Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hey, everyone!! :) I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!! I can't believe it's already here...2006!! Princess will be 2 this year!! (in February), and we'll celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, too. I don't want to talk about my Birthday, or King's either!! LOL He'll be turning the big 3-0 this year!! Like I said, I don't want to talk about mine!! LOL :)
We're going to Missy's house tonight to celebrate :) I'm sure we'll have a great time!! :) I'm looking forward to playing cards or something!! I LOVE playing games!! :) SO much fun!!
Okay, this is gonna be a drastic shift in the conversation..I just saw something shiny!! LOL :) Anyways, I've been visiting DIY Network's website, and there was a place on there where it gave you tips on hosting your own crop...and how to get yourself organized for going to a crop...I think that would be party favors, specific things to work on...blah blah blah...I am definately ready to start scrappin' again!! LOL :) They did have a good idea as far as sharing supplies & stuff...they said to have a basket big enough to put your leftovers & scraps in that you're done with, don't have matches for, etc...I thought that was a good you can "purge" as you go, and you don't waste, because what you get rid of might be exactly what someone else needs!! :) I thought it was a good idea, anyways :)
Princess is going with Mammy & Papa for a little while after she wakes up from her nap...Then, we're gonna pick her up from there on the way to Missy's :) She's gonna have fun today!! :) She LOVES to see I-Man & FAB :) Did I get to tell you how bossy she was on Christmas Eve? LOL She was bossing those big boys around Mammy & Papa's house like she was the party planner, or something, it was hilarious!! LOL :) Of course, the boys didn't really listen to her, but she thought she was in charge!! One funny thing I heard was when she told FAB to sit down next to her on the step into the kitchen (from the garage...the boys were all playing out there...Dad had a little "room" set up out there for overflow!! LOL) Anyways, she tells FAB, "Sit down, FAB" and FAB did it!! LOL :) They sat there and watched the boys play...they were giving each other hugs & stuff in the kitchen, too, I heard...
Well, I'd better go...I need to start getting ready...I've been in the process of getting the house straightened up, and need a shower!!!!! How did the laundry become Mt. Washmore, again?!?! It wasn't like I stopped doing it...
Oh, and do you realize what happens in January?!?!

Friday, December 30, 2005

So, last night, King had to do more Blockhead training, and it was just Princess & I hanging out for the evening...I decided I needed to SHOP!! LOL :) So, Princess & I went to Hobby Lobby...I got a GREAT deal on some yarn :) 3.99 and it's HUGE!! LOL :) It's softer than fun fur, almost like fleece, but not...and it's fun like fun fur :) LOL Anyways, it's pretty easy to knit :) You can't even see the stiches, this stuff is so thick & furry, and it feels SO SOFT!! :) I also got a few scrapbook things (a 12' paper cutter, a small hole punch, some assorted papers for Princess's baby album, and some rub-on transfers that look REALLY neat)...

Anyways, after I bored Princess at Hobby Lobby, we went to Target (Princess LOVES Target for some reason...I think it's all the red!! LOL) Anyways, we split a pretzel (I asked for a Cinnabon pretzel, but they were out, so the guy gave me a cinnamon sugar pretzel w/ a side of Cinnabon icing!! Just as good, that's what I really like about the Cinnabon pretzel, anyways!! LOL), and Princess LOVED it!! She's a people watcher, I think...she really enjoyed watching the people come & go at the entrance...Anyways, I just browsed around there, and didn't get anything much except laundry detergent & softner (yippee), and paper towl (woohoo), and The Wedding Singer for 7.50!! :) We had fun, though :) Princess was being really cute :)

Anyways, today I'm feeling the comings-on of this cold...I don't think it'll be as severe as Princess's because I've been taking that Halls stuff, but it's not fun...and I've been REALLY tired...of course, I haven't been going to bed until the wee hours of the morning, either...I'm sure that's got something to do with it!! LOL :)

King doesn't have Blockhead training tonight (he thought he did, but turns out he doesn't!! YAY), so I might suggest a drive out to Clifton, and that neighborhood that all decorate the outside for Christmas :) We were gonna do it earlier in the week, but it didn't happen...we'll see :)

Okay, I better go...I'm sleepy, and promised myself a nappy nap when Princess laid down :)

Happy Friday!! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Just sharing a couple pics...

Hi, Everyone!! I just wanted to share these pics we took with our new digi camera!! :) YAY!! :)

This is the Princess & Bear Tea Party!! LOL
She saw the empty laundry basket, and decided that she and Bear needed to sit in it!! LOL
This was the day after Christmas, and all she wanted to do was lay around...why the hard floor, and not the carpeting, I'll never know!! LOL
I'm so excited I can share these with you, now!! :) YAY!! :)
Okay, I'd better go...TTFN :)


So, I haven't been journalling as much lately...I dunno why...I guess Christmas is always a little busier for us...

Oh, and Princess has been REALLY sick & whiney this week!! Poor thing...her schedule (if you can call it that!! LOL) has been off this past week, and fighting a nasty cold...I've been taking that Hall's Defense stuff (not very religiously, but often enough), and I can really tell a difference!! I started taking it as soon as I started feeling the beginnings of congestion, and it's been a couple of days, and other than just being tired from last weekend myself, and tired from taking care of Princess (she's not been sleeping through the night very well, lately...we think she's teething really bad, too)...anyways, that stuff has really helped :)

Okay, enough of the commercial!! LOL

Did I mention that my stove quit working?!?! 2 weeks ago...right before the cookie party...Well, let me tell you how much you miss something like that when it's gone!! LOL :) It was funny one night, though, King said something like, "What're you cooking for dinner?" and I answered him, "I don't know how to cook over a campfire!!" LOL :) I think we're gonna wait until the middle of January...Hopefully there will be some good New Year sales!! LOL :) I'd REALLY like to get one of those flat-topped ranges :) They're not that much more, and if we're gonna buy a new one, might as well be something we'll like!!

King's been off school all week...not off of work, although I think he regrets not taking a few day's vacation this's been VERY nice...tomorrow & Friday nite, though, he's got Blockhead training LOL!! (he works p/t seasonally for H&R Block LOL :) ) Anyways, that's a bummer, because he usually only has a couple of minutes to eat & run off to training...I don't know how this tax season will be, either, with him working in F, and us living in H!! LOL :) We'll see...I see a lot of nights to catch up on my knitting!! Or scrapping :) That would be nice :)

Oh, did I mention we're starting a small group in our house in a couple of weeks? I can't wait!! I've been cleaning & trying to sort through a bunch of junk (just got started in Princess's room), before it starts, but our study's gonna be on that study we just finished "The Blessed Life". VERY VERY GOOD!! Highly recommended by me!! :) I'll have to try & find a link for it...well, here's a link to his church's website :) http://

OH!! We got a new digital camera for Christmas, from my Mom & Dad :) A Kodak (and that's about all the technical stuff you'll get from me!! LOL) It came with a dock, too!! :) VERY NICE :) I REALLY LIKE IT!! I also got a TON of stuff for my bathroom...what an old lady I am!! LOL I got so excited over a shower curtain!! But it's what I've been wanting for a LONG time :) Think Olde Farmstead kind of bathroom :) Very cute :) Very primitive :) I love it!! :) I also got a salt box house that has a light in it :) We saw them at the craft show after Thanksgiving, and when Mom "went to the bathroom" after I went & got the van, that's when she got it!! LOL :) So sneaky!! LOL :) I LOVE IT!! :) I also got a Paula Dean cookbook!! Daisy got one, too!! LOL :) She's like my Granny teachin' me how to cook all those yummy Southern dishes :) I just LOVE Paula Dean!! :) It was just such a great Christmas :) Princess got SO MUCH STUFF!! AuntO got her the prettiest quilt (from Lil' Dolly's in Pigeon Forge...Missy & JJ will know that place!! LOL), and I got a quilt from her, too!! :) I love quilts, too!! LOL :) See, I'm easy to shop for!! LOL :)

Anyways, Princess got a lot of toys & clothes, and jammies, and books, and Cinderella DVD, but her favorite thing she got was Bear!! She LOVES Bear in the Big Blue House!! And, as soon as she "opened" it (if you haven't read Kelley's journal, we did the same thing with her presents...we were opening them for her & showing her before it was all over!! LOL), anyways, as soon as she opened it, she started sniffing him!! LOL (he "sniffs" the kids when he first opens the door at the Big Blue House, in case you're not a regular viewer!! LOL). SO CUTE!! She made him sniff all of us, and carried Bear around with her all day!! She's still carrying him around, and today, she made him sit at her little Princess table, and made him "coppee" (that's how she says coffee, LOL)...Anyways, I've been overly tired, and haven't had the energy to relay a lot of Princess Christmas stories!! LOL :)

I'd better's getting late, and King needs to go to bed!! LOL :) I'm feeling pretty tired, too...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!
We've had a great morning!! NOT!! LOL :) Princess got home LATE last nite, and was not much fun this morning (doesn't help she was all stuffy & coughing...blah) so, we opened a few presents (not all of them, yet), ate our special Christmas morning breakfast (cinnamon rolls...YUM), and she went back to bed!! LOL :) We'll finish opening up her presents when she wakes up again!! :) King went to church (he said after the fuss he made about the "mega" churches closing, he thought he'd better go!! LOL :) I think he really wanted to stay home, though :) ) Anyways, a rocky start, but it'll be better after Princess gets her nap in!! LOL :)
I'll have to come back and tell you all about Christmas eve!! :) SO MUCH FUN!! The kids were all SO cute, and you should've seen how they got into the singing!! :) It was a lot of fun!! :)
I'd better go...I got home late last night, too, and might get a few extra winks!! :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I forgot to mention yesterday how cute Princess was at the Christmas concert Sunday nite!! LOL :) When it was time for Dad to go up and sing, she got SOOOO excited, and started jumping up on the pew saying, "Papaw, go sing!! Papa, go sing!!" SOOO precious!! And, then, when he started talking & leading them into the songs, she shot her hand straight up, like she was trying to get him to see her!! SO PRECIOUS!! LOL :) She made everyone clap, and was really attentive when they sang!! LOL :) She's such a Papaw's girl!! LOL :) I believe Missy said it best...I know how much I love & adore my Dad, it's only natural that she does, too :) She loves to "LaLaLella" dance with him!! LOL Every time she hears a slower song, she wants to hold both of his hands and sway to the music, while she kicks back her little leg!! SO SWEET!! So, anyways, she's definately a Papaw's girl :) Not surprising, since I'm Daddy's girl :)

Today, though, Princess started puking first thing this morning!! bLaH!! I don't think it's a bug, more of a sinus drainage/congestion thing, but I felt so bad for her...her crib bed was down on the floor on one side, too :( If that thing moves one iota, it throws all the little mattress levers off kilter, and can do that...GRRRRR!! I'd like to buy a new crib, but we don't have the money right now, and it's not too far off when she'll move to a bed...Oh, it's fixed right now!! Don't be calling child services because you think Princess is sleeping in a defective bed!! LOL :) That thing is pretty old, was MY crib!! LOL :) But it's starting to creak it's age...not that I'm old or anything!! LOL

Tonight we were supposed to get together with Shop'tilyadrop & Math to exchange gifts, but I don't know for sure... Since I'm not sure what, exactly, is going on with Princess, I don't feel comfortable having her around BabyGap (Baby Jane's new name!! LOL They like to buy most of her clothes on clearance at the Gap outlet around Cincy!! As her personality starts to show, I'll probably change it again, though...) Anyways, I don't know...if it's just congestion, we can keep that pretty contained, because Princess doesn't get in the baby's face or anything...I don't know...

Daisy & I went to the mall last night, and let me tell you, it wasn't that much better last night than it was Saturday afternoon!! At least the parking lot wasn't...oh, well...we got what we went for, and left!! Daisy got to park in one of the "Expectant Mother's" spots!! LOL :) While I parked in the boonies!! LOL After the mall we went to Wal-Mart, and THAT place was a mad house, was like a "regular" weekend afternoon there (not holiday!! YIKES!! I won't even go to WalMart on a weekend in December unless it's life threatening!! LOL)...I am officially DONE with Christmas buying!! :) YAY!! I still have a couple of scarves to knit (almost done with one, ready to start on the other), but other than that, I'm DONE!! :) YAY!! :)

I'd better go...I need to finish getting ready, and check in on Princess...she was SO tired, and fought her nap today, even though she kept yawning & rubbing her eyes & had a hard time keeping her eyelids open!! LOL But, she FINALLY fell asleep, and I'm hoping she'll be right as rain when she wakes up!! :) We'll see...

Merry Christmas!! :) (((((((HUGS &PRAYERS))))))))) for you all :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday, Monday

What a weekend!! It was a lot of fun!! :) BUT BUSY!! LOL :) Of course, Saturday was the Cookie party :) That was fun...everyone bakes around 4dozen+ cookies, and then you go around and grab 2-3 (depending on how many there are of a certain kind) and put them in your own container. I was a little disappointed with the other cookies there this year...there weren't very many good ones!! LOL :) Hasn't stopped me from eating them, though!! LOL :) Cousin Singer makes it fun, though...she had snackie stuff to eat when we first got there, and then there was the Christmas ornament exchange (always fun, you know, you pick a number, then pick a gift, or pick to steal someone else''s a lot of fun! There was one lady who kept getting her ornaments stolen...I think, like, at least 10 times!! It was unreal!! I've never seen that happen before!! It wasn't one gift, necessarily, but EVERY ONE she opened got taken away!! LOL) It was a lot of fun...very festive :)

Afterwards, we (Daisy, Mom, Princess and I) went to the mall...don't ask me what ever made that sound like a good idea on a Saturday before Christmas Eve & Christmas weekend, but we went, and I walked out with NOTHING!! LOL Of course, Mom was with us, and I didn't want to buy her present right in front of her!! LOL :) So, Daisy & I are going back tonight :) I think we're getting Shoptilyadrop something from there, too...HOPEFULLY it won't be as crowded tonight, but I'm doubting it...

I think tomorrow night is the exchange with Shop'tilyadrop & Math & Baby Jane :) (I've gotta think of a new name for her, they DID finally name her!! LOL) That'll be fun :) Then, Wednesday I'm helping decorate a big honken 9ft tree at church, and then Friday I think we're going to SingingPolice's house (some of you might get that...Singing Cousin & SingingPolice are the ladies that sing with my Dad, for those of you who know them, that's who I'm talking about!! LOL All my cousins sing, pretty much, but that's the cousin that sings with Dad!! LOL)

Speaking of the Singers, we went and heard them sing at SingingCousin's church last night. It was good. We went to Marion's Pizza afterwards (YUUUUUUUUMMM), and just kinda hung out...funny thing, though...if you've ever been to Marion's you know that you can feel like you're packed in like sardines, right? Well, we brought 2 tables over because we had a large party, and the party room wasn't cleaned off AT ALL!! There wasn't ONE clean table in there...Anyways, instead of coming over and talking to us, the manager gets on the loud speaker and says, "Just a reminder, you can only put one table at the end of a larger table because of firecodes...Thank you for complying..." He was OBVIOUSLY talking about us, and was too chicken to come over and Math went over to him and complained. It was too late to clear off any of the bigger tables in the party room, because by the time he made this announcement we were settled, and already ordered our pizza...but after she complained and talked to him, he bustled his hiney right over to the party room, and had all those tables cleaned off in less than 10 minutes!! It was kinda funny, but it was a bummer we couldn't all sit was me, Dad, Princess, and King ostracized from the rest of the group...I know, I know... It was just frustrating...

So, I know you all really wanted to know about all that, huh?!?! LOL Guess I just needed to vent over that!! LOL :)

I'd better go...I've got a lot to do today before it's time to go shopping tonight...I've also got to finish a couple of scarves...

Lots to do...hope you all have a Merry Christmas week!! :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

A week before Christmas Eve Eve :)

Howdy!! :) WOW, did I get a lot accomplished yesterday!! :) I REALLY needed that day to just shop, and get started...I've even got a few people done (mostly everyone except immediate family, like Daisy, Mom & Dad, BB, and Aunt O :) ) I've even got Princess MOSTLY done :) I say mostly, because there are a couple little things I wanna get her, but what I've got right now for her is plenty :) So I COULD be done with her, but I'd like to get her the Little People Farm...we decided that we'd get her a play kitchen for her Birthday instead of Christmas (seeing as how that kitchen was a big chunk out of our Christmas budget!! LOL Things should be better by her Birthday :) LOL :) )

I think tomorrow night we have some festivities to attend :) Cousin ShopTilYaDrop is having people over at her house, and that's usually a lot of fun. Cousin Jay has a dog, Chelsea, who is a Golden Retreiver, and is REALLY pretty and easy-going...Princess LOVES dogs...Daddy wants to get her one, but I say NO!! I would be the one who'd have to take care of it most of the time, and I'm not up for that!! LOL :) It'll make seeing other dogs & cats more special for her!! LOL :) Am I my Mom, or what?!?! LOL ;)

We had a lot of fun yesterday :) It was snowy and festive, and we had such a great time...King stayed home with Princess, so that enabled us to stop at SO many more places than we could've had she been was VERY nice for me, too, to actually sit through dinner & actually shop without having to be entertaining to her, too!! LOL :) I love taking Princess shopping with me, she's a lot of fun...but it's a lot of work, too. I did miss her being along, though...

Tonight's the last night of Small group (for now...). I'm actually thinking of bringing some knitting along, but I've really enjoyed taking notes during the video, so I don't know...I guess I've still got a week left, right?!?! LOL :)

I'd better go and get decrepid (sp?) old stove quit on me today...I've only had one small burner working this week, but the oven was OK...until today when I went to pre-heat it for the cookies I've got to bake for tomorrow's cookie party...YIKE!! LOL I'm making one type of refridgerated dough cookies (just plain sugar cookie cut-outs w/powder sugar know, in different colors...and another type, Peanut Butter Truffle Cookies...I've got to go to Mom's to bake!! LOL :) ) Oh, well, we had to drop Princess off over there, anyway, maybe King can just meet me over there, and we can grab some dinner before small group...that's actually not a bad idea :)

Okay, seriously, better go!! :) Talk to you all later :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Chicken n' Dressing

Is what's for dinner at our house tonight :) YUMMY :) VERY easy recipe, and it goes a long way...King loves taking the leftovers to work...and it's a hit with Princess, too...

I need to make a Wally run, a mostly "fun" trip :) I do need some new "mousse" :) A folder, blah, blah, blah, like you really want to know every little boring part of my Wal Mart list!! LOL :)

Tomorrow's Marathon Shopping Day!! King's taking the day off to watch Princess, even!! YAY!! It'll make shopping at so many different places a little easier :) I think we're doing a quick breakfast (like Hardee's...YUM), and probably get a later lunch/early dinner :) A complete day with the girls :) Then, Friday, I think Daisy, me, & Princess are going shopping on Friday :) Maybe I can get Princess's picture taken with Santa!! :) That would be really fun :)

Friday's also the last night for small group...I have really enjoyed this small group...

Saturday is my cousin's Annual Cookie & Ornament Exchange Party :) That always makes it feel more like Christmas!! She usually has it earlier in the season, though... Anyways, I've gotta figure out a time I'm making the cookies I'm taking!! :)

I'd better go...I think that's all for now...Princess is awake from her nap, and then off to Wal Mart we go!! :)

Merry Christmas!! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Re Decorating :)

As you've probably noticed, I've redecorated a little :) This html stuff is addciting when you realize all you can do with it...and the "preview" and "clear edits" button are pretty nice, too!! LOL :) I must've done something wrong, because on the top R corner & bottom L corner of the lighter background is messed up...oh, well...I have no idea how to fix it, so it's there to stay!! LOL :)

Oh, and can you see the cute little dot font I've got going on? I wonder if you can...I think JJ probably can, cause she's got it on her computer ;) *commercial for Lettering Delights coming up!! LOL* I have a new link to a place called "Lettering Delights" that sells all different kinds of fonts for you to download to your's VERY neat...But, they have freebies, too, and if you sign up for the e-newsletter you get to download 7 FREE fonts!! :) Also, once a month, if you refer anyone to their site, you get the "free font of the month"!! :) I haven't bought anything off of them, but I sure could!! Great for journaling for scrapping, or if you do a newsletter/labels/whatever for Christmas...or whatever you want to type up with them...**End of commercial** hehehehe

Nothing much on the agenda today...I need to "bless the house" as FlyLady would say, since I didn't yesterday, but other than that, I think I just need to knit...Yes, I'm knitting a couple gifts this year, too!! LOL :) That was such a valuable skill Hair Dye & Mac N Cheese taught me this year :) I haven't made a whole lot, but what I do make is "passable" as a gift!! LOL :) Fun Fur hides a multitude of mistakes, though!! LOL :)

I'd better go...I hope you all are having a great day!! :) Blessings to you!! :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

It's becoming habit...

It's becoming habit for Princess & I to be lazy on Mondays!! LOL :) This isn't all bad, but I've got a lot to do around the house, and don't have the "get-up-and-go" to do it :) Oh, well...

I did make dinner tonight :) I made meatloaf & mashed potatoes :) YUM Princess liked the mashed potatoes, but didn't try the meatloaf, really...she loves ketchup, but still didn't try it after I told her there was ketchup on it!! LOL :) She ate pretty well today, though :) Like you guys were really wondering :) Oh, btw, the meatloaf WAS good!! LOL :) King & I really enjoyed it. It's not something I make often, so it was a nice treat :) The mashed potatoes were good, too :) Very flavorful because I boiled the potatoes in chicken broth & water :) Very yummy :) I should've used a tad more milk, though :) I'll remember next time :)

King had more Block training tonight, so it was just me and Princess hangin' out all day :) It was fun...mostly...she's so funny!! She's learned how to climb up on the kitchen chairs, coffee table, and couches, now, and get herself righted on them...I know they have to learn that stuff sometime, but it makes keeping tabs on her a little harder...

Thanks for all your encouragement yesterday :) I needed it. I know in my head that it was for the best, and it has taken a lot of pressure off, but I'm still disappointed...I think someone asked where the help was? I think WM feels bad about that, but he's been very busy,'s just been a rough past 6mos or so at our church as far as personal issues, not necessarily church problems...please keep us all in your prayers :)

I can't believe how much Princess has grown!! We still haven't gotten her pictures taken in front of Mom & Dad's tree, yet...I don't know if we'll do the tree or the fireplace ;) Both are pretty :)

Okay, see, Kelly? Now I'm having one of those rambling journals!! LOL :) Of course, that's usually what all of mine are!! LOL :)

I don't think we're doing anything tomorrow or Wednesday, really, but Thursday, I believe we are marathon Christmas shopping!! I need to get on the ball!! :) But, before that, I need to "refine" my list, if you know what I mean :) I might try and go back to Flower Factory this week, too...I doubt I'll be able to make it, though...

I'd better go...I hope you all have a great night's sleep, and a blessed day tomorrow!! :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's Cancelled...

SO, I got a call from WL last night, giving me an out for the Christmas program next week...I am MEGA emotional right now, and I tried not to let him tell I was crying over the phone, but in the mood I was in, I took it totally personally, and I know I shouldn't have...he was right!! When I should've been (and would've been) getting things in order (like cast members, soloists, etc...) lined up, I had the miscarriage (October), and then there was the 3 Sundays after that I missed, and then there was Thanksgiving on top of that...SO, I understand that it was a major undertaking, but a part of me feels like a big loser (and not in the good sense, haha)...And, because we didn't have PT practice the other night, I opted out of singing up there today. I just knew I wasn't supposed to be up there this week. It was nice to worship with Princess...she kept saying "Time Sing!!" and would tell me & King to "Cap, Mommy!!" SO sweet!! She said a few loud "Amen's" after prayers, and after every worship set, she's clap loud, and say, "YAY!!" I love that :) She's learning how to praise the Lord, even at this young age. She wasn't bad during service, either :) (We don't put her into's a "thing" with me, but I don't mean to come off like I'm looking down at you if you do!! Please don't take it like that!! :) It's just a personal conviction on my part :) ) Okay, anyways, she was sweet, and really good through service...we had a Baptismal service at the end today, too :) Always sweet and joyful :) 2 young kids, and an older military woman. Good service :) We ended up leaving straight afterwards, too, because I had to meet Mom & Daisy around 2p.m. to go shopping :) We went to the Flower Factory!! :) I didn't spend over $5!! YAY, ME!! :) Of course, I only had $10 to spend!! LOL :)

So, after Flower Factory, we met Dad at CiCi's Pizza (and he treated us, I think because the hubby's weren't with us), so that was nice :) I LOVE those cinnamon rolls!! I believe I could just go there and get my money's worth of those!! LOL ;)

Then, we went back to Mom & Dad's and just hung out for a little bit...oh, I'll post a pic of Princess :) I finally have some!! LOL :) These are the pics we had taken mid-late October :)

And, here's one from Trick or Treat night :) That's Math's new baby with her :)

I'd better go!! :)

Friday, December 09, 2005

The snow is REALLY pretty!! :)

I am not feeling very Christmassy right now...I'm just having a "down" day...we've got a lot of stress right now, with King's school, finances (that's a big one for us right now, but I know we all have struggles with this at different times...), and, UGH!! my weight!! bLaH!! Just self esteem issues, along with my regular struggle with the scale & eating...same ol' same ol', but it's just all got me down today...I'll get over it, but your prayers in the mean time would be wonderful!! :)
I have not even STARTED Christmas shopping, yet...King gets paid this week, and we'll probably go this next week or so's been really hard to hear about all the sales & stuff, and not being able to take advantage of them...
I know, it's not like no one else has this stuff to deal with, it's nothing new to anyone, I've just been really down about it today...

Okay, that's the end of my sob story!! LOL I really don't like to talk about money, because I know we are so blessed, and there are always people who are worse off than's been weighing on my heart today, along with all that other stuff I mentioned earlier...I'm a Debbie Downer today!! LOL :)
Okay, I'd better go...maybe watching "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown" will cheer me up!! LOL :) That's kinda how I feel today!! LOL :)
Hope you all are having a great one!! :)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hmmm, guess it's been a while, huh? LOL I've been busy every day this week, and haven't really been online much, if at all, this week...So, let's see...Last time I journaled was Dec 4th...was that Sunday?!?! Geesh!! It HAS been a few days, huh? LOL

Well, Monday Princess and I just kinda hung out...I got the house straightened up a little, and King didn't get home until around 9p.m. (it's Block time again...blah...nice money, but bLaH!! LOL)...anyways, Tuesday, I got up early (before Princess, even!! I was shocked!! LOL), got dressed, and did some more "straightening up" and then dropped Princess off at my 'rent's house, and headed to X to get my hair cut (I REALLY got it cut this time...I'm lovin' it, cause it's quicker to fix, and gives me an excuse to King so I can buy my Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine hair spray!! LOL I love that stuff...and pomeade (sp?) just doesn't work on my hair...I know, I know, if you're a hairdresser out there reading this, you're probably flipping out, but it just doesn't!! I don't get the hold I need with that gooey stuff, and believe me, I've tried!! LOL) Anyways, Daisy met me at the hairdresser's after she got off work, and then was going to get her brows done, then meet me at the 'rent's so we could go out to eat...we ate at Fricsh's :) Cheap, but sit down, leisurely dining :) LOL We had a good time chatting and stuff...then it was back to the 'Rent's house to pick up Princess who was exhausted after playing with Papaw all night!! LOL :) She went right to sleep after we got home :)

Then, yesterday, King had free tickets to WSU basketball game, and had invited my Dad, Daddy Mac, and Uncle Daredevil came, too!! :) Mom and I got our eyebrows done (Carrot does our eyebrows...she's one of Mom's long-time circle of friends!!LOL, and she used to date Uncle Insociable, if you can believe that!! LOL) Oh, she went on one of the cruises with the "Cruise Crew" a long time ago...ANYWAYS, after that, Carrot came to dinner with Mom, Princess & me (we went to Cracker Barrel, for those of you who were wondering!! LOL) Then, Mom, Princess & I went to Wal-Mart :) We didn't have really important stuff to go for, so it was a "fun" trip to Wal-Mart as opposed to a "necessity" trip...

Then, we went back to Mom's house, where the boys were already home...Today, my job is to "write" the church Christmas play, and let everyone know about that at PT practice tonight!! LOL Nothing like last minute...We're just going to recite scripture, and have a "live" nativity while someone sings a song...not hard, and just a reflective night...I think we'll start off with some carols, and the kids singing a couple of songs, then the lights will go out, and the Live nativity will begin (We'll have a "Narrarator" who will just be reading the Christmas story, then when he's finished with each "section" we'll have a live nativity & a song going on at the same time...sounds complicated, but it really isn't...)

Well, I'd better go...I'm procrastinating, if you haven't noticed!! LOL :) That's the outline of it, I've got that done!! LOL :)

Have a great Thursday, everyone!! :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

What a long day...

I went to the loooooongest Baby Shower EVER!! LOL It was just SO long, and kinda dragged, and we didn't really know was just kinda weird...Anyways, I'm glad I went, though, because I like the person the shower was for, it was just a little awkward because it was at a fellowship hall (that's what we hicks call the banquet room, or whatever you fancy people call it where the church keeps it's kitchen for things like that, and potlucks and stuff...) Anyways, it was at this church that had kinda split recently, and a lot of people who would've been there before the split weren't, and those are a lot of the people we was just different...long story, and I don't mean that the honoree had anything to do with the split at all, she doesn't even go there, it was just an awkward kind of day...

I did, however, LOVE the sleeping in this morning!! LOL :) Princess stayed with Mom & Dad last night, and we slept in until around 10a.m.!! :) YAY!! :) That was awesome!! :) Our small group last night was really great, too...If you get the chance, please read "The Blessed Life" by Robert Miller (I think that's his name, I'll have to get back to you on that...I know the last name is right, anyways...) It's just been great. We've got a very diverse group (young & old & in between lol), and it's been great getting to know a few of the new people in our congregation :) I truly believe, also, that this material should be an on-going class or group topic at our church, and King and I agree that we would be more than happy to host it... It's mostly watching a video (only 4 sessions!!), and then group discussion, and then we do prayer requests/prayers...of course, there's always socializing before & after, and that's fun, too...but this material is GREAT!! It's really changed my perspective on not only our finances, tithing, and giving, but has kept the question in my heart, "Who's really first, Mandy?" So, it's been great for me so far :)

I'd better's late, and it's "Church Day" tomorrow :) LOL We were going to go to the Chinese buffet last night, but it kept getting too late, so we're going tomorrow after church :) I LOVE Chinese :)

Hoping you all have a great time of Praise & Worship & Learning & Refreshing tomorrow...Who's really first in your life?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Hmmmm, I am here in our house ALL ALONE :) I can't even THINK of the last time I was REALLY all by myself in our house :) It's VERY nice :) Princess is staying with my Mom & Dad tonight ;) We've got small group @ 7p.m. but I think we're going out on a date before (I think we're hitting the Chinese place!! I haven't been there in a long time, too!!) Anyways, I am SO not used to having all this time on my hands, I don't know what to do with myself!! :) LOL The house is *somewhat* clean...I really do need to straighten up our bedroom, but I can do that tomorrow morning after I sleep in!! LOL :)

I am hoping Sara (A New Beginning) is OK!! :) I haven't heard anything from Missy since she posted about the C-section at 1:30...SO, I'm hoping everything went ok...

I'd better go...I don't want to "waste" this time all to myself!! LOL :)

Have a great evening!!! :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's too late...

for a very long post, I just wanted to share this link with you all :) I know some of you have heard of Lisa Weilchel (sp?) from The Facts of Life (she played Blair)...anyways, she's got a great website for women, and I get monthly emails from her, and it's amazing to me how the Lord will use someone else's experiences/trials/tests, to help them speak to MY heart :) This certainly did, and I'm claiming these promises!! :) Ever since Princess was born, the enormity of my responsability as a parent, and teaching her the way to the cross, has hit me straight in the heart. I found myself, especially in the beginning, waking up in the middle of the night with this enormous burden, and would stop and pray until I would fall back asleep...Can you believe I haven't shared that with more than King & one lady from church who I really trust? She totally understood where I was coming from, but I was just wondering...does anyone else feel the same way, or am I just a nutcase?!?! LOL :) Okay, I know I can be a nutcase, but does anyone else feel the same way? (lol) Don't feel like you HAVE to answer that, but feel free to, if you want :)

Anyways, that fear was back again this week...Maybe it's just something that all mothers & fathers feel...anyways, Princess was taking a bath yesterday, and I asked her if she wanted to sing...she said, "Yess." I asked her what she wanted me to sing, and she said, "Ummm...Jesus!!" I knew she meant she wanted me to sing "Jesus Loves Me." It melted my heart, and I about bawled my eyes out and about climbed in the tub hugging her!! LOL :) At least I felt that way, but I smiled, and started singing :)

Anyways, here's the link to the email that was sent out...
Her kids are older than Princess, but I could TOTALLY identify with everything she talked about...even the financial part!! ;)

Okay, like I said, it's bedtime for me...