Forge, and that there's a link, I can look at our cabin from I googled, and found Lid'l Dolly's!! WOW!! I'm SO EXCITED for vacation!! Here's a link to the cabin we're staying in!! The Rodeo Cabin

I've got to do a few other things online & offline, too. I'm starting a little newsletter-type thing for my Sunday School class & all the kiddos who could be in my Sunday School class, but don't for whatever reason. I'm really excited to get my class numbers up, and to get them into a really neat routine & stuff. It's the teacher geek gene in me, I guess. I went to the Teacher Store today...MAN, I could've REALLY gone wild in there, let me tell you...It's time to change the church bulletin board, and I got a few new things for that, and my Sunday School room. I want it to look like a Sunday school room, not just a storage/daycare nap/junk room. What would be REALLY cool, is if they got those little storage sheds (the plastic kind) that could just sit in the sanctuary for all times (in the back) to store all the daycare's "big room" junk. That would be AWESOME!! A splurge for our church, but it would be SO nice!! I'd love to make the place where they keep their cots a kind of big fake cabinet, too. (Only, it would be a frame, kinda thingy, and we could just hang curtains/material to cover it. Trust me, I see it in my head. It wouldn't be that expensive, really. Just the cost of wood, and we have a ton of "crafty" men in the church who could "whip" it together in a jiffy.) But, I digress...

Actually, this whole journal entree has been a big digression, huh? LOL

So, anyways, we went to the teacher store today, or as I like to refer to it, heaven :) LOL It was really neat, I got a lot of stuff for my Sunday School room (which, btw, doesn't even have a bulletin board...just a mini one). Anyways, I got a few things laminated, too, so they'll last longer. I got a lesson book all about the fruit of the spirit (totally a God thing!! I've wanted to find something online about it, and here it is in my face on my way to the restroom, "Fruit of the Spirit" 9 weeks of lessons, grades 1-3!!) I was even thinking about finding skits, and finding stories, yada yada, and it's ALL included!! It's everything I had thought about doing in one nifty little book!!

So, a little poorer later, we left the teacher store & came back home. I found out that praise team practice is cancelled tonight (actually a load off my mind, because I really wasn't looking forward to "going out" again tonight, and King has a class on Thursdays, now, which means that Princess comes with me...last time she was good, but this time could've been TOTALLY different...).

Mom & Dad should be home from their mini-vacation tonight (they take so many mini vacations!! LOL). We'll probably go over & see 'em tomorrow night. At least, that's what I'm thinking :) LOL

Well, I'd better go. I've run out of things to yack about :) LOL Believe it or not!! hehe

Talk to ya'll later

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a flyby post for me right now...I may be back later...

So, we've just started with big girl underwear (pull-ups only at naptime & nighttime), and so far, she's had only a few accidents, and they've all (except for one) have been somewhere out...Monday it was one at Target (in the bathroom...RIGHT after I had sat her on the potty...TWICE...You can imagine my frustration!!) and then again at McDonald's...again, RIGHT after we got back to our table from sitting on the potty TWICE!! I was NOT a happy Mommy...That was just blatant rebellion to me, no matter what all the parenting books say!! LOL I KNOW she knows when she needs to go potty...She'll even GO potty when she needs to (on the pot), and since she's peeing RIGHT after I sit her on the potty, I know it's just a "You can't make me" attitude!! ARGH!!!!! It's SO frustrating...Oh, and don't tell me maybe it's something with public restrooms, because she's gone in them before, no problem...She's rebelling in a lot of different areas lately, too. The ECE major in me can tell it's just the developmental stage she's in...lot's of changes, not quite a baby, not quite a big girl thing. But the Mom in me wants to PULL MY HAIR OUT!! So, please pray for me...I'm not into the bald thing...LOL

My backgrounds & "decorations" are me paying homage to my Teacher Friends!! :) I LOVE back to school sales!! LOL I don't usually buy a whole lot, but it's fun to take a walk down memory lane...And, did you know that Staples has Crayola Crayons, 24ct., for $.15!! FIFTEEN CENTS, PEOPLE!! Those are Little House on the Prairie Prices!! LOL I live right by one...I hope they're not's a good time to stock up on them at that price...There's a limit, though, of like, 5 or something. I'll go back & get some more for White Cross (they're always needing crayons.)

Well, I told you this would be a drive by...SweetiePie's asleep (oh, yeah, I'm watching her today :) Mom & Dad went on a little driving vacation), and Lord only knows what Princess has gotten into while I've been in here. I told her I needed 5minutes, go watch Sesame Street!! LOL Five minutes is almost up!! LOL

Here's a cute pic to leave you with, though :) This is one that one of King's uncle's took back in May when we went to PA. What a stinker!! LOL You can just see the wrotten-ness in her eyes!! LOL That's my baby, though, no matter how big of a stinker she is :) LOL

Talk to ya'll later :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So, today was SO nice to sleep in a little (Princess didn’t wake up until around 9a.m.), and just hang around. I didn’t get much else done…I tried, but I’ve REALLY gotta get some stuff done tonight. The girls are coming over for lunch tomorrow afternoon, and NeighborGirl (for those of you who remember “Little Neighbor Boy” this would be his older sister LOL). Anyways, she’s coming over tomorrow, too, I think, so it’ll be fun :) Oh, speaking of, I need to call Daisy real quick…

OK, I’m back :) LOL Of course, how do you really know if I’m just typing while still talking to Daisy?!?! LOL

I guess that Daisy’s SIL got the job she interviewed for…please keep her (Daisy) in your prayers with that…let’s call her LeftWing…Anyways, Daisy said that it’s actually a good thing. It’s really good money, and a LOT of traveling, so that means she won’t really be around that much, and she’ll soon have enough $$ to get a place of her own. Plus, she has a new boyfriend in Indy, and it sounds like it’s going to be a serious relationship, so that will be more than enough to keep her occupied & “out of Daisy’s way” if you know what I mean. I think she was just really nervous about LeftWing becoming a 3rd parent to SweetiePie, ya know? Especially while living there with them.

Okay, moving on…

We went to the zoo yesterday!! What fun!! I think that Princess’s favorite animal was the elephants. There was a baby elephant that was just SO cute :) Before we left, Mom said she wanted to get her a stuffed animal of her favorite animal she saw all day, and as soon as Princess spotted this smaller very soft plush elephant, she wouldn’t let it go!! She said, “This is my favorite animal. This is my best!!” LOL So, of course, we gave her ample opportunity to change her mind, but she wouldn’t let go of her “ew-phant” even if she got excited over something else. She’d put it down, but wouldn’t let go of that elephant…so that’s what won as her favorite…Now, if there had been giraffes & zebras at this zoo, you’d better believe it would’ve been a giraffe!! She loves looking at picture of those!! But, those won’t be at the Columbus zoo until 2010…Polar Bears are coming in 2008…

We really had a great time. Princess had a little catnap before we got to the zoo, but she didn’t get to sleep again until after we dropped Mom & Dad off, and the last (honken) episode of Caillou went off (we started that video in Columbus, and it is the LONGEST video ever made!! LOL) Anyways, she just crashed last night. Today was nice & easy, and she took a VERY good LONG 3hour nap :) She’s already gone to bed, although she’s been up once asking for juice…

Well, I think that’s all…Oh, I do have a prayer request, if you would remember…Last weekend we ran into one of the pre-school teachers I used to teach with at Kiddie Launch, and she told me because of her husband’s health (he was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year, and they’re both in their 60’s), she was going to retire, just not come back, this school year. I didn’t think anything of it, but then today as I was thinking in the shower (one of my best thinking spots!! LOL), I got to thinking about teaching again. I really do miss it, sometimes. Her schedule was pretty easy, too. She only worked mornings, and she had the whole summer off. Since I have Princess that’s what I’d want. Enough time during the day with her, still, but to have the summers off just like a “real” teacher?!?! That would be awesome!! So, I’m thinking of calling the director up & just saying, “Keep me in mind if you have any morning openings coming up.” kind of thing. We’ll see what happens. TexasRose’s shoes are big ones to fill, but I think I have enough teacher connections that I would have a lot of sounding boards & help with that…Plus, NeighborGirl is moving up to 1st Grade this year & is wanting to get rid of all her Kindergarten stuff!! I just thought of that!! :) Now, a lot of this depends on if Mom will watch Princess for me in the mornings, and if the daycare will agree to this schedule…So, please pray?!?! I really think this would be cool/fun/rewarding…Just keep me in your prayers. This is really, kinda, my dream gig :) LOL This would fit into me going back to school, too…

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! :) I’m getting all excited about this, but have nothing to base it on…I just need to talk to people & pray some more!! LOL :) King is behind me 100%, too :)

Okay, I’d really better go. Talk to ya later J

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is Princess & King before the SCC concert :) I told her that she was at her 1st concert & she got SO excited!! :) LOL When the concert started, though, she got a little scared, and CLUNG to either King or me...She was OK once the louder & faster songs were over :) LOL So funny...who knew that a kid of mine & King's would NOT like loud music?!?! LOL She might grow out of that, though hehehehe...

We got a later start than we had planned (what else is new, huh? LOL), but we still had plenty of time before the concert to walk around the fair...and because it was a weeknight & threatening rain, the crowd wasn't bad AT ALL :) It was very enjoyable :) Except for the heat...there was NO air moving & it was just so stinkin' hot & humid!! We were dripping with sweat just standing still...Thank heavens the concert place was air conditioned!! What a blessing!! :)

Princess was still too short to go on any rides, but that didn't seem to really bother her. I think she would've enjoyed a couple of the rides, but we just didn't mess with that. We figured next year we won't be able to get away with that!! LOL She was about 5in. too small for about every ride (give or take a couple inches!! LOL).

SO, we didn't get home until almost midnight, but Princess was already asleep, and after carrying her to her bed (we just took off her shorts & let her sleep in her T-shirt last night), we both crashed!! LOL It was a lot of walking & a LOT of HEAT!! LOL

Today we're just chilling out...tonight I have an eyebrow apt., but other than that, not much else. Tomorrow is Zoo Day!! LOL I think Princess will LOVE that :) Mom & Dad are going with us, too, so that should be fun :) We're leaving here about 8:30-9a.m. to pick them up, then stopping for breakfast at Hardee's in Springfield (I LOVE breakfast at Hardee's). Mom's making a picnic lunch for us to eat at the zoo (Princess will LOVE that!!), and we'll probably stop somewhere on the way home tomorrow night...Another trip to Columbus, but it'll be fun :) It's not that bad a trip up there, really, especially if you miss the rush hour traffic...

Well, I'd better go...Oh, I think Jodi asked what hotel we're staying at in KY...We're staying at the Comfort Inn, too!! I agree, it is a lot more fun when we all stay at the same hotel :) Since we're going on vacation again, right after (we're going to the Smokie's again :) ), Daisy & BB & King & me are sharing a hotel room again (cheaper, so we can save some $$ for the rest of the week!!).

Okay, seriously, better go...I do read journals, but please don't be offended if I don't comment...Sometimes I just don't have time to, then forget later!! LOL But, I always enjoy reading about ya'll's days!! :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

That is where I was this week!! LOL It has been one CrAzY week!! But fun, too... Monday, I got to church a little later than planned (about 3:00 instead of 2:30) and hadn't been to Wal-Mart yet, like I had planned. Okay, no big deal, right?!?! NOT!! LOL BIG DEAL!! LOL I wanted Princess to get her nap in, so as I waited "patiently" for that, precious minutes were slipping by...Anyways, I never would've made it if it weren't for some pre-teens/early teenagers there to help with the signs, the little cards that needed laminated, and a "window frame" for a train that someone painted for the "Crafts Depot" (not in pic, but VERY cute!! :) I'll have to find a pic of that) Anyways, it was supposed to start at 5:30-6 as registration time, and kids sitting in the sanctuary (as you can tell, the sanctuary is a big multi-purpose room.) Well, thankfully, no one was there, yet, and I flashed out my handy-dandy roll of duct tape!! LOL That, my friends, along with prayer, is what held VBS together this week!! LOL Everywhere you looked, there was something held together with duct tape!! LOL It was pretty funny...

Anyways, after the mad dash of Monday night (oh, and another funny thing...I had gotten all this cardboard at the last minute from Lowe's on Sunday (because I ran out of it Sunday morning, and was desperate, so I called them.) Anyways, I had all this cardboard. Our theme was "Arctic Edge: Where Adventure Meets Courage" so everything was supposed to be very big bear lodgey...While at Wal-Mart on Saturday afternoon, I found this contact paper that was wood grained (not textured, just the pattern), and had a great idea instead of painting a bunch of cardboard like wood, I could just peel & stick this stuff onto cardboard (and hold it together with the duct tape on the back if need be!! LOL) WOW, was that a timesaver... Anyways, Monday night I had these "peices of wood" that I wanted to have framing the doorway as people came in through the sanctuary doors, and it was NOT up at 5:20p.m., and as people were walking in, I told them to grab a piece of duct tape and stick some cardboard together!! LOL I guess you had to be there LOL).

Monday night was the worst...then Tuesday night went a *little* smoother than Monday, but here's our dilema...Our church has a daycare, and they use the multipurpose room ALL THE TIME....Well, we had cleared it with the director that they could have their kids out of there by 4:30-5p.m. so we could start setting up the sanctuary for VBS...Tuesday night, it WAS 5p.m. when I went into the sanctuary & "kicked them out"!! LOL They had all their toys still out there, and it was a mess!! So, Tuesday night was kinda a mad dash...Then, Wednesday, it was AWESOME!! LOL I got there about 4:30ish, 4:45ish & just had to set up my scenery & when the head director got there, she had her hooligans (she's watching a few kids from church this summer) got there, they arranged the Bible study areas for us...SO nice to have some kids there & to have something that simple for them to do so they are 1. Doing something constructive and 2. Out of your way!! LOL All the kids were so very willing & great helps this week.

So, those were just my logistics reports...Our mission offering for the week was 101 & some odd cents (going to the American Baptist Affiliated Missionaries), and I know that there were LOTS of seeds planted this week!! The music was actually pretty cool & not *too* lame (you know what I mean!! LOL). There was a DVD drama instead of half-hearted actors from the church to watch (which made life that much simpler this week!! LOL), and we had a "mascot"...our Youth Minister got a moose get-up :) He didn't really have a name for himself, but the kids started calling him "Moose Head Ed" LOL :) Lots of fun :) And, there was a contest between the boys & girls for the missions offering, and I kinda volunteered him to get a water-balooned :) LOL The winning team got an extra water baloon!! Boys ended up winning, after the girls dominated every night but Friday...

On Tuesday night, we took home 2 extra kiddos...overnight...They live with their grandparents & their Grandma had a shoulder re-replacement (this is like, her 3rd surgery this year or something), and they wanted/needed 24/7 care for the kids this week. So, when the Hugs lady called me (Hugs is a ministry in our church that helps when one of our families is faced with a crisis situation/emergency situation & provides meals, running errands, and this time, short-term childcare for families in the church. There's a list of volunteers that the lady in charge of it gets to contact others & asks for help for our families during those times...) Anyways, I'm starting to wonder if this family is taking advantage a little of this Hugs service...Granted, they're older people & don't have a lot of family around here, except their church family...It's just starting to look that way...Anyways, so, they came home with us on Tuesday, and we had them until right before VBS Wednesday night (5p.m. their Aunt came & picked them up & was taking them to KI on Thursday)...Then, I picked them BACK up on Friday morning around 10a.m. They didn't leave until 10:30a.m.ish on Saturday for their next stop along the Hugs list :) LOL They weren't bad, and thankfully, we had VBS to keep them occupied on Tuesday & Friday night!! Friday during the day, they just had to come with me for my girly luncheon at Carebear's house :)

This morning during church, the kids who came to VBS sang 2 songs for the congregation & I had all the helpers/workers stand up for some much needed applause!! Everyone was just so great & when VBSHeadDirector & I said to jump, they all asked how high!! LOL :) Very good group of willing workers this week (what a blessing!!).

So, that was my week in a nutshell...there are so many stories to share, still, and I promise I will try & share them as they come to me this week...

Speaking of this week....Guess where we're going tomorrow night?!?! The Ohio State Fair to see Steven Curtis Chapman!! :) YAY!! :) Then, on Wednesday, we're going to the Columbus Zoo (free child's admission!!)!! YAY!! :) So, I won't officially get to crash until Tuesday!! LOL Although, I pretty much crashed already when we got home from church & lunch :)

Talk to ya'll later :)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Here I am!! I am swamped right now, and for the next couple of weeks, but I'm here!! LOL This coming week is our VBS...we're doing "Arctic Edge: Where Adventure Meets Courage!" VERY cute stuff, and it's very Alaska-like stuff...this is a backdrop I've painted...

It was actually pretty easy to paint. I used a light projector to draw my design (a die cut I've had for a few years from the Smokies that has a silouette of trees & a bear), and I just kinda freehanded the rest. Now, I'm still not done, this has been an insane week, and this next one will only be that much MORE insane...

Not only is it VBS week, but I'm keeping a couple of kiddos from church for 2 1/2 days (overnights) while a lady has surgery & is recovering this week. These kids' homelife is questionable, they've been passed around the family, and are with their Grandma & Grandpa right now...and that situation just got a little strange...Please pray for this family...we'll call them the West Virginia family...Just a lot of weird stuff/rumors/etc...

So, after VBS week, on the 7th, we're going to the Ohio State Fair!! :) STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN FOR $12!!!!!!!!! Can you say, YAY!?!?! LOL So, of COURSE we're going!! LOL I think Princess will LOVE it :) The fair, anyway...we'll see about the concert...

THEN, on Wednesday (not this coming, but the following Wed.) we're going to the Columbus Zoo!! We've got a free child's admission coupon off of a Diet Coke 2-liter!! :) When I told Mom & Dad, they wanted to come, too, so I think Princess will ABSOLUTELY love that!! :)

Here's an ADORABLE pic of CutiePie!! :) Mom went to Utah for a family reunion (no, we're not Mormons for the average passer-by)... So, while she was gone, I got to watch CutiePie for them, and took this pic of her in Princess's old swing...

Now, a disclaimer, I took both these pics with my cell phone, so that's why they're digi cam is charging up, and actually, we'd misplaced the rechargable batteries, so it was dead at the BEST photo ops this week!! Of course!! ::rolling eyes:: Oh, well...

Let's see, what else have I been up to? I've really enjoyed having some girl time this summer with my teacher friends!! :) Carebear & English are a lot of fun, and it's been GREAT keeping in touch with them so much this summer!! Lunch time has worked out to be the best time to meet!! :) It's been a lot of fun!! :) This week we're meeting at Carebear's house since I have VBS...It's been GREAT to have "girl-time." And, it's been great for Princess to have another little girl to play with!! English's daughter will be 4!! this September!! So, a little bit of an age difference, but they seem to really get along well with each other. It's so much fun to see them playing girly things :)

We finally put Princess in her big girl bed last night!! She did OK, but kinda fell out of her bed a couple times (always softly, we only know because King found her on the floor a couple times when he looked in on her). So, other than that, it went well...Now for tonight, and tomorrow's naptime!! I'm a little nervous about naptime...

Today, I went to breakfast with Mom & the "Hen Party" gals (Mom's friends from HS & growing up...and my cousin Shoptilyadrop, MathTeacher, & SingingCousin (and actually, Phyl, that sings with Dad, too, came :) ) It was NICE!! We met at Clifton Mill, and WOW does it ever look different in the summertime!! LOL FYI, Clifton Mill is a MAJOR Christmas lights display from Thanksgiving thru Jan. 1st or something like that...In the summer all the trees are full & there's lots of overgrowth where there's just twiggy trees in the winter...But the mill still works during the summer!! It's a very pretty view :)

Well, I think that brings us pretty much up to date...King's been VERY busy with finishing up his quarter at school this week. I think that's why I don't get online very much...I don't usually get a chance during the day, and when I normally would get on at night, he's on here, so I don't get on at all...Just a vicious cycle LOL I've been trying to read, though, but feel VERY out of the loop!! I hope you all still check my blog!! LOL :)

Talk to ya later!! :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

So, I meant to talk about this the last entry, but I got sidetracked with the photos!! LOL I believe Missy asked about my friend Carebear's love life in a comment a couple of entries ago...Well, yes, she is seeing someone right now!! LOL I'm SO happy for her, and just between us journal goddesses, I think she's found "the one"!! She's so funny & cute about it all...her mother is beside herself!! LOL (something you might not know about Carebear is that she has always been very tom-boyish & not really into girly things, which her mom really hates!! LOL She's always been like, "See, Mandy wears makeup" so we always laugh because every time Carebear does something even a little bit girly (like get her hair & nails done for a wedding), her mom is so funny & gets so excited!!)...

Anyways, the girls came over for lunch, but Carebear got there first, and we had some time to chat before English came over...She couldn't hold it in that long & spilled it about her new "friend." They met at a Habitat for Humanity project, and she said he was wearing an old '80s/'90s Christian band T-shirt, so she knew he was "safe" to talk to...Well, he had come with a group from his church, but they had already left for lunch & he'd stayed behind, so after they worked for a while, Carebear & her cousin asked him if he wanted to grab some dinner with them at Wendy's & he came. She said that afterwards, they exchanged emails & phone #'s, and they've kept in contact almost every day since!!

Let me share with you the "God-thing" in all of this (not that I'm saying that even if I couldn't "see" the God-thing, that He wouldn't be's just neat to see how He works!!) Anyways, a few months ago, I remember really being strongly impressed upon to pray for Carebear, for a future partner. I've been a Christian long enough to know that if the Lord places someone in your thoughts & heart, you should at least say a small prayer for them right then & there, because maybe they need a some intercessory prayer right then...Anyways, I believe I was in the shower, and I just got to thinking about her & her love life, and just started praying that the Lord would bring someone to her life (a friend) and that He would give her the grace to accept His will, whatever that meant. Well, when she said they'd been dating almost a month, I suddenly remembered that moment I had prayed for her!! It was roughly (because I don't log all these prayers!! LOL) around the same time she met CuteDork (that's what we'll call him because when she talks about him she says, "He's such a dork, but he's a cutie" and kinda grins all over, if ya know what I, until I meet him, that's what I'll refer to him as here...And, let me clarify that just because I have "dork" in his nickname, that is by no means a derrogatory (sp?) remark...I often refer to myself as a dork, and am proud of it!! LOL We have to embrace our dorkiness, people!! We all have at least a little bit in us!! LOL) So, anyways (I know I've said 'anyways' a lot, whatever...) Yes, she is dating someone!! :) My first impression is that this is the guy. I've seen "dating" Carebear (if you know what I mean), and this time she's different, and a GOOD different. She's all blushy & grinny & ya know, that "I'm-pretty-sure-this-is-it-but-it's-too-early-to-buy-the-Bridal-magazine IT"!! LOL I'm so happy for her!! :)

Anyways, moving on...

We have FAB's party tomorrow, and along with Missy's it's my Dad's birthday, too, so I have no idea what we're doing for that...We'll see, I guess. I think I'll get him a "lounge-around-home" outfit. Mom says that's what he's been mentioning he's wanting...Weird, but, hey, if it makes him happy :)

I'd better go. Is it a bad thing when you want to pull your hair out at 8:00p.m. and you can't blame it on PMS? Just asking :) LOL