Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sister!! (DaisyGeorge!! :) ) I can't believe you're so old!! LOL :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone :)
WOW, it's been a couple weeks, eh? Or, maybe it just feels like a couple of weeks, I guess it's not quite been 2 weeks...

Anyways, just been busy...doing this, going there, feeling crappy... I took that Provera stuff, and it stopped things...saw Dr. H last Tues. & she did a pelvic exam (yipee), and said that she wasn't 100% sure what it was, but she *thinks* she knows what's going on, but would talk to me more about it after I got some bloodwork done. SO, since it was a fasting one, I went on Wed. morning to get that done, then, came home & after Princess's nap, met Mom & Daisy to get our eyebrows done. That's when I found out that Daisy had had a pretty bad car accident on her way to work that late morning (about the same time I got my bloodwork done, so I wasn't home when Mom tried to call me). Daisy's OK...VERY sore, but ok. Her knees are BADLY bruised, and she's got bruises from her seatbelt, and she said her hips are bruised, too, but other than that, she's fine. Her car is totalled, though, so they're in the market for another one.

Anyways, oh, I didn't mention, on Tuesday, when I saw Dr. H TOM started, too, so double that yipee up there. It's been weird like last time, but I can tell it's almost over **keeping fingers crossed** Oh, and Dr. H also asked if King & I were still trying to get pg again, and I said, "Well, uh, not really right now..." And she says, "But you're not trying to prevent it, either, right?" And I say, "Yeah." So, she said that at my next apt. (this coming will be a "fun" one, too...) we'll go over my blood work, and talk about getting me "regular" again to leave the window open for another pg. SO, that's what's going on in that department.

I've had a hard time thinking about getting pg again this time. I don't know why, maybe it's just hormones, or fear amplified because there's always "that chance." It's been weird to think that if I got pg again, it would be my 4th pregnancy. I don't know why that's such a big deal to me, but it keeps going over & over in my head...I just have to mull it over & keep praying about it. I do pray about it all the time. My prayers have changed from "I don't know what I want, Lord," to "Whatever YOU want, Lord," though, so that's a step in the right direction, huh? :)

Didn't mean to get all heavy on you guys!! LOL I'm gone for 2 weeks, and lay this deep stuff on ya...seems like I should've led up to that, huh? :) LOL

I haven't really had time to get online & check out journals, so I'll make a quick runthrough, but I can't promise's late, even if it is daylight saving time!! :)

Have a great Sunday!! :) Love you guys :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

No, I'm not going's time to start thinking about Christmas!! I've got to make up my Christmas list (shopping), and I'm the "head" of the Christmas play at church this year...YIKES!! I'm pretty excited about it, though. I think we're gonna do a "dinner show" (at least, that's what we're thinking right could totally change between now & then!! LOL), and I'm really not feeling overwhelmed right now :) LOL I'm going to have a "brief" showing of the play after church on Sunday (it's the play my dad wrote, that might make sense to some of you out there), and we have it on tape somewhere (at Mom & Dad's, I think), so we're going to watch that on Sunday to give everyone an idea of what it's supposed to look like. I'm not really looking forward to this, because I'm in it (the lead), and WOW do I look bad in it!! LOL I look like a total dork!! LOL It was towards the end of my "awkward-looking" childhood, though, so at least I don't look as dorky as I could...
Anyways, there's lots to do, lots to think about & plan...I've already got an preview/informational email out to the praise team, at least, since they'll have to start thinking about music NOW, and I really need to pray & prod for our 3 & 1/2 speaking parts. I'm not worried about the nativity cast, it's the "speaking" cast that I'm worried about. Not worried, really, just wanting to fill ASAP!! :) The date for this thing is December 10th!! We did set that tonight, so we've got a date to go with, a deadline/timeline, which is good for me...I need a deadline/timeline to work with :)
So, within the next couple of weeks, I need to get a hold of the script (I think I have a copy somewhere around here), and I need to write up a set list. The only thing I'm semi-worried about right now is construction of the tableau stage. At the church that Dad originally wrote this for, there was a baptistry that was behind the pulpit (think Bethany's, too), that was kinda set into the wall. This made a perfect little stage for the tableaus (pronounce tab-low) with just a big sheet of plywood (with wooden 2x4 braces underneath for support so it wouldn't bow in the middle) that was placed over the tub. Then, we hung curtains from either side of the opening into the baptistry. Well, our church (COTC) isn't constructed like that, and we'll need to actually build a mini stage. I know it can be done, but it's something that's really out of my control. We'll need to think about all sides of it, too. Trust me, we'll have to put a "top" on it, too...At the last church I did this play at, we had the curtains/plywood all ready, but the baptistry was open, not enclosed (like Bethany's), and when the lights went on inside the tableau, there was this AWFUL shadow on the wall above it!! It was a logistic I hadn't thought about...duh...It was my first play, give me a break!! LOL
SO!! There's a lot going on in my head right now :) My brain's just swimming with ideas, with "blue prints" with people to cast in this thing, you name it, my mind's racing with it!! :) I'm looking forward to having a cast set & a set built. At least there won't be any scenery painting or anything like that. Oh, and there's always my Dad to help as a "consultant."
Other than that, there's not a whole lot going on. I need to find that script, that's buggin' me...I'm sure it's around here somewhere...
Tomorrow is lunch at McD's with ladies from church (and our kiddos can run wild at the playplace). That's been a lot of fun, and gives me something to look forward to on Fridays :)
Oh, I wanted to share with you an update on my "female problems." I called the nurse on Monday, and she called back & said she had no idea what was going on with me/cause of it/whatever, and said she'd schedule me an apt. for Friday with the dr. Then, on Tues. morning, she called me back again, and said that Dr. H said to cancel my apt. on Friday & gave me a prescription for Provera (or a generic version of it). I've taken this stuff before, and it just jumpstarted things back to normal. I already FEEL better & can tell it's making a difference just in the way I feel. I'm not nearly as tired & the bleeding has pretty much stopped. I hope it makes things "normal" again. Getting me back on a schedule really helps with TTC (trying to conceive), even though I'd rather lose about 20-30lbs before we get pg again...
Better go... it's getting late, and I'd like to go to bed (even though my mind's racing right now with Christmas stuff)...
Love you guys!! :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hey, everyone!! I just met my newest little cousin!! Little G is SO cute!! :) She's a little I-Man & FAB all wrapped into one!! :) LOL I guess that's a warning!! LOL Here are a few of her pics...Sorry, Jodi, I know she's your neice, but I thought everyone might enjoy these pics...

Isn't she adorable?!?! She was making all those cooing noises that newborns make...all squirmy & pink & adorable...She's a sweetie!! :)
Better's gettin' late & it's time for bed...
Love you guys!! :)

Little G is here!! :) 8lbs. 7oz., 20 1/2 inches long...

Mommy Missy & Baby G are doing fine!! :)

I'm heading to the hospital tonight. I wanted to go yesterday, but it just didn't happen. I can't wait to hold her!! They say she looks a lot like I-Man. Maybe I'll have a pic to post soon, too :)

Better go...I just wanted to let ya'll know (even though you probably do already!! :) )

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Guess what we did today? LOL I LOVE going pumpkin picking :) It was such a beautiful day, too!! We had a good time, and spent more than we anticipated...I got one of those really cool white pumpkins, though, and we got a HUGE pumpkin!! LOL I'll have to share a pic of our new fall harvest display out front...I love it!! :)

Anyways, that's about all we did today. Tomorrow, though, is church, then naps!!, then out to dinner for Grandma's B-day. I guess that AuntChattyCathy & Uncle FunnyHat already took her out when UncleWeird & AuntWeirder were up (totally not planned, is what I heard), so it'll probably just be the PonchoP's tomorrow taking her out. I guess UncleSinger & ShouldBeOurAunt will take her out Monday on her actual Bday...Hope you wanted a play-by-play!! LOL Anyways, we're going to Olive Garden (endless pasta bowels!! YIPEE!!)...That should be fun :)

I just wanted to pop in & share that pic of Princess, so I'd better's getting late, and I still have to browse my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow morning...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gotta love the look on Princess's face!! LOL This is from a hs open house we went to this summer. It was on a Sunday, and Princess had, maybe, a 10-20minute nap...Hence, the "what do you think you're doing with that camera" look on her face :) LOL

Anyways, not a big day here today. Yesterday I got my eyebrows done, and then ate with Mom & Daisy (& Princess & CuteNeice, too) afterwards. Then, I headed back to H. for Awana (oh, yeah, Princess has been going to Awana on Wed.'s now!! She's so stinkin' cute :) Last week she got her "uniform" (it's just a vest) when it was time to go home, and when I showed her she said, "IS THAT MY OUTFIT?!?!" she had her hands clasped together & the biggest grin on her face, and she was so excited about it. Her friend TippyToes has one, and she thought it was neat that they both had one on. I about didn't get it off of her when we got home!! LOL). Anyways, after the drive home, I just was not going to be able to take Princess to Awana, so had King do it. Female problems, again. I got out of the van, came straight into the house & laid down for about 2 hours. It was awful. Thankfully, I feel a TON better today. I feel more like myself, so I'm thinking it's over for this month :) My problem is that I hadn't had a "TOM" since July 4th!! Then, I finally started a couple of days before PraiseFest (I'm sure you really wanted to know that), but it hasn't stopped until, um, well, it still hasn't for sure, but it's been a while. SO, I need to schedule *that* apt. anyway, but now I have this to share with the dr.

Aren't you glad I shared that? It's been frustrating, because for the last 2 1/2 months I've been taking pg test after pg test, and they've all been negative...This happened to me once before, but I had to take a medicine to bring TOM on...but the TOM time was just as long, so maybe it's working itself out...We'll see...

Again, aren't you glad I shared all this with you?!?!

Tonight Princess & I went to Captain D's for supper...FYI, Thursdays are kid's nite, so Princess's meal was only 99cents!! :) SWEET!! Then, we went to Wally World, and spent more than I should've, but got a lot of "filler" groceries, if you know what I mean...bread, pumpkin sugar cookies (the Pillsbury kind), crescent rolls, you get the drift. I got myself a nice little Christmas organizing basket!! It's where I'll keep my cards, stamps, lists, coupons, etc... for Christmastime...and you know it's less than 3 months, now, right? WOOHOO!!

Okay, talk to ya'll later :) Can you believe Baby G will be here in 4 days?!?! YAY!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This was from the summer...All 3 girls are SO much bigger now...That's Princess on the left, then CuteNeice in the rocking chair, and that's MathCousin's little girl, BlueEyes...The first of many meetings, I'm sure :) hehe

Not much going on today. We pretty much just hung out around the house today. I've not been feeling very energetic lately (because of the female problems I may or may not have mentioned before, I don't remember), so we've been laying low. Tonight is $.99 Kid's Meal night at "Zoli's", so guess where we're headed in a little bit?!?! LOL This gal at church has all the kid's night info down!! She can tell you where to take your kids on any given night for a kid's meal deal...she's amazing!! LOL She should start a newsletter :) LOL

So, King has an Elder's mtg. tonight, so after dinner he'll go do that, and I was thinkin of FINALLY hitting Once Upon A's been about a month since I perused their ailes, so it's time to do that again...Princess needs some fall/winter clothes, and I'd like to hit there first. I'd like to see if there are any tricycles there, too. Princess is big enough to actually pedal one and get around by herself on one. I know it's late in the season, but she could still get a few more weeks on it, maybe even a month, and then spring will be here before we know it. I'm wondering if we shouldn't wait until her birthday, though (she'll be 3!! Can you believe it?!?! It's less than 4mos. away!!). Anyways, we went to Meijer's on Sunday night, and she rode that thing all over the store!! LOL Kept her content, and King occupied while I shopped!! LOL Anyways, she did really well on it...

I'm hoping we'll go to the farm this weekend and get some straw & pumpkins, and I'd LOVE a big ol' pot of mums for a little "harvest display." I know, I'm a dork. I'll have to get a pic of my pumpkin turned out really cute :)

Seeing as how I'm just rambling on & on, I'll go so I don't bore you anymore!! LOL :) I'll have to post a link to the CLM website about fall & autumn celebrations. I found one of her devotionals/writings whatever you wanna call it, last year & it brought peace to my soul...I'm always uncomfortable about Halloween & "celebrating" it. I love to dress up & let Princess dress up & stuff, but I steer clear of all the witches & ghosts & stuff & keep with the harvest celebration. Anyways, she puts it a lot more eloquently & perhaps a little more coherant than I would!! LOL :) Here it is... http://

Better go...King should be home any minute!! :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Okay, thank you all for your encouraging words about being a SAHM :) I agree, if you haven't read Jodi's comment to my last post, brain twin, you got it, girl!! :) Thanks!! :)

I absolutely look at staying home with Princess as such a priveledge & honor, really, even though some days I want to pull my hair out!! LOL, I was just really strugglin' with that the other day :) It's not the first time. And, you're right, I would feel even guiltier if I worked & didn't stay home with Princess...just a different kind of guilt.

Have ya'll ever seen the Oprah or Dr. Phil shows that talk about this "thing" where moms who work outside the home & SAHM's were fighting that their way was the only way, and that there must be something wrong with the other side's thinking? The attitude wasn't different on either side of the argument (work vs. SAHM), but they were both adament about there being a right & wrong side. I think that's ludicrous!! That kind of thinking leaves no room for individuality. We are all different, all have different callings on our lives, and mine (at present) is stay home & teach my two 1/2 yo not to eat crayons :) LOL or anything else besides food!! LOL :) Anyways, thank you to all those encouragers :) You really did build me up when I was having a weak/pity party moment.

I've been reading some in this book that's called "Queen of the Castle" and at first glance, it looks like it's a read for SAHM's only, because the word "homemaker" is used A LOT!! LOL BUT!! She (the author) classifies any mother, any woman who lives in a home (lol) a homemaker. That is our God-given job, since Adam & Eve, and we should be proud that the Lord would bless us with such a responsibility. Does that mean that I won't make King take out the trash or do his own laundry every now & then? Absolutely not, (lol, but the control freak I am, I just nagged on him to leave the laundry alone because he put my "air dry" sweater in the dryer!! ARG!!), but anyways, that's what a "woman's touch" is all about. Not just the decorating or the cleaning, but the complete atmoshphere of our homes.

Very neat book, btw :) The author's name is Lynn Bowen-Walker. Lots of humor, lots of seriousness, and even some devotions & prayer time thrown in there. It's done in a week by week, seasonal basis, so it'd be totally okay to wait until January to get it :) LOL

King's taking his finals tonight, so it's just me & Princess here for supper...we're having leftover pizza...I love leftover pizza, re-heated in the oven or toaster oven...almost better than the original night. I don't do the cold-pizza-for-breakfast thing...just lunch or supper reheated. Very good.

I also started a mini pre-school for Princess today. I have one of those big school calendars where you put the date up every day, and the month changes, blah blah blah. I'm surprised at what all she knows already without having these "traditional" times of learning, ya know? She can already identify her name written down (can't write it, but we'll work more on that when she actually turns 3), and she knows the letter A, and the sounds it makes. It's a little different having "circle time" with one kiddo instead of 5 or 6, because they all work off of each other, but I think Princess will like "playing school." I'm such a teacher dork for getting excited about it!! LOL

I'd better go...Oh, before I do, though, could you keep my friend Gina in your prayers? She's a neat lady I met through Dotti's msg. boards, and I still keep up with her blog. Anyways, a little over a week ago, her 20yo son passed away in a freak skateboarding accident. She has 4 or 5 kiddos, but he was the oldest. They had a memorial service this past Saturday, but as we all know, the hardest part of losing is after everything has quieted down & life seems to just go on, whether we are ready for it or not. Just keep her & her family in your prayers. He was a Christian, so she's resting in the assurance of that...

Anyways, I love you guys!! :) Talk to ya next time :)