Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oiy!! I don't know if that's how you spell it, I just spelled it phonically :) LOL Is "phonically" a word?!?! LOL

Kooky mood, that how you spell "kooky"? Does "kooky" even have a correct spelling?

See, told ya, wierd mood :) LOL Did you know that there's only 116 days until Christmas?!?! I'm ready to put my tree up already!! LOL :) I told you I'm in a kooky kinda mood :) LOL

Hmmm, so, what've I been up to lately?!?! HUGE weekend!! I barely had time to sleep at night with all the stuff going on...

Thursday night, Princess stayed with Mom & Dad (SO NICE!!) and King & I watched "Last Holiday" with Queen Latifa & LL CoolJ (hubba hubba!! LOL), and then he took Friday off!! What a sweetie!! We ate at Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch (we had breakfast for lunch, we were even too late to call it "brunch"), then just killed some time before we met Mom & Dad at Danberry to see Cars!! :) It was Princess's 1st movie in a movie theatre!! CUTE MOVIE, too!! Although, I didn't get to see some of it because I had to take Princess to the bathroom like 3 times...More about that later...

Then, we went out to eat with the Indy-laws (cute, huh? LOL BB's parents if you didn't catch that :) LOL). Hung out some more at Mom & Dad's then went home. Saturday was our benefit Talent Show for PraiseFest & PastorP's hearing aides. We had an ethnic smorgasboard (sp?), and I cooked some ground beef & cut up some onions, & decorated my table with Fiesta kind of party stuff...CUTE :) Another lady helped me make the Mexican portion of our "Taco Bar", and it was a lot of fun. Dad & Daisy & I sang 3 Accapella songs (He Leadeth Me, My Rock, & Blind Bartemus (again, spelled phonically!! LOL) Wait, is that "phonetically"?) Anyways, that was a lot of fun...Oh, all day Saturday, I was baking cakes, too, for a surprise vow renewal ceremony on Sunday, and, again, more on that in a minute...

So, we were at church probably until 10p.m.ish on Saturday night. Sunday was a Baptismal service (and the water in the baptismal was GROSS!! It was a nasty pond scum green, you couldn't even see to the bottom, it was just so gross...They forgot to turn the water circulation thingy on, and it got all nasty.) Anyways, I sang with the PT, then we had the baptism (SO cool...there were 4 teenagers who accepted Christ over the summer at church camp), then after church, there was a cookout for these kids. I had to be BACK at the church at 3 to help decorate for this vow renewal ceremony, so it was a crazy day. I got to the church & brought in my cakes & stuff, and there's only one other lady there!! And, she's pretty, um, just not strong enough (physically) to handle all the preparations & moving of furniture & stuff, so guess who did that? :) LOL It was a lot of fun, and really, a bit of a challenge. We had nothing to spend (that we hadn't already) and we had to set up an area on the stage for them to renew their vows, and light the unity candles, and, set up tables & centerpieces before they got there, and, of course, the cake table. I made one sheet cake & one cake topper (like the top of a wedding cake) for them to cut into & serve each other. I don't think the husband expected all the different stuff we had!! It was great to treat them to a mini-elegant ceremony. Oh, and last minute, Worship Minister & I sang "I Will Be Here" just to add a little pomp to the ceremony, ya know? So, we sang it while they lit the candles. Worship Minister took LOTS of pics, so as soon as I get a few, I'll share with you. PastorP asked me if I would be intersted in being the church's Wedding Coordinator (I'm thinking it's more like a liason job between the church & the people getting married, not really decorating & stuff, although, I'd do that if they wanted...well, at least help). So, he said they don't really get a whole lot of weddings, but there are 2 coming up in December!! LOL Of COURSE there are!! LOL :) Only the busiest time of the year!! LOL :)

So, that's where I've been. After Sunday night, I crashed!! Monday I didn't do anything until it was time to go to Water Aerobics, and yesterday was another hang out & do laundry day (we're getting ready to go to Reunion this week!! YAY!! I'm getting excited!! And, then we get to go on VACATION!! DOUBLE YAY!!) So, that's what the rest of this week has in store for me...Packing & Laundry, and probably a lot of trips to Wal-Mart!! LOL :)

Better go...Talk to ya'll later :)


Kelley said...

Girl! You don't write every day, but when you write, you have done a LOT!!! That is so neat about the vow ceremony. That was really sweet of you to do all that you did. What a day for you!

We're all excited about PraiseFest! I heard things are different this year (like we're playing inside). That's neat. Can't wait to do that again!

Have a wonderful time at the reunion.

Lots of Love!

Missy said... never got back to Princess using the potty 3 times. LOL You were a little scattered in this entry! :)

What would your church do without you because it sounds like you do a lot there?!?! That is very, very neat and a great, great thing!

YEAH! I am looking forward to Reunion. I might have to spend more time in the hotel than usual, but it will be fun! And I think the weather looks good!!!! Still jealous that y'all get to go to Gatlinburg after...but we have been there twice already this year! But it should be lots of fun!

Love ya!

Sara said...

Yeah, I was also wondering about Princess and who renewed their vows and why was it a surprise? Don't leave us hanging! :)

I think I might go crazy if I did all that you do. I think it's great how involved you are at church. I'm with Missy...what would they do without you?

Yeah for vacations! Hope your reunion experience was better than mine! :)

Jodi said...

ok first of all soon as you typed phonically I was thinking, I think it's phonetically but I'm note sure...LOL!)

second of all..wowie you have been a busy's probably a good thing your tomatoes aren't ready!

The wedding coordinator thing sonds way fun and right up your alley!! how cool!

see you this weekend!! love you!

Bobbie413 said...

What fun! I had been missing your posts! Have a great vacation...ok?

girlie_mom said...

The word is crack me up!! Ditto all the questions gotta fill in the cracks.

Hope you have a blast at the Renuion.