Thursday, May 31, 2007

Okay, so a little while ago I said that I'd like to blog about an epiphany I had while listening to Flylady's radio program a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to do that now, if you don't mind!! LOL

I don't normally listen to Flylady's radio show on Thursdays on WTR (, but with my recent decision to "pick up where I left off" with Flylady, I saw that they had just taped a show that day, and listened to most of it while I was on the computer fiddlin' around...So, anyways, towards the end, a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) called in & asked if it was ok to do stuff for herself. For real, she asked that. She was feeling guilty because her kids sleep in until 9a.m., and that's about the time she gets up, too. She went on to say that she feels like cleaning & watching the kiddos are her job, so what would she do if everything was always clean all the time?!?! This was a lightbulb moment for me, folks. Flylady said to stop feeling guilty for getting up when the babies get up (all children are referred to as "babies" by Flylady), then she said that this gal needed to sit down & figure out what it is she really ENJOYS doing, something just for herself. Then she "knited her with the Flylady Feather Duster" & told her she was free from all guilt for sleeping when her babies slept, and to have permission for Mommy time...Here's my "A-ha!" moment...I really think that's what keeps me from "flying" consistently. I start feeling GUILTY for choosing & the priveledge of being a SAHM, and can end up feeling like, "Well, if I don't have 'stuff' hanging over me, like cleaning the house, doing laundry in ginormous loads to catch up, etc... then I am useless." I don't know if that adequately sums up what I really mean. I guess it's kinda like I keep the messes around me so I can look around and feel useful because I'm needed to clean up the mess...and this turns into a horrible cycle because then I let things get back to the way they were so I can feel useful again...If I could relay to you that feeling, I would, because then maybe those sentences up there would make sense. That feeling of not feeling worthy enough of being a SAHM, and even though you know a few of your friends would stay home, too, if they could, they would...I don't know, there's just a guilt trip going on here. Like, I feel guilty for being able to stay home, or something. Maybe that's the best way to put it. I feel SO blessed, and know it's a blessing to be able to do what I do.

Now, I am not a society hater. I don't want anyone to think that I blame everything on "society" or "women's lib" or anything. But, it's probably going to sound like that!! LOL

We're taught that women can be anything they long as it's generating a paycheck & you can call it a "career." I know that secular society look down their noses at women who stay home & write us off as "brainless," "uninteresting," etc... And, on the flipside, diehard SAHM's can come off as self-righteous & "spare the rod" types...But why?!?! Where did this division come from? We all have a different calling. We are all to be doing different things, so why is there this animosity?!?! Argh!!!!!! Did anyone watch all those shows Oprah did about WOHM's vs. SAHM's?!?! I really wish that I could've spoken up & said, "Why is there a 'right' side or a 'wrong' side? Some of us are called to stay home with our children, and some to work. They're both missionfields, people!! Our very footsteps are directed by the Lord no matter what our "occupation" or lack there of (in a 'traditional' sense of the word...being a SAHM IS an occupation, imo). Anyways, there are people that SAHM's can witness/touch/show love to that maybe a WOHM can't, and likewise. We are put in these places, ladies, by the King of Kings Himself.

SO, I realize that there isn't really a controversy about this right now, but my feelings of guilt for being a SAHM is what led to this huge deep thought process!! LOL Why should I feel guilt when it's the Lord's leading for me to be where I am? And that goes for all of us. I know that there's a "guilt trip" on the "flipside" (the guilt WOHM's tend to experience for not being with their babies 24/7), too, and again I say, "Why the guilt when your footsteps are being led by the King of Kings?"

There is a right & wrong side to this, though. The wrong thing is disobedience in not going where the Lord wants you to go, and the right is always following His lead, wherever that may mean for you. We're not all called to be school teachers. We're not all called to be CEO's of major corporations. So, why have we decided that all women should work in corporate America, or on the flipside, that all women should stay home & clean their house?!?! LOL Ya'll just follow where you're being led by the Lord!! He's the MOST AWESOME LEADER!! :)

Now that I've said all that, I do want to share a little bit more about my own personal struggle right now. We're really starting to feel a pinch in the financial belt. Just too much debt!! Argh!! We've come a long way, though, and since doing that whole "The Blessed Life" small groups, we've really been faithful tithers, and we can totally see God's blessings for us over the last year + since we've done so...But now it's time to really take our debt by the proverbial horns, and knock it out!! And, to do this, we've realized that we do need a little more income. So, here's the plan...

Remember all that scrapbooking stuff I was going to do? I don't remember if I've shared it here or not. Anyways, I'd like to start doing in-home parties/demonstrations & selling product & my own creations. Some are really intimidated with all that scrapbooking stuff & tools, so I'd like to help get rid of some of the stress, or just have things that people can buy (albums, frames, misc. home decor, etc...) This whole scrapbooking thing is really moving into the home decor genre, too, and it's really awesome; a part of that whole altered art thing.

So, that's what I'm planning on doing. There's a scrapbooking home show company called "Memory Works" & they have a VERY small start up fee, and they provide all the big names in the scrapbooking world. So, for the product part of my shows there'll be that. They have a very easy contract, too, that will allow me to sell my own creations at these parties (albums, special-order albums, and all that other stuff I've already mentioned). Anyways, that just combines 2 of my needs right now...Income & a creative outlet!! :)

So, prayers, please? I'd like to even advertise in the newspaper eventually. For now, though, I'm thinking of starting relatively 1-2 shows a week for starters. This would really help with our debt, and we'd be tithing more!! :) We'd love to really start giving "over & above" offerings, too.

Okay, better get a move on, I think I've unloaded enough for today!! LOL

Oh, I did forget to mention little Miss Abbey May & her very first awards ceremony last night!! Last night was the "Awana Awards Banquet." It was actually a cookout, and very good. She was so stinking cute!! She got her little things, and Miss Lori (her teacher) gave all the kids a little bag of gardening stuff, like seeds & a "dirt digger"!! LOL Very cute...and her class sang a was just precious. Steve got it all on video!! Of course!! My pictures didn't turn out very well, though. But I'll share one of the best ones...

Love you all!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So, I've had a busy weekend...we made the trek back up to PA this past Memorial Day weekend...bless their hearts, they're just weird...

Last week sometime, Steve's dad called real "excited" (I say that, because his show of excitement is VERY reserved, to understate it). Anyways, he says Brian Free & Assurance (a Southern Gospel quartet) was playing a free concert on Friday night, do you guys want to go? When Steve asked me, I looked at him like he was crazy!! HELLO?!?! 3 year old riding all day in a van, and then have her sit for 2-3 more hours in a church listening to grown-up music?!?! So, Steve called them back, and got his mom...She says, "Well, it's a big church." HUH?!?! I'm thinking she meant that if we needed to get up & walk around, or they'd have a nursery or something there, but why are we going up there to put her in a nursery?!?! C R A Z Y!! So, I told Steve the whole way up there that he's crazy if he lets them talk us into going, and he agreed. We were not going, no matter what. I can't do that to ANY 3-year-old, nevermind my own!! LOL So, we got a late start on Friday, anyway (go figure!! haha), and were about 1.5-2 hours away. **Sidebar~they haven't actually seen/spent time with Abbey, their only granddaughter, since NOVEMBER** Steve's dad calls Steve's cell phone around 5ish (the concert started at 7), to see how far along we were. Steve says, well, we're 1.5-2 hours away, we're not going to make it..." I'm rolling my eyes because even if we did "make it" we weren't going!! lol Anyways, I hear "yeah, okay, uh-huh," type things from Steve's end of the conversation & when he hung up he said, "Well, they're going to go without us." I say, "To the concert?" "Yep." I'm stunned. The grandpa hasn't seen his granddaughter in 8 mos. and is choosing a concert over meeting his granddaughter the night she comes. Steve said that his dad mentioned that his mom had said we could head over to Steve's aunt & uncle's house (cousins, that's the Uncle who was Steve's best man in our wedding, their son Nathaniel was the ring bearer :) ). So, we grabbed dinner, and tried calling Jeff & Wanda, but there was no answer. So, we thought, we'll just drive by & see if they're home, or if they have company, there's always Wal-Mart. We didn't want to just barge in unannounced, ya know? Well, it turns out they were home, and just getting done with their garden they're getting ready to put in, and about ready to go for some ice cream :) It turned out well, and they're just such a great dose of normal in our trips up there!! :) And, Nathaniel LOVED playing with Abbey!! :) And, Abbey loved him!! She kept saying on the way from their house to Steve's parents' house, "Who was that special boy again?" LOL And, that night she prayed, "And, thank you for...Mommy? What's that special boy's name, again?" "That's your cousin Nathaniel." "Thank you for Athaniel." LOL SO CUTE!! :)

Oh, and later that night, I asked Bill (Steve's dad) how the concert was...and he says, "Terrible. It was way too loud." I felt like slapping him!!!!!!!!!! If you're going to miss seeing your granddaughter in first thing because of a CONCERT YOU HAD TO GO TO YOU HAD BETTER GO ON ABOUT HOW AWESOME IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, another notch on the weirdness belt...

Friday night Steve's mom had to work (she's a nurse, so she had to work all night), and so we didn't get to say hello to her until Sat. afternoon. Abbey ran right to her (she had acted shy with grandpa (wonder why?), and Uncle Eric (shocker) but had warmed right up to Aunt Lesley). She really loves her Grandma & Aunt Lesley, though!! :) Vicki also had to work Friday night 7ish to 11ish, but was off all day Sunday & Monday.

When we left Friday morning, I had ironed our church clothes & a couple of other shirts...and we left them in the house...I didn't realize this until Friday night in PA, so I spent late Saturday afternoon at the Clarion "mall." It's only got a few stores, but there was a Fashion Bug, and a K-Mart open to the mall...I'd never seen a K-Mart open to a mall. It was more like an indoor strip mall, if that makes any sense. K-Mart was the "big name" store!! LOL There was a movie theatre, though, and a couple of "illegal" gift shops...But, I didn't find an awesome new dress or anything. I just decided to get a nice shirt that would dress up my jeans. I bought Steve a new shirt at their Wal-Mart. I had packed Abbey's Sunday clothes in her suitcase, so there wasn't any need for that...

Anyways, it was nice to get to shop by myself. I don't get to do that real often here, so it was kinda nice to be where nobody knows me, and just shop. I did run into Steve's Uncle Gary & cousin Danielle, though. They were waiting to see Pirates 3 at the movie theatre, and were getting a pizza at sounds weird, but it really wasn't...

Church was OK. They go to a small church, and heaven forbid they sing a popular praise song!! LOL They didn't sing all hymns, but there weren't any real praise songs, either. They had a cookout on Sunday afternoon, and Uncle Jeff & Aunt Wanda came, and Uncle Gary & Aunt Sandy came, and so did Aunt Marge (remember her from the wedding, cousins?) and Uncle John came, too. Uncle Jeff brought a game called "ladder golf" or "hillbilly golf" or "poor man's golf" we heard a lot of different names for it, and that was fun!! It reminds me of the way you score in cornhole, but I'd say a little trickier than corn hole. Google it!! LOL

Monday we took our time getting ready to go, and left after lunch. Abbey was asleep before we left Brookville!! LOL Brookville is VERY small...Anyways, she was out before we got on the interstate, and we didn't stop until Lodi in OH. There's a Prime Outlet mall there, and we ate at Bob Evan's. Prime Outlets have those playgrounds, too, so that was a very nice stop. Abbey got to run & play awhile, and I got to check out their scrapbook store!! :)

It was a nice, uneventful rest of the way home. We stopped just above Columbus, too, at our "regular" McD's stop, and Abbey got to play & run around again, and then it was pretty much a straight shot home. We were hoping Abbey would fall asleep in the van again, but she didn't. When we got to the road we turn on from the main road, we decided that maybe just a little longer, and she' d be out. But, when we passed our turn, she says, sleepily, "Daddy, I thought we were going home?" So, we giggled at each other & just went home. I think she was keeping herself awake long enough to make sure we got home!! LOL

Well, I've checked email, bored you with our trip, so now, I'll leave you with something I thought was funny, and get back to unpacking!! OH, Abbey's still asleep!! LOL She woke up regular time, but she's been asleep for a few hours for naptime!! LOL

Subject: Urgent ?

I usually don't pass along these "add your name" lists that appear in my email, but this one is too important. This one has been circulating for
3 months. Please, keep it going!
To show your support for Hillary and encourage her on her run for President of the United States in 2008, please scroll down and add your name to the rapidly growing list below and send it on to your entire e-mail list.
1. Bill
2. Chelsea
3. Monica

Friday, May 18, 2007

Okay, I love old movies...I just love them. Most of them, anyways. I'm not into old war movies, but I will occasionally watch an old Western. But my favorite, I have to announce here to the world, are the old sappy ones!! The ones with an incredibly corny love story & the typical "hero" character who knows/does everything, and looking handsome & masculine all at the same time. I'd never seen "It Happened One Night" until today. It was on TCM, and they're saluting Frank Capra (no, he's not an actor, he's acutally a director. A phenomenal director. He's directed some of the most well-known classics (and these are only the ones I know about!!LOL I'm sure there's more) "It's a Wonderful Life," "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "It Happened One Night," and a new one I'd never heard of today is "Here Comes the Groom."). Anyways, "It Happened One Night" stars Clark Gable & Claudette Colbert (Cole-bear, think "French pronunciation"). Now, I'd never seen Clark Gable in anything except "Gone with the Wind," but I have to say I loved him more in "It Happened...". VERY good. Kinda cheesy, but still very good.

Anyways, I had a good time by myself while Abbey took her nap today. I love Fridays...

Tonight they're having a "Carpenter's Kids Retreat" tonight @ church. It's an overnighter for the schoolage kids (not Jr. High & HS...there'll be a "lights out" this isn't a REAL's a sleepover, really...). Anyways, we're not spending the night, but we're going for dinner & playing games & stuff. I think there'll be a craft or something, too. I don't think we're staying all that long...

Tomorrow, I don't know what we've got planned. I know that Steve has his Block Banquet, and Abbey & I aren't going, but I don't know what we'll do. Chelle's inlaws are in town AGAIN this weekend, so she can't really do much with me. I'd like to go to the Flea Market, but I don't really want to go by myself with Abbey...Aarrrgghh!! So, we'll probably just hang around the house tomorrow I guess...that's what it's sounding like, eh? LOL

I'd better go. Abbey's getting antsy to leave for church, and so is Steve...I don't know why unless he's going to disappear & mow the lawn while I'm could happen...but he like to talk with Mr. Ed (he's our youth leader). They work in the same bldg. on base, and go out to lunch with each other a lot. I like Mr. Ed & he's a good Godly influence on my hubby...

Okay, anyways, better go...I really don't know why he's being so antsy...weird...

Love ya'll!! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Okay, so I am totally upset on FlyLady's behalf. She's been getting some funky feedback about all her reminders & testimonials & stuff. You know, they can be overwhelming, but after you realize that you don't have to read each & every one, that Flylady's all about how it fits into your life, you can delete most, read a couple, or delete them all, or read them all...Anyways, I'm just frustrated that there are ladies COMPLAINING about a TOTALLY FREE service & CHAOS control help...again FOR FREE!!

Anyways, I totally love the Flylady, and you have to know, I'm not the world's best housekeeper by any stretch of the imagination, and I've definately gone through a funk lately, and my house is pretty much total CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), but just doing a little bit of her stuff a day is really helping. It's just great knowing that I'm not the only one who is living in CHAOS...Not everyone is BO (born-organized), and I'm DEFINATELY not...okay, in ways I am, but I've definately got an "all or nothing" mentality, and get overwhelmed when it's "nothing." Anyways, visit for more inspiration about getting out of CHAOS!! :)

Okay, moving on...

Steve did NOT win the Idol tickets, and seriously, since Melinda isn't in the final 2, I don't really wanna go, anyways!! I mean, it would've been cool, but my gal Melinda was cheated, ya'll!! LOL I was a little ticked off!! But, thank you all for your votes & support!! It was exciting!!

Of course, I didn't have time to vote on Tues. night, so I really can't complain. I know there's a lot of Jordin lovers out there, but there's something about her I'm just not diggin'. I think it's the McFee feeling of last year...What's his name, Beat Box Boy...oh, yeah, Blake, I had a brain freeze...he's alright, but he's not my favorite, either. I think my Dad wants him to win, though. We'll see...

Oh, and what did you think of Elliot Yamin?!?! I'm not sure I like the hair...But his teeth look great!! :) I just love hearing that dude sing!! :) (LOL @ 'dude').

Tonight was PT practice, and it went well. Steve sang!! I don't know that he'll get up there on Sunday or not, but it was pretty neat that he came tonight.

Besides our fearless leader Jeff, it was just me, and then Steve later, there for practice tonight (oh, and our bass player, drummer, & "sound guy" (using that description loosely!! LOL)). But it was kinda fun just to sing harmony wherever I wanted, as kinda like a back up singer to was fun. I have no idea if there'll be more singers on Sunday, and like I said, I don't know that Steve will sing up there Sunday because we keep Abbey in the sanctuary until sermon time.

So, it was a good time tonight...Oh, and I found out that our PraiseFest is gonna be a little different this year. It's gonna be on Sunday instead of Saturday, and we'll just have church outside first, and then eat lunch, and then have more music with guest PT's & groups & such. Now, in the churches I grew up in, that's called a Homecoming service!! LOL But, there aren't a whole lot of hillbillies at this church, so there ya go.

I'd better go. It's past Abbey's bedtime, and Steve putting her down is not sounding promising.

Love you all!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!! I realize that 2 posts within one week will probably shock some of you, but I have a few minutes, and thought I'd come here :)

So, Jodi mentioned that I didn't blog about the Fox45 "Sing for your Seats" contest that Steve is currently participating in!! And, I had a real "DUH" moment!! LOL I did totally forget about mentioning that...and I didn't mention my birthday, was May 6th, so a little over a week was VERY nice :) I got lots of birthday money!! :) So, look out!! :) LOL Or Hobby Lobby...I'll have to do some comparison shopping so as not to waste any of my birthday money!! LOL

Although, I'm kinda waiting until we hear about this whole Sing for Your Seats thing!! LOL I might need some shopping money in Hollywood!! :) LOL They will announce the winner tomorrow morning on Fox45 during the news...

I don't think the "results" are very true. Either that, or we're underestimating how many other voters there are...All the percentages don't add up to 100 either, so that's what's leading us to believe those are "you'd better vote more" numbers!! LOL Although, that'll stink for the gal that's showing to be in the lead for so long...To think you're winning because of those #'s, and then to not would be a big let down...

So, enough about that...I will share with you tomorrow whether we win or not!! LOL

Oh, something funny, though. This morning they showed all the karaokers on the morning news!! LOL Steve about died!!!!! Bless his heart, I think he turned 12 shades of pink!! LOL

I can't believe I don't really have a big honken commitment at church right now!! LOL Right after the first luncheon we did, we scheduled the Mother/Daughter thing, so I always had something looming over my head, ya know? Well, we probably won't have anything like that until the fall, and maybe not even that, because we'll have our Women's Retreat in Sept. or Oct. or something like that... But I am involved with what extent, I really don't know right now, but we're having a meeting pretty soon. I think the other gal in charge of this thing is kinda like me where I like to know what's expected of me way in advance. We'll be having a meeting along those lines pretty soon...

Oh, we will be having other stuff going on for the ladies in between there, though. In June we're having another of those Chick Flick nights!! Ya'll, that was so much fun, and went over SO well!! :) It was just a great time, and there was MAINLY great feedback!! :) And, in July or August one, I'd like to set up a Ladies' Excursion to Jeffersonville Outlet. I LOVE Jeffersonville outlet, and don't get to go very often. I thought it'd be fun to caravan up there & spend the day shopping together & stuff. No stiff itinerary or anything, but have meeting times & places set up throughout the day to touch base with everyone...

There are lots of ideas runnin' around in this crazy head of mine!! LOL That would be fun to do closer to Christmas, too...sorry, thinking as I type...

Can you tell one of my passions right now is Women's Ministry? I've really had a burden for that, and things have just kinda fallen into place. Again, if there's something in your life that you've been hem-hawing about doing because you're afraid of the outcome...just do it!! :) Obedience is awesome!! And, what a way of outwardly expressing our faith!! :) I heard a cool quote from David Crowder (now, he's not one of my favorite singers, but all his lyrics have always spoken to me, ya know?) Anyways, he said he's not really afraid to take risks...He says God is SO much bigger than our mistakes...there's nothing too big for Him to handle!! :) I'd never thought of it that way. We mess up all the time, and looking back over my life, there's nothing that He's used against me. His plans are to prosper us, not to harm us...And, when we mess up, DaddyGod is always bigger than our mistakes...There's nothing He can't handle...

Now, I'm not talking about going out & doing street drugs & praying for the best to happen. I'm pretty sure regular readers of this blog would understand that, but if you're new, there are "calculated risks," and that's what I'm talking about. But, if you find yourself in the pit, Jesus can reach down & pull you out, dude. But, you're gonna have to put out your hand, too.

Alright, that's all I've got for today, chicas. I'm in a really wierd word mood right now, can ya tell? How many times do I really use the word "dude"? LOL I would never use it in my "speaking" voice, as Jodi talked about on her blog!! LOL There are words I just reserve for my "written" voice!! LOL

Seriously, better go...I really want to grill out hamburgers tonight...YUM-O!! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hey!! Long time, no see, eh?!?! LOL

I don't really have time for a full recap, so I thought a little pictoral post of the past month or so would be fun to catch you all up :)

Okay, so this was actually the beginning of March...but aren't they cute?!?! They have the same outfit on!! LOL And, both in pigtails!! :) SO CUTE!! :)

They are the Isaacs, and they tour with the Gaither Homecoming concerts...THEY ARE AWESOME!! If you're ever in the mood for some good/different bluegrass, they're VERY cutting edge. I really love them. They're not nasally bluegrass, either, if you know what I mean. Their music is AWESOME, too. We also have ties to them...Grandpa used to play bluegrass with Joe Isaacs, and after Joe got saved, he would invite Grandpa to come and hear his family...I thank the Lord for bringing people into my family's lives to help witness in ways that I'm not able to...sometimes we're just too close to the situation, ya know? Sorry for the deep thought on a pictoral post!! LOL

Katie Lynne turned ONE!! :) This is the cutie at her party gettin' ready to dig into the cake!! :)
Abbey got a bike right before all the cold weather hit before Easter!! She LOVES her "Cinderella" bike!! :)

These are all on Easter!! :) Abbey got to wave a flag & sing with all the other kids at the beginning of the service!! It was so stinkin' sweet!! :) Then, afterwards, we got a ton of pics of the girls both in their dresses...then after lunch, and a quick snooze in the car, we went to Great-Grandma's for an Easter Egg hunt!

****INSTERT IMAGE**** Okay, so I don't really have a picture of me doing anything between Easter & Women of Faith, but let it be known that I was coordinating a Mother's Day thing for church...those pics to follow...

THIS is Women of Faith...that first picture is Dr. Henry Cloud, the co-speaker for the pre-conference (I will not ever miss a pre-conference after this experience!! It was just AWESOME!!) That is a picture of how comfortable we were, too, on Friday morning/afternoon compared to sitting on each other's laps on Friday night & Saturday!! LOL Then, that's Jodi & Jeanna at Cracker Barrell on the way home from the conference...I have to tell you, I had some real breakthroughs...especially Friday morning & afternoon...

The Sunday after WoF we had a Potluck & Praise Sunday night...and we had a cook out!! It was very good, and Pastor Paul really spoke to my heart, and it was just an extension of the great speaking & talks I'd heard all weekend...a very "real" ending, if you know what I mean...After conferences, I always experience a high for a couple of days...I was definately still on one, and trying to contain myself a bit so I didn't freak anyone out or just chatter about everything that happened over the weekend (which I did, btw...)...Well, Pastor gave an object lesson...He had all the kids pick as many dandylions as they possibly could & hand them out to the adults...then he asked us all what kind of lessons we could take from these little dandylions, as sort of a devotional topic...It was funny he would bring up dandylions, because just that past week, I was looking at them in my yard...we have millions of them!! Well, I would notice that as the sun went down, they would close up...Well, I spoke up & said that they're their fullest when the light hits them...I think my "deepness" shocked Pastor a little bit!! LOL If you don't know me very well, I think I come off as flakey, so whenever I start sharing all these crazy wierd deep thoughts with people, I get a startled, "Wow, you really thought of that?!?!" look on people's faces!! LOL Anyways, it was just a great lesson to bring some extra closure for me.

This was Thursday night after WoF, and before the Mother's Day thing. We went out for ice cream (Abbey had her 1st Banana Split with Mommy!!), and we saw lights for that junky kinda carnival place just down the road...So, we drove by it, and of course, Abbey says, "Can I ride the merry-g0-round, Mommy?!" So, there were only fifteen minutes left until they closed, and there wasn't anyone there, so we bought her enough tickets to ride 2 rides. She rode the merry-g0-round twice!! LOL She LOVES merry-go-rounds...

Here's a picture of the Mother/Daughter "Tea," and believe me, we used the word "tea" loosely!! I've never been to a "real" tea, and was in charge of this one...I only drink Iced Tea, and SWEETENED, please!! LOL Luckily, there were only a couple of ladies who actually knew how to do a real tea, and they understood that this was more about fellowship than anything else. I did have a few problems, though. My friend Dawn was having a really sick spell (long story...she's got a lot of health issues that are very uncommon), anyways, she couldn't even come, let alone help me with anything. I did have people to do food, but other than that & our speaker (who was great, btw...she's a former member who is actually a pastor of her own church now...she's a certified lay pastor...I had never even heard of this before she completed her training & such). Anyways, it was really nice to have her come & share with us. She & her husband were one of the first couples who really welcomed Steve & I to COTC, and Doug, her husband, was our first SS teacher there. Oh, he also fixed our central air last year!! LOL :) Just great to see her & have her there!! :)

Now, there's trouble x2!! LOL Right after the Mother/Daughter thing, we headed to Wilmington to Brenden's 6th Birthday party!! I cannot believe those boys are turning 6 already!! Time flies...We had a great time there, and it was nice to be at a party I wasn't in charge of!! LOL Abbey had a blast & didn't want to leave!! Of course!! :) Oh, funny thing...after we left the party, we went to McD's...we just felt like we hadn't really eaten all day, so we got dinner (nothing against Darrel & Mandie's food!! LOL It was definately NOT their fault!! LOL We just felt like we nibbled all day...) Anyways, Abbey really hadn't eaten anything but fruit & cake all day, so she had nuggets & apples at McD's...She had 3 apples left, and Steve asked her how many were there, and she counted them...well, then he asks her, "How many's left?" Without even LOOKING at the other apples, she says, "Two." Like, DUH!! LOL Both our jaws dropped to the ground & I said, "That's it, I can't teach her math!! She's already at my level!!" LOL It was just so funny!!

This was just yesterday!! YAY!! Now you're all caught up!! LOL Mom, Chelle & I went to Kohl's for makeovers (for a Mother's Day treat), and afterwards, Mom took us to Red Lobster for linner (not quite lunch, not quite dinner...) Anyways, we had fun!! :)

This is what's living in our attic...Steve found it in our shed today. It's just a baby, and we think it fell down & might be injured. It's cute in a pathetic sort of way, but if it weren't injured, I would NOT think it was cute. It didn't try to run away from us, and it moved really slow, seeming to favor it's little back leg. We have no idea how to get rid of them, and if there's more up there...***just got a shiver*** Besides calling an exterminator and paying at LEAST $150, we don't know what to do...and trust me, we really don't want to waste $150, ya know?!?!

And, ssssssssshhhhhhhh, don't tell them, but this is what I made for Mom, Chelle, and my Aunt Ollie for Mother's Day. That's a recipe, in my Granny's handwriting, for her carrot cake & cream cheese icing. That's also a small picture of her. I made 3 different versions!! The official name for this is "altered clipboard." If you google that, you'll see so many cool ideas!! Think paint can & cigar boxes. I don't know which of the 3 I like best. The one in the middle was the 1st one I made, and then the white daisy one, then the block one. I'm really happy with how they turned out. Although, I owe a lot to the rub ons I got today. Those are one of my FAVORITE things!! :)

Well, I'd better go...I hope you've had an enjoyable time catching up with me!! :) I didn't mean for it to take so long, but you know how it goes...I haven't had time!! :) Hence, the pictures!! LOL

Talk to ya'll later!! :)