Wednesday, November 30, 2005

YAY!! I today!! :) YAY!! :) I always feel SO much better after I exercise...why don't I do it more often?!?! I could say it's hard to find the time, and that's true, but there are times I knowingly just skip it...because I don't "feel" like it...blah, blah, blah...But today was a good one!! :) I'm glad I did it :)

I REALLY want to make it to Holcomb's tonight to pick up some stuff for the church bulletin board. I'd also like to make up a flyer that says to please give me all the flyers/announcements/etc... so there's not a whole lot of junk up there...Pastor would like to see a more stream-lined bulletin/information board that's geared mainly towards our guests (that's a new way of referring to 'visitors'), so schedules and stuff like that shouldn't be up there (like who's rotation for "Clean Team" or whatever...) SO, that's my new job, and I'm really excited about it!! :) I'm thinking I'd like to have it done by this weekend...maybe I could go on Saturday and do it if I don't get there tomorrow...that's when Clean Team meets...We were supposed to have a calendar that comes out monthly in our bulletins, but we haven't gotten one since the summer...

ANYWAYS, I have mixed emotions about all of that...we went from one stuck up, unfriendly, unorganized person in the office (who was a volunteer & barely comes to church, and was territorial), to another who really isn't that much better. She's not very friendly, at least she's more organized, but she's got so many health problems going on, she doesn't have time, really...I would have volunteered, but I was going to start watching Math's baby, but that's not even as soon as I thought...SO, I might step in, again...only problem is finding someone to watch Princess...and we can't afford to pay anyone...maybe Mom could come over here from 12-3 or something, on MWF? Well, that won't work, because it's almost tax season again...Princess is NOT fun to watch like that right now, either, or I would just bring her with me...

Oh, well...if it's the Lord's will, He'll make a way for it all to happen...

So, I don't think we're doing anything tonight :) A rare 2-nights-home in a row!! LOL :) That's including King!! :) Tomorrow is PT practice, so I hope King gets his work done tonight!! LOL :) I don't want to have to bring Princess to PT practice...

OH!! :) English & Doctor & family are coming over Saturday night!! :) They haven't seen my house, yet, so this will be fun!! :) I'm so excited :) I'm trying to get Princess's room ready for that night...since we put the tree up, all her toys are in her room, and there really isn't space in her room for it right, she really needs one of those corner slings for all her stuffed animals...

I'd better go, since all I'm doing is rambling!! LOL :) I hope you all are having a great day!! :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So, I ran over our mailbox last's a long story

First of all, I had a "Ladie's Tea"/Housewarming party to go to, and had NO card, and NO, I had no idea what to get this lady...she's new to our church, and new to this country, actually...she's originally from Canada...SO, anyways, I just happened to remember that I had a couple of cute things I bought from the Flower Factory (a candle, and a snowman quiet, it's really cute...), that I had originally bought for our Redneck Reunion (think Bingo) back in September, which I happened to accidentally forget...So, I still had those...they were cute, but not too much, and I didn't have to go shopping for something else, I just needed a card...

King came home, and I hadn't even showered yet, if that tells you how my day went yesterday...Princess was all ready, so after dinner (I made chili...YUM), he took her to his Men's group while I was supposed to get a card...I was still running behind at this point and thought, "Wait a minute, why don't you just use your stationary? There are some cute cards in there, you could just write a note!" The problem with this idea was that they were nowhere to be found...I eventually did find some stationary paper, but have yet to find my big box of stationary...So, after writing a nice note, I decide I'll brave the storm and go pick up Princess and head to this shindig, thinking it's only an open house type thing, right? Well, after swimming through the parkinglot (I may be dramatizing this a little), I get to the church, and pick up Princess...King does NOT help me to the van with her, and there are 30mph winds out there, and I'm holding Abbey with a blanket over her head, and my umbrella, and having to open the van door all by myself...

Once I finally got us all in the nice warm van, I realize I didn't have my directions with me, I left them at home!! It was in the same neighborhood as our house, so I figured I could find it ok, I looked at the map, I think I can find after driving around for 20 minutes trying to find this house, I decide to turn around and go home for the directions...

And that brings us to the was so dark & rainly last night, it was hard to see, and I cut my turn too quickly into our driveway, and *BAM* there goes the mailbox!! The top of it,'s still laying on the ground right now, unless King picked it up this morning...Anyways, I went inside, grabbed my directions, and we were late...and it was NOT "open house" style...the ladies were all sitting around the living room (GORGEOUS HOUSE, btw...JJ, Missy, we would have a field day!! LOL :)) Once we got there, Princess decided she didn't want to be there, and was whiney and cranky...NOT fun...I shouldn't have even tried it...What was I thinking going out with a 21mo old on such a windy yucky night?!?! I'll tell you what I was thinking...GROWN UPS!! LOL I could talk to grown-ups!! LOL :)

After we finally got home, I changed Princess into her PJ's and let her play for a few minutes...then she went to sleep!! :) I fiddled around on here for a little bit, and then I went to bed around 11p.m. (that's early for me!! LOL) King didn't get home from BB's until after midnight, and he said I didn't even roll over when he got home!! LOL :) Wrestling a monkey in the rain will do that to ya...

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ahhhhhhh, Monday...

I used to hate Monday's, but since I stay home with Abbey, Monday's have become a great day to take it easy & recoup after the weekend!! Poor King doesn't get to "recoup"...oh, well...

It was SO nice having him here for 4 days!! He got off early on Wednesday, too, so that was good (I can't remember if I shared that before or not...) ANYWAYS, it was a great holiday weekend!!

Saturday I went to decorate the church!! :) I was there for FIVE HOURS!! LOL I'm glad I didn't have anyone else there to help, though...I turned on the sound system, and blasted out a few CD's and had a great time of worship while I trimmed the trees!! LOL :) It was fun :) Hobby Lobby also had an AWESOME sale going on this weekend, and aside from almost losing my Christian witness with this one pushy lady, I did pretty well :) I got a lot of pretty Christmas decorations 30-50% off!! :) They were all for the church, too!! :) I've received a few compliments on the trees...I think it's the way I put the lights on :) All the other stuff is hard to see, but the lights are good :) I learned from the best :) My Dad :)

So, we got some REALLY bad news yesterday...JJ & Missy might remember Daisy's friend from High School...Jaimie...she was 30wks pregnant, and went into early labor over the Thanksgiving holiday, and the baby boy was stillborn. It's SO unexpected, and I just ache for her. Please keep her & her hubby, Chris in your prayers. I know from experience that this experience not only takes it's toll on you, but on your marriage, too...I'm SO thankful for King...he really helped me with both miscarriages, even when I know he hurt, too. I think we grew closer as a couple through all of that, too, and I know that's not always the case with these situations...and this is just the beginning of this particular path in their life together...the coming days/months will not be easy...again, just keep praying for them :)

Okay, on a lighter note...King found batteries for my old keyboard, and now Princess thinks she's a professional pianist!! LOL She LOVES to beat on that thing!! Luckily there's a volume control!! LOL This thing is HUGE, too...I wanted to get rid of it, you know, donate it to Goodwill or something, but King's the one who's hung on to it...I'm afraid this is a toy that can't be "fixed"!! LOL :)

I'd better go...OH!! :) I've updated my website :) I think if you click on my profile you can click on the webpage link, but I'm not sure...I like to "decorate" for the seasons :) A lot's happened since I heard that "click" that has set me back, but it's all a part of the journey :)

Have a great day, Journal Goddesses!! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It's that time of year again!! :) It really is the most wonderful time of the year :) Maybe it's childhood memories, or that excitement in the air...I dunno...I just love it!! :)

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner Thursday...and We're STILL eating the desserts :) lol We hung out and played games, Shopaholic & Math came by (with BabyJane & Mr Math)...we were playing Monopoly...poor Dad, he was NOT winning this time...usually he's the "monopolizer." But, actually, King won...we started getting tired of it, all the properties were bought up, and King just kept getting richer and richer...he also won the "free parking" you really wanted to know all that!! LOL So, after that, we played Hand&Foot (LOVE that's a card game...I had no idea what it was until BB came along)...anyways, GREAT game :) We had a late nite, though...

Yesterday we did NOT go out at 5am!! LOL I am NOT into that...I realize there are some awesome deals, and it does appeal to that side of me, but then I think about all the wackos & meanies who could trample somebody without a thought about it, and I decide it's not for me...doesn't get me in the holiday's just not worth it to me...especially when I know that Kohl's will have better sales throuhout the rest of the season!! LOL :) And, if you miss the best price there by a month, you can get a price adjustment!! SO...that's my soapbox about that!! LOL Just not for me :)

Today I have MORE stuff to do...I need to go to Holcomb's and get some bulletin board border, and then to Hobby Lobby to get some gold foliage spray, then go to church and finish decorating :) SO, that's what I'm doing today :) I'm SO glad I already have my tree up and am not worrying about that this weekend :) YAY!! :)

Merry Christmas!! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I probably won't get to being around here tomorrow, so I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!! :) Have fun with your families, eat too much, play games, but most of all, thank the Lord...when you start counting your blessings, you'll see that you have a lot more to thank Him for than you realize :)

One of my favorite quotes (and I have no idea where this is from, but I think it's beautiful)...

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

There's a plaque/country sign thingy I want that has that saying on it...makes ya stop to think :) Okay, I hope you all have a great day, and know that I am thanking the Lord for ALL OF YOU!! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I just love that little Tom Turkey up there :)

We got a lot done at church today!! :) It might not look like a lot, but there IS a lot done :) We put together FIVE trees!! 3 for the sanctuary, and 2 for the Narthex & hallway, each special trees for donations and family adoptions (adopt a family, I'm sure you've heard of it...) SO, those are pretty cute :) I wish we had prettier, and MORE trees, actually. I think they really add a festive atmosphere. I would REALLY love it if they would have a Hanging of the Greens service. My "old" church does that, and it's so nice to learn and remember that the Christmas tree isn't just for Santa, it's a symbol of eternal life, and the angel at the top reminds us of the angels visiting the shepherds, and the stars reminding us of wise men who followed it to welcome the Savior, the story behind the candy cane...I could go on and on...I think those things have been lost in the mass marketing of Christmas...

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE all the fun with Santa and cookies, presents, etc... I think that's been evidenced by my last few entrees!! LOL But, there is a balance, and I'm trying hard to keep it!! :)

Well, I'd better's bed time, and I have another full day tomorrow :) I'd like to get this house straightened up, and I'd like to make my way over to the church and finish putting lights up on the trees in the sanctuary. Also, I'd like to start working on the bulletin board...but that's a whole different story, and

Crazy Tuesday

Let's see...I've been playing around with the looks of this journal, and even though it's not as cool as JJ's (see Me, Myself, & What's His Name III), I think I'm starting to "get it" even though I still have no idea where in the html mumbo jumbo to put the codes for a different background...oh, well, if it starts looking funky here while you visit, that's why :) I'm playing around with it :)

So, today I've got a lot going on...I'm taking Princess to my Mom's so I can go to church and start on decorating for Christmas, and I'm also going to be talking to Pastor about dressing up the bulletin board (it's looking REALLY sad...the scrapbooking/teacher diva inside me is screaming to fix it!! LOL). So, that's what's going on today. I'd like to stay for as long as I can to fix it/finish/start/whatever, but I also want to try and be home at least by 5 or so...There's always dinner to fix, and I don't want to put that on King...Lord only knows what we'd end up eating for dinner!! LOL

There is so much to get done before Sunday, but I have a couple of days I can work on it (today and Saturday...whatever we don't get done today, I'm planning on going Saturday to finish up!! My goal today is to put the trees in their places, and put lights on them...I'd also like to do something neat around the stage area, but that might have to wait until next year ($$)...Saturday I can put the poinsettias & ribbon on them, and go from there... There's such a high ceiling in there, the trees always look so small...I think Mom & Dad are donating their 9ft tree to us next year...I think they want to get a pre-lit tree...I DO NOT blaim them!! They laugh and say they have no business getting a tree that big as short as they both are, but does that stop them? No, and I'm glad :) Their tree is always so gorgeous :)

Maybe I can borrow Mom's digi camera and post a pic of my tree...that would be fun to do!! All of us post a pic of our tree :) I love to look at other people's Christmas trees :)

Friday we're going to the Craft Show that's always after Thanksgiving :) I LOVE that craft show!! :) There's lots of different types of booths, and it's HUGE!! Even if I end up not buying anything, it's fun to look around & get ideas...sometimes you get home, and you see the stuff you've got in a different light :) Fun!! :)

Well, I'd better get a move on, if I'm going to drop Princess off by 12:30 so I can be back at the church by 1!! When am I going to eat lunch?!?! LOL Let's get our priorities straight!! LOL

32 days left!! Or, if you like to think in minutes...781!! LOL :) Have a great day :)

Monday, November 21, 2005


Okay, so, now, MOJ is back up and running like nothing ever happened, and is actually running smoother than it ever has for me...what's up with that?!?! Maybe they did an update...

Oh, well, I think I like the look of this one better, anyways, and it is a lot quicker :) I'm just glad everyone's moved over here :) And, now I get to get all those links from my other journal...weird...

So, I'm still not exactly caught up with the laundry...funny, how just when you think you're caught up with that, you find another overflowing laundry basket of dirty clothes...bLaH!! LOL

Nothing much going on here today. We've been kinda laying low, and just straightening up a little bit. There's more boxes in here, now, though, because we PUT UP OUR CHRISTMAS TREE!! :) YAY!! :) (we'll see if that works...) YAY!! :) It's so pretty :) And really dresses up that empty corner :) I still have to find a place for all of Princess's toys that were in that corner, but all in due time ;)

Tonight, I'm going grocery shopping for Thanksgiving!! :) I'm taking Sweet Potato Casserole (not with marshmallows...) and I think I'm going to attempt a Chocolate Pecan Pie (I LOVE THOSE!!) They have it right now, if you'd like to try it, and not necessarily spend the effort to BAKE one!! LOL I LOVE that blinkie!! Thanks, JJ!! :)

Anyways, what are you all doing for Thanksgiving? I know Missy & JJ are spending it together, and Daisy & I are going to our 'rent's house, but what's everyone else got planned? And, besides eating, how are you going to spend time with your family? Yes, I am writing a book, and this essay will be graded!!LOL I must be in a weird mood :)

Okay, better go...I need to help King figure out the directions on the back of that Stouffer dinner thing...Recipes & directions...what's so hard for men to figure out?!?! LOL :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm still tired...

This has felt like such a looooong weekend!! It's been a busy one, that's for sure...we didn't get back from my Mom's last night until a little after midnight...Princess was O U T!! like a lite...she didn't even flutter her eyes open when I changed her into her jammies (bad mommy, didn't bring any along with us yesterday).

Today was a great day, though. Service was wonderful, then after, we had lunch with some people from church we don't always get a chance to talk to, and it was a lot of fun :) Then Princess fell asleep on me AT the resteraunt!! She hardly ever does that...I love cuddling her like that :) Reminds me of when she was a baby-baby ;)

WE'RE FINALLY PUTTING UP OUR CHRISTMAS TREE TOINGHT!! :) YAY!! King went to my Aunt's house, and got all our Christmas stuff out of her basement, and now he's on his way home, and picking up a pizza (Pizza Hut!! My favorite!!). YUMMY :)

I guess that's all for now...this week should be a busy one...I'm going to put up the Christmas decorations at church this week, so that should be fun :) I'm hoping Steve can help me, even, on Tuesday nite...we'll see. We don't have a key, and I'm kinda dependant on other people as to my time there. As I recall, though, there wasn't anything really heavy that we ladies couldn't handle, but it's always nice to have a guy around!! LOL :) And, I have no idea what that storage room looks like up there...I'm a little nervous...

Well, I'd better go...I'm still not sure if this is my new "permanant" journal or not, I'm still learning how to use all their bells & whistles :)

Hope you all have a GREAT week :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

This is my first entree...

SO, moj must've crashed or something, so that brings me here, because I am SERIOUSLY addicted to blogging...what an outlet!! And, a lot less time & money than therapy!! LOL

Not much's going on...we've had a great couple of days!! :) Yesterday we found out that Daisy & BB are having a girl!! :) YAY!! I think we were all kinda shocked...we were all expecting a boy ;) SO, another Princess :) Then, we had dinner with all the family at Olive Garden, and that was yummy :) And, King and I went to our first small group session at church...a very full day!! Princess was hard-pressed for a nappy nap...oh, well...

TODAY we had a 2-yo Birthday party, and then we had a baby shower after that...and now we're at Mammy's house ;) They've got their tree up, and it's just gorgeous :) As usual :) PK & Math & JaneDoeBaby are coming in a "few minutes" (hehehe), and we'll have some more fun :) I haven't talked to them in a while, so it should be fun :)

Well, I'd better go...Just needed to blog!! LOL :)