Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm So Random...

OK, I give up... You can read here to hear all about the last day of the cruise. Missy did a great job of recapping, and frankly, I've got a lot more things to blog about!! HA!! :)

Where to start? How about homeschooling? We've already started, more to get a feel for what kind of schedule will work best for us than anything. We're finishing up the reading book we started last year, and Abbey's just doing great!! I've got to say, it's a perk I never even thought of, but knowing that I taught her how to read is incredible!!

I've also found some great new homeschooling blogs, and I'm planning on doing a "links I've found" post soon to share all the exciting & creative ideas mommy bloggers are coming up with!! It's so much fun!! :)

This coming weekend is Labor Day, and of course, for us that means taking our annual trip to Somerset, KY. We went down about a week and a half ago for a funeral. A patriarch of our family, Great-Uncle Verrel, passed away from cancer. It was an honor to sing at his funeral along with my favorite voices to hear on the planet, my family. I hope that we offered comfort & peace to everyone grieving. His passing so close to reunion will make it VERY different "on the hill" this year. So many of my childhood memories exist because of his hospitality.

It was a good quick trip down & back, though. I really love hangin' with my family. I love the talking & the laughter & the sharing. They are such a blessing to me!!

We girl "cuzfrenz" went out the following night @ Cheesecake Factory... Oh, CF, how I love thee... Anyways, it was more of the same, giggling, talking, sharing, I just love my cuzfrenz. Yes, it is now a word.

I will be sharing links next time!! There are so many cool things happening in blogger-world...and I'm afraid that I'm passing on my addiction to others!! LOL Last weekend I was talking to my cuz Andrea & she was saying, "Thanks. I'm addicted to blogs, now, because of you." LOL I asked if she had her own blog, & she said, "No, I think it would stress me out!" LOL Just wait... She'll show up in my sidebar soon enough!! HA!! :)