Thursday, December 07, 2006

I watched BigBlueEyes on Tuesday!! She's so sweet!! She's started crawling!! Can you believe it?!?! She's still not real great at it, but if she doesn't think too hard about it, she can crawl with the best of 'em!! LOL She does it best when she's on a mission, compared to conciously trying to crawl, if you know what I mean :) LOL Just so stinkin' cute :) She's a good baby, too :)

Whew!! Will somebody please remind me that I don't handle stress well, and that being in charge of the Christmas program isn't my idea of a great time when Christmas rolls around again next year? I'm crazy to actually want to do it in the first place, I'm sure of it. Just go ahead & commit me to the Loony Bin, because something's not right in my head, seriously :) hehehe I had a very emotional night tonight. It was play practice, and people didn't have their songs, none of the wisemen were there, and our set isn't really constructed, yet. Plus, we have so many shepherds that are all boys around the same age, and they're VERY hyper boys!! I'm a little nervous about the shepherds. I keep praying about it, and I keep wondering what's gonna happen. I'll actually be alright about everything once the actual "box" thing is together & stuff. I'm getting really nervous about that being put together (because I'd like it together for practice on Saturday morning, and I don't really think that's gonna happen.) Oh, well, you work with what ya got, ya know?

*********************RANT WARNING*******************************

I had a "run in" with BadAttitudeMyrtle tonight (DebbieDowner might be another good name for her...) Anyways, this lady is pretty negative about everything, and it drives me crazy, plus there's a bunch of other stuff, but she just set me off tonight. There was no need for her to have an attitude about what she got an attitude about, and she was just not very uplifting. Not building me up, very much a negative nelly...Wow, there are a lot of names I could come up with for her, huh? Or just a generic name for any "DebbieDowner" type personality, huh? Anyways, remember all that scenery & stuff I made for VBS this past August? Well, I made everything by hand, painted all of it, except for the cardboar I covered with "wood" contact paper to make it look like wooden logs, whatever...Well, Pastor actually hurt my feelings, because after it was all said & done he just said to pitch it all...then, there was this stuff that was totally NOT made by hand, just the pictures that came with the teachers stuff that was taped to the wall (we have a multi-purpose room & the classes were just in different parts of the room). Anyways, he says to leave THAT up because "it'll give people an idea what the kids have been up to this week at VBS." So, throw out the handpainted stuff, to my face, then tell someone else to leave the very non-personal junk up on the wall. Whatever...well, I'll admit to you, I cried, and I couldn't help it. I didn't want to cry in front of Pastor, because I felt stupid for crying in the first place, but the head director walked in on me crying & I just spilled my guts. Well, Worship Minister must've heard something about it, because he kept the God-awful snowmobile I made & it's been a joke ever since...that was my least favorite thing I made for VBS, btw. Anyways, I keep telling him to pitch it, and he kept saying, "No! We can't pitch that! It was part of my station (it kinda sat in front of the laptop & multi-media stuff, and hid the equipment). Anyways, tonight, it was sitting by the front of the sanctuary doors getting ready to be pitched. Again, I have NO problem with it being pitched, that's not the issue that got me upset. NegativeNelly says snootily, "That thing needs to be thrown away." I was offended by her tone, so I said, "You know I made that, right?" She starts going on, "I know, but there's just no where to store it here. Can you tell me when we'll use it again? Do you want it at your house?" I was shocked that she would be so rude as to say things like that to me to my face!! If she says that kind of stuff to my face, what is she saying behind my back?!! So, I didn't say anything else, really, but OH, I wanted to. She has a history of complaining, and of acting the martyr, and that was so inappropriate! So, after she walked out the door I looked at King & said, "Well, I'd better throw that God-awful snowmobile away." And literally threw it in the trash can. Okay, and here's the thing. She is one of the people who complains the loudest about things not getting done, etc..., but she shows NO respect for anything that DOES get done, and people's effort, unless she's had a hand in it. Did she do anything for VBS this year? Nope. But she would've complained if we hadn't had one. I guess it was just lack of appreciation for other people's work. I just didn't take it well, and since I'm under so much other stress for this program to go well, I know I'm overly sensitive, but still, she was rude.

Okay, sorry to unload all that, but I had to, or I would explode. And, I hope you followed that, because I'm sure it was rambly & incoherant, but again, I needed to VENT!! So, going back to put "Rant Warning" up above that...

*******************End RANT**************************

So, anyways, onto better things. We went to the Mall again today :) It was a lot more fun today than it was last week!! LOL At least for me...Princess ate 1/2 of her cheeseburger & 1/2 of FAB's fries (hehehe), so she got to play today!! :) YAY!! I got to hold Petunia while the girls played & she is SUCH a cuddlebug!! :) So sweet :)

We didn't really shop at the mall today. I needed to get some things ready before our play practice tonight, so we just came home & Princess fell asleep on the way home, so that was nice. She took a nice long nap, too, and I got a lot accomplished before practice. Practice itself was CHAOS, but semi-controlled chaos. The daycare toys were out, so of course I had to compete with that, but other than that, things went well. I think on Saturday before we get started, I'm gonna have the kids do these exercise things I learned in daycare inservice. The shepherds got a little (read A LOT) antsy, so I started a game of "Miss Mandy Says" to get 'em moving a little bit, at least in a controlled movement. Mr.AF came over & took over so I could get back to directing, and that was a blessing. I'm glad he stepped in. Those kids like him, anyways, he helps with the games at Awana sometimes.

So..........please pray with me that Saturday goes smoothly & that things will come together on Saturday? I'm getting nervous about the "box" thing being done for Saturday's practice...I need to call my carpenter...earthly & Heavenly :)

I'd better go...there is so much more I could share, but it's getting late, and I'm getting tired, and I really don't want to think about it right now. I really need to vent to someone I trust in the church...There are so many people who are so supportive of this play & with doing whatever I need of them, but it just takes one NegativeNelly to tear ya down, ya know? SO, here's to not letting negativity (i.e. the evil one) get to me...This is all for the Lord, anyway...

Okay, seriously, better go...King went to the store real quick, and Lord knows Princess isn't going to sleep by herself...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelley said...

Doesn't the old saying go "it takes 10 positives to outweigh 1 negative"? I'm so sorry that she treated you like that. Seems like church people can be the worst at times. Don't make it all about your emotions, she was just plain rude. It's like when you do something for people and they decided you didn't do it "right" for them. It's just an unChristian attitude and I hate that of all things, she had to say those things to you. I pray that her attitude gets better....and quickly.

And....we WILL remind you that you don't want to be in charge next year. I don't know how you find the time to do it all. But, I was always like this closer to the shows when I taught. I would always tell Hubby that I don't need to get "this involved" and by the end, I was planning next year! And you will too!

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

Man, that lady has a lot of nerve! Can't people hear how rude it sounds when they say things like that? Obviously not! I really admire you for all you're taking on right now. I couldn't do it!!!! It sounds like you are doing a GREAT job! I have no doubt that the props look great b/c you're so crafty, so don't let the "little" things get you down....that's just what they are...little. Even though they seem huge to you, they won't matter after this thing is all over, so hang in there!!!!

Praying things get better and that all goes well!!!! Love ya!