Monday, February 27, 2006

"Cool, Dude, let's go!" LOL :) She's been saying "Cool, Dude" every time she puts on sunglasses :) LOL I love it!! :)

Let's see...I've been pretty busy, and haven't been feeling very well all at the same time...yesterday I was so sick of this stuff, and I just stayed home from church to sleep some more, since I think that's part of the problem...I hadn't been resting, either...So, that was my Sunday :) It was a very nice lazy one :)

Saturday was Daisy George's baby shower :) It was fun :) I got to see English (who I haven't seen in a LONG time), and TalkyTeacher who just had her baby the beginning of Jan. She didn't bring the baby...because the dr. told her not to take her out of the house for her first 6wks...Now, I know that this is the biggest cold & flu season, but she was also saying that she's got some congestion anyways...Am I the only one who thinks not taking her ANYWHERE is a little extreme? They don't go to the store together because one has to stay home with the baby...I think Abbey went to WalMart the day she got out of the hospital!! LOL :) Okay, not quite, but we did stop at McD's on the way home from the hospital...

Anyways, then again, I was probably a little too loose with the "rules" with Princess...But she didn't get sick within the 1st 6wks, either, and I know she'd been to WalMart more than a few times before she was 6wks old. Anyways...I thought I was moving on...

Oh, and I don't mean to offend anyone with all that talk, either!! LOL I just thought it was funny they hadn't taken her anywhere (to church, even!!), and she's almost 6wks. They don't see Dr. Matt, they see Dr. Kathy, who in my opinion, is a little wacko...

Whew, seriously, I'll move on!! LOL :) Friday Princess & I shopped pretty much all day!! :) It was fun :) We went to Toys R Us, then the Teacher Geek Store, then Babies R Us, then we FINALLY started home, and I decided we needed to stop at Target...Oh, wait, we met King at Wal-Mart to eat supper before he had to go to Block, so we got a couple things there...then we went to this time Princess was saying, "No, Mommy, no Target, Abbey's house!!" Poor thing was ready to go home...but I needed to pick up a few more things from Target...

Then Saturday, again, was Daisy's shower, then after that wrapped up (I really felt sick, but then started feeling a little better after I blew some "stuff" out...sorry if that's tmi), we went to dinner with Daisy's inlaws & my parents :), then came back to Mom&Dad's and sorted through Daisy's baby stuff!! WOW did she get a lot!! :) That girly neice of mine is NOT going to go unclothed!! LOL :)

So, I think that brings us pretty much current...Tonight ladie's meeting has been cancelled because of the funeral for the lady I was telling you about last time...I did bake a cake (not a "bakery" cake, an angelfood pineapple cake...VERY easy recipe, mix the canned pinapple chunks w/ the angel food cake mix (nothing else), and bake it for about can top it with lite cool whip, like I did, and I added fresh cut & splenda sweetened strawberries on top for some color) for the dinner after that, but I didn't go to the service because of Princess, and I didn't go to the viewing yesterday because I was sick.

Well, I think I'll go & see if I can catch up with you journal goddesses (I've been reading a little, but not had time to post myself...)

Talk to ya later :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ugh...I've got it...that sore-throat, stuffed up nose, sinus pressure junk...I've been trying to think positively, but yesterday I pretty much didn't have a voice, so here we are...Gotta love Sudafed,'s helping some...Princess has it, too, and I think she gave it to me, and I'm pretty sure Mom gave it to her...It was inevitable :)

Anyways, I do have a pretty serious prayer request. A lady from church lost her sister last night...Her sister's house (actually duplex) caught on fire, and she didn't make it...I guess she wasn't IN the fire, but maybe she inhaled too much smoke, or her heart failed her because of the stress (she had some health problems, I believe), but whatever the cause, LaLa isn't doing well with it all...I guess she's been saying stuff like, Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead...just wacky stuff...I still think it's the shock, and she's a pretty excitable person anyways...Please keep her & her family in your prayers. LaLa's sister's hubby had just gotten off work, and went in the burning duplex to look for her, and LaLa's sister was outside looking for him...he made it, though, and will be alright...the details are a little fuzzy to me, but you'd have to know this family...LaLa's sister asked what my name was like 5 different times like it was the first time we'd ever met (she went to our church for awhile, but I guess they found a church closer to their home they liked). Anyways, she was a little loopy, and something was just off with her, ya know? I can see how she would've gotten turned around & confused...Anyways, please pray?

So, I'm going to Sam's Club to get a sandwhich ring & a few other things, because they're going to have a houseload of out of town family coming I thought I'd get those muffins from Sam's, too, for breakfast...This is when I wish I had more than enough money so I could just help provide them everything they shouldn't have to worry about right now...

I'm not looking forward, though, to going over there...I don't know if LaLa will be sane by then, and I don't do well with insane, ya know? I just never know what to say...But it's not up to me, is it? Only the Lord can REALLY comfort them right now, and I just pray He uses me, and that I don't start thinking it's ME that has to think of words of wisdom or anything, does that make sense?

Okay, on to happier things...I went to water aerobics last night!! :) Daisy met me there, and it was a lot of fun :) We went to Captain D's afterwards for supper, and got some more great coupons (we're still using the ones we got from Christmastime, too!! LOL) It was very good :) It hit the spot :)

And, again, I'm gonna try & work on the church bulletin board tonight :) Since I can't really sing with all this crud, I'll just do the bulletin board tonight while they practice, and there are other kids there (hopefully) that can play with Princess & keep her out of trouble. Sunday I took down a lot of stuff, and then Monday night, I finished by taking all the old border off & throwing it away (it was AWFUL, and very used)...So, tonight is the start of the "fun stuff" :) I'll put the poster paper up there, and put up my border, and then tonight I'll work on the "category" stuff...I still have to brainstorm, and I'm not sure that what I've got is all that great...I'll take what I've got with me, and see what kind of changes I'll have to make...I might just cut out all the letters since I've got that stuff to do it with...I'm not crazy about the stuff I've printed out of the computer...but I've got other options with that...I promise to take a picture of the final project :) After I get it up the way I like it, changing it shouldn't be such a big ordeal...Plus, I'll probably get some seasonal kits from the Teacher Geek Store :) LOL :) I'm just itching to find a reason to go back!! LOL :)

Okay, I'd better go since I've bored you with the details of bulletin board arrangements...

Hope you all are OK :) and having a great week!! :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

So, here's Papa's Princess :) LOL This is when Dad was putting the cord on our new stove last week :) Have I mentioned I LOVE my new stove? Well, I do!! :)

Not much really going on today...I've got a few things to work on for church, and then I'm taking a nap before our small group tonight. Tonight's PIZZA NITE!! LOL :) One of the couple's can't make it tonight (one's sick, and one wants to go to the closing ceremony for Emmaus), so we decided (me & FunnyMom) that we would order pizza from East of Chicago tonight ;) I'm looking forward to it :) Although, I haven't been weighing myself this week, I'm pretty sure I'm up...I haven't been drinking water as faithfully as I did the week before...

Here's another Princess pic, with her new kitchen...I finally got all those from her Birthday uploaded to the computer, can ya tell? LOL :) She really loves her kitchen, and last night, I put together her Princess high chair (for her babies) & her little "mall" stroller (think those big carseat strollers you use at the mall, with the basket & everything, only Disney Princess style :) LOL She really likes them both, too :) )

Well, I'd better go & get to work so I can take a nappy nap!! :) Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!! :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a night!! Actually, what a Friday & Saturday morning!! LOL Last night after we got home from King's party, I had to make icing for my cakes today...3 batches, with a hand mixer...that might not sound like a lot, but let me tell you!! I will be looking into getting a standing mixer VERY SOON!! I might just get a "cheap" one at Wal-Mart, and start saving up for the King of All Standing Mixers, the Kitchen Aide :) LOL Mom's is AWESOME!! LOL :) And, for icing & stuff like that, WOW, is it REALLY awesome!! LOL :)

So, here are pics of the 2 latest cakes I've made. I had to take them to the church this afternoon, but I did remember to get the digicam out :)

This is the chocolate one...

This is the marble one :)

I had to make a "BIG" one, and a "small" one...I iced them last night, and decorated them this morning before Princess got up (She LOVES the icing!! And begs me for some the whole time...) Anyways, I got it done, and they don't look bad, even if I do say so myself :) LOL I was nervous, because I didn't have a tip I'm used to using (it's probably in Daisy's decorating stuff from our last class together...we were in a hurry & probably just grabbed up what we could...they're pretty inexpensive, so I might just get me a couple new ones :) ) Blah, blah, blah...

Those cakes were for the D Christian Center's open house for the opening of their Infant & Toddler rooms :) I made a marble & a chocolate w/ the same icing as always...I had contemplated using butter flavoring with the chocolate (I thought it might be good, but who knows...)...but I stuck with the same easy to make, easy to use icing :) I'm pretty proud of them :) I know they'll taste good, at least!! LOL And, really, isn't that all that matters? LOL

Anyways...I have to get the house straightened up in time for group tomorrow night :) I think I'll make mini pizzas tonight for King & me :) Princess will probably still be with Mammy & Papa (they're coming to get her after her nap, and that'll be around their dinner time :)) I'll pop over to the gym & work off some of this icing (LOL, I had to taste it, make sure it was OK for strangers!! LOL) Then, we'll probably just hang out here tonight (Isn't that nice?!?! We haven't just hung out in at least a couple weeks!! LOL) Tomorrow's church & small group :)

Okay, well, I'd better go...I might even have time for a nappy nap while Princess naps :)

Talk to ya'll later, and hope you're having a great weekend!! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Okay, so, I just got done reading Jodi's comment on Missy's journal, and I have to agree...those twins were WAY too much drama for me...and that's a nice way of putting it...I have to say, if this weren't all about talent, and about how hard people worked & having the right attitude, that little Cryin' Cowboy (I forget his name, but he's the one who only sang for his turkey LOL)...HE is a winner in my book...He was just so stinkin' sweet & I loved the sincere emotion & attitude he had...Give that boy a couple of years with a *good* voice coach, and he might be able to actually make it :) He's a little goofy, but I can look past that :) LOL BUT, I am SO glad those twins are gone...and that they got nailed for their crime...serves 'em right...And, I think it was Kelley who commented about Simon having the opportunity to get rid of 'em with their "hissy" attitude, and he didn't?!?! I think he's probably a nice guy after all...Actually, maybe too nice!! LOL

Anyways, enough about the drama...I really get into AI this time, now :) We're gettin' to the good stuff :)

So, this has been yet, another crazy week!! LOL :) We've had something EVERY night this week!! LOL :) Monday was ladies' group, Tuesday was Valentines, Wednesday, I had an eyebrow apt., and tonight is FINALLY an unexpected night off...tomorrow we party for King's 30th Birthday :)

Tuesday (Valentine's Day) I went to the gym, and found out I lost 4lbs & 71/2 inches!! Princess fell asleep on the way home & wouldn't wake up to eat lunch, so she just slept through it...When King came home we went to Grub Steak (YUM) & only waited about 40-45minutes, and the service was EXCELLENT!! After that, we were going to go to Mom & Dad's but they had gone out to a movie, so we went to Daisy & BB's to drop off their Valentine's present...we didn't get home until 11 or 11:30!! We left the house around 5p.m. or so :) Yeah...

Then, Wednesday, was pretty relaxed...I didn't go to the gym, and we just kinda hung around here for a little bit until it was time to pick up Daisy to meet Mom & Carrot :) We got our brows done, then went to Fazoli's for dinner (Princess ate a WHOLE thing of kid's fettucini she mine, or what?!?! LOL), then went to Mom & Dad's to watch American Idol...we didn't get home until around 11:30 or so, AGAIN...

Today, Princess slept in until 10:30a.m. and that's after I went in & kinda woke her up...She woke up in a really good mood, though, and we ate breakfast, then she played a little, and then it was time to go to the gym!! :) She did really well (after I left), and had a good time...I had promised her we'd go to McDonald's for lunch, but we were cutting it close on time (we were supposed to get an estimate on our central air stuff, but that got rescheduled), so we came home, she ate a "turkey samich" and then went down for a nap (and is still down, actually...I think she's trying to catch up on sleep, and she's sleeping a lot more soundly since this last antibiotic)...So, tonight was supposed to be PT practice, but that's been cancelled, so I think we'll go to McD's for supper, and head over to Michael's...I need to get a couple of things, because I'm decorating a couple of cakes for this weekend. I think I'm just gonna get my own big cake pan, and a few other things I've been "bumming" off of Mom. I've never really needed a big pan until lately, so I never bought one :) LOL I think that's all about to change!! LOL :)

Well, I'd better go...I'm waiting on my jeans to dry, then as soon as Princess wakes up, we're off again!! LOL :)

Hope you all are having a great week!! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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Just poppin' in real quick to say...
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Monday, February 13, 2006

I get tired of saying this, and I'm sure you're all tired of "hearing" me say it, but I've just been too busy to get online to post lately...I've tried to catch up on reading, but that's not always possible, either...blah, blah, blah...I've been thinking of you all, though :) And, I've DEFINATELY needed to come here to vent, but I just haven't had time...again, blah, blah, blah...

So, let me start out venting!! LOL :) We are doing this small group study in our home on "The Blessed Life" by Robert Morris (I believe I might've mentioned that a couple hundred times already!! LOL) Anyways, last nite (Sunday nite) was the 1st nite of a new group (it only goes for 4wks @ a time, so the first group in our home is over already...time flies!! LOL) So, we've watched this in a group setting 3 times, and all three times with different people, from the same church...last night was the 3rd time someone mentioned this series being shown during church on Sunday morning as the sermon-type a seminar thing...anyways, King had brought this up at the Elder's meeting last Tues. and it was shot down immediately, by 2 people (who shall remain nameless), because it's "different." Now, this is not something that King & I came up with ourselves, and we didn't put this bug in anyone's ears, or anything, we didn't say anything either time about how we, personally, felt about it being shown on a Sunday morning, people are bringing it up all on their 3 differnet groups, 3 different groups of people...I think we're all being spoken to, and there are a couple of people (who are really kinda in charge of the services) nixing it...I have struggled with this all week, trying not to get angry, trying not to think badly about these people, and really examining my own motives/attitude towards this whole thing...Let me just state my main point of debate...There are a lot of people who are there on Sunday mornings who would not (a.) feel comfortable at a small group for whatever reason, or (b.) aren't really involved in anything but showing up on Sunday morning, and aren't willing to step out & go to anything other than Sunday morning (you all probably know what I'm talking about, you've probably got some members like that in your church). Anyways, please pray about this... I've just been really aggravated/frustrated/angry/hurt/disappointed over all of it, and so is should've seen our faces Sunday nite (after the whole Elder mtg. thing last week), when someone brought up this series being shown on Sunday morning!! LOL :) I'm sure it was priceless!! And, we didn't say anything about it being nixed by a couple of the Elders...What bothers me is the way they dismissed it, too, without any further thought or prayer about it...That's been a burden on my heart, too...

Okay, enough church "politics" (or problems...that's pretty much what politics are!! LOL)

But, speaking of church, tonight was our Ladies' Meeting, and Missy came & talked with us!! She did great!! I am so proud of her!! She's such an inspiration, and such a blessing to me!! ((((HUGS)))) & Love ya, Cousin!! :) Thanks, again, for coming & sharing, what I know probably wasn't really easy stuff to share...Thank you!! :)

I lost 3.4lbs this week, too!! It's gotta be the water!! I've been drinking A LOT of it!! And, really, still not as much as I should...But a good week!! :) I made the WW 0pt. Veggie Soup, and it was pretty good :) I think I should've added more spices, and for myself, I might, but on the whole, it was VERY good for 0pts!! :) I'll take it!! PraiseSinger made a pineapple cake that was YUMMY, too :) All it was, was a pkg. of angel food cake mix, 1 can of pinapple, and bake it according to pkg. directions (DON'T ADD ANYTHING, JUST BAKE TIME IS ALL YOU NEED!! :) TRUST ME!! LOL) She topped it with lite coolwhip & fresh, sliced strawberries (tossed with some splenda for sweetness). WOW, was it good!! :). Next week we are having some kind of tofu thing, kinda like chicken parmesean (sp?). I'm bringing some fruit, I think, & I'll put it in waffle cone cups (low fat, and very yummy). It was a good nite :)

I didn't make it to the gym today, I just didn't get as early a start as I should've...I was running around last minute, going to the grocery & cooking that soup (I'll post the recipe at the end, btw), but I've had a good day/weekend :) OH!! Yesterday was Princess's Birthday Party @ McDonald's!! That was the easiest party I've ever put on!! LOL They literally did EVERYTHING...they would've even had a cake if I'd a wanted it...but Mom made Princess one, so we passed...I don't need any more cake hanging around than necessary...But it was fun!! Not everyone got to come, but it was a GREAT place to have a party in the middle of winter, cause the kiddos got to play & run around the PlayPlace...Princess got a LOT of cute stuff & neato toys :) I'll have fun, I mean SHE'LL have fun playing with them!! LOL :)

Okay, I'd better's getting late, and I want to get to bed a little earlier tonight, so I can get up "earlier" (NOT Missy's "earlier" LOL) to get to the gym & get that "over" with :) I get weighed & measured tomorrow...

Good Night, Journal Goddesses :)

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Garden Vegetable Soup
(as per the Getting Started, Week 1 Weight Watcher's Booklet)

2/3 cup sliced carrot

½ cup diced onion

2 garlic gloves, minced

3 cups fat-free broth (beef, vegetable, or chicken)

1 ½ cups diced green cabbage

½ cup green beans

1 tablespoon tomato paste

½ teaspoon dried basil

¼ teaspoon dried oregano

¼ teaspoon salt

½ cup diced zucchini

In a large saucepan sprayed with nonstick cooking spray, sauté the carrot, onion, and garlic over low heat until softened, about 5 minutes
Add broth, cabbage, beans, tomato paste, basil, oregano, and salt; bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer, covered, about 15 minutes or until beans are tender.
Stir in zucchini and heat 3-4 minutes. Serve hot. Makes four one-cup servings.

Per serving: 42 calories; 0 g fat; 2 g fiber

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Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Thursday, February 09, 2006

So, I'm officially married to an adult!! LOL :) Well, in age, anyways :) LOL j/k...King's turned 30 today!! :) He's taking it very well, btw...I was expecting a little drama today, but so far, none!! LOL :) That's a good thing...I can't say if I'll be any better in a couple of years...I can't believe I'm getting up there in the first weird...

Anyways, we got up, Princess got up, too, and we sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and then we ate a very special breakfast of Cheerio's (actually, King had life, and Princess & I had Cheerios...that new yogurt kind...VERY good :) ) Anyways, not that you really wanted to know, but there it is...He let me go to the gym while he & Princess hung out :) I thought that was sweet, and by the time I got home, Princess was asleep...So, we just hung out, and, um, celebrated, and then started to get ready for this evening :) I think he's wanting to pick up the stove tonight from Sears!! YAY!! I would LOVE that!! :) Right now I'm waiting on my jeans to dry, and he & Princess went to run a couple of errands before dinner, so here we are :) Oh, we're going to Joe's Crab Shak, btw :) I LOVE Joe's, and I didn't influence his decision at all!! Honest!! :) He had said Grub Steak since this morning, so I was all geared up to go there, but then he switched it up, and now I'm trying not to salivate over shrimp!! LOL :) And, stuffed mushrooms...YUMMY...

Anyways, I get measured & weighed tomorrow before I workout...I can already tell in my waist & abs that I've lost jeans "fit" better, if you know what I, I'm not rushing out to buy the next size smaller or anything, because they're not falling off quite yet, but I'm VERY happy with this progress :) And, hopefully, at our next Women's meeting I'll contribute to the group's total weight loss for the night...last Monday nite they lost 13+ lbs, and they weren't really "on" a plan, just more concious of what they were eating, I think...So, great progress already!! :) I gained .8lb, BUT, I'm showing I'm down now, and I think I've gained some muscle...So, we'll see tomorrow, and then on Monday nite :)

I've been tanning the last couple of days, too :) I really like that :) I know all the horror stories & all the risks, but it's just something I enjoy, and it's GREAT just laying there taking a little nappy nap :) LOL I've only gone for about 5 min. each time so far, so tomorrow I'll probably bump it up to 7-10...we'll see...

Aren't I just really exciting?!?! LOL :)

Oh, we didn't end up meeting BrownsFan for dinner last night (the gal from High School), she had some stuff going on, so we just decided we'd try again next week :) So, Princess & I decided to go to Fazoli's & then Kohl's & Wal-Mart to find something for King's birthday...I really wish I could've gotten him something really big for his 30th, but we've got an air conditioner to save up for, so I just got him a couple of shirts (which he needed really badly, too). Oh, well, maybe next year ;)

I got another cake order...for the D Christian Center's grand opening/open house of their new Toddler & Infant room. This is a bigger order, but I'll have my own oven to bake with, and my own supplies to work with...I do envy Mom's "Notebook" (she broke all her course books & put the pages in page protectors & put 'em in a 3-ring binder...easy to see where I got the Teacher Geek Gene from!! LOL)...anyways, it's as handy as a pocket on a shirt, but I think I'll be able to muddle through these...she wants a marble cake, and a chocolate cake, so that's something different, too...I've never made those to decorate them with buttercream icing (they call it buttercream, but it should be called Crisco icing!! LOL Unless you use butter crisco or butter flavoring (yuck, it's not good w/ almond...don't ask!!LOL) there's no butter in it!! LOL) Anyways, it'll be something new, and I can make a little extra cash, and that doesn't hurt :) Oh, and I didn't get a chance to take a picture of this last cake, either, I totally forgot about it...

Well, I'd better go...I think this is a really long one, and I could keep chatting about nothing, so I'd better go :) I hope you all are doing well, and are having a great week!! :) Talk to ya later :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Okay, so I'm REALLY behind on posting...I've just not felt like doing anything the last few days, even though I've been pretty busy...I just haven't felt like getting online at all...

Let's see, since I know you're all waiting with bated breath, I'll relay my crazy end of week/weekend/beginning of week rundown :) LOL :)

Thursday was Princess's 2nd Birthday (I think I already posted that), and we weren't able to get the big gift at Toys R Us on Thursday, so that was my game plan for Friday...She had a 2yr checkup, and it went great!! It was the 1st one King's missed, he was so disappointed...Dr. Matt said that her speech is like a 3-yr old!! Not just her speech, but her language skills, because she kept referring to herself as "I" (like, "I want the toy" not "Me want the toy"). He kept talking to her, and she was just so excited to visit with him, and was really still when he listened to her heart, and checked her out. He said he was very impressed with her...Of course, that made me beam with pride!! LOL :) I was starting to think I was one of "those" parents from Dr. Phil who thought she was a REAL genius, not just parental pride, ya know? It was neat to hear it from Dr. Matt :)

Then, we went to the Teacher Store by the Dmall!! :) WOW!! Teacher Geek Heaven, is all I've gotta say!! LOL :) I had a blast in there, and Princess was pretty good...a little antsy, but good...I FINALLY got stuff for the bulletin board at church (be quiet, I know it's taken forever, but we haven't really had the money until now...I got stuff for the spring, too :) Aren't you proud?!?! LOL) I'm going to fix it up tomorrow while King's home with Abbey :) Anyways, after the Heavenly Teacher Geek Store, we went to Toys R Us down there, and they DID have the kitchen we wanted, it was the last one!! So, I got that, and a Strawberry Shortcake doll (which I have to take back, because she's not very cute...they're changing her look again, or something...). Anyways, she's going then, after all that, I took the kitchen home (Princess was asleep in the backseat), I put it in the house, then we left again, and ate at Frisch's, then went to see King at Blockhead, and then went to my parent's house for a little bit. King came over after work, and we hung out, and then left & came home...a day that became VERY LONG, but fun, and productive, too :)

Saturday, I had to get the house ready for our small group catch up (we watched the last 2 sessions), and then Princess & I just kinda hung out after they left...We ordered a pizza, though, one of those new ones from Pizza Hut (where you "pluck" off the ends of the pizza, and there's like a little stuffed crust mini there...just get a stuffed crust's the same thing)...

Sunday, was, of course, church...and I forgot I had I got clean up duty!! LOL :) It wasn't that bad...they had plenty of food, and there wasn't really much to clean up...then, we came home, Princess took a nap, and I piddled around (I watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" VERY good :) )...then we went to Mom & Dad's to ignore the Superbowl LOL :) I had to bake a cake while I was there for a lady at church...I told you, since that one cake I baked for that girl's birthday party a few weeks ago, I knew I'd be asked again...So, I baked it Sunday....

And then went back over to their house to ice it on Monday...I think that it turned out alright, but I was late for Women's Group!! Argh!! I really do hate being late, but it couldn't be avoided...I had to wait on Princess to wake up from her nap to leave for Mom & Dad's, then I had to watch her & decorate a cake at the same time...Let me tell you, NOT easy...she's discovered climbing, and scooting chairs to climb up on the countertop, or check out what's on the stovetop...FUN...So, I finally got that iced, and Princess had to eat, and I thought I still had a half hour while I was fixing the cake, and, uh, no, it was 6:45...So, I rushed through cleanup and got on my way around 7 (it starts at 7) Those ladies were really nice about it, though...I'm so aggravated, because I have to pretty much everything on my own, at all times...King's just so busy, and isn't here...but tax season is almost 1/2 over...Thank the Lord!! :)

So, Tuesday morning, GirlyPastor came & picked up the cake, and gave me more than I asked for, and was on her way, and Princess & I just hung out until it was her naptime...Then it was off to get my hair cut, and help BB & Daisy with their baby registry...It was a lot of fun :)

That pretty much brings us current!! LOL :) I was FINALLY able to go to the gym today, and tonight I'm meeting a gal from High School for dinner (with Princess)...Then it's off to find a gift for King...He's the BIG 3-0 tomorrow!! :)

Well, I'd better go...I need to shower, cause I didn't at the gym...Talk to ya later, and I'll try to catch up the last couple days (I've been "lurking" some, so I don't think I'm too far behind...) Anyways, God Bless You!! :)

Friday, February 03, 2006

I cannot believe that my Baby Princess is TWO!! Where did the last two years go?!!? She's 2 going on 16, btw...she's already got the 'tude going on...

When I went in to get her this morning, I immediately began singing "Happy Birthday" and she LOVED hearing her name in that song!! LOL She flopped back down on her mattress and said, "Happy Birthday, Mommy!!" LOL I laughed & told her it was HER Birthday...she was just so stinkin' cute today :) Well...mostly :) I think that "Terrible Two" switch turned on today, too...she threw an AWFUL fit when I wouldn't let her "play" in the spare bedroom...she started scream crying & flailing all about, and going limp when I tried to pick her up...she's never done it that severely before...where's that book on The Strongwilled Child?!?!? I think we'll need it ;)

We went to Wal-Mart & picked a few things up, then headed out to Toys R Us, which didn't have what we wanted!! Grrrr!! We'll have to go to the one by the Dmall...blah, blah, blah...Oh, well, she's still getting a play kitchen, but I wanted to give it to her today...I did end up getting her a Strawberry Shortcake doll, and a CUTE SS skirt outfit (from Walmart), and some cute SS jammies :) Can you tell there was a theme there?!?! LOL :) Aunt Daisy got her a Princess bean bag chair (she LOVED that, too :) ) and Mammy gave her a JoJo magical playhouse set, and a set with all the characters!! This thing is so cute, and she loved talking to JoJo & having JoJo talk to Skeebo...and Gali-on (that's what she calls him...isn't that cute?!?! It's JoJo's lion named Goliath LOL for those of you not familiar with JoJo's Circus!! LOL I forget not everyone watches Playhouse Disney!! LOL) Anyways, it was a big hit!! All of her toys were, and she even loved the little skirt I got her!! I couldn't resist & put it on her, and she kept twirling & dancing, and kicking up her heals!! LOL SO cute, and such a Princess :) Oh, we went to Tumbleweed for dinner :) That's where everyone else ate the night after I gave birth, and I got a COLD Texas Tater!! Whatever!! LOL :) Everyone left me at the hospital to go to, there I sat, all alone for supper with a HOSPITAL meal, and everyone else is feasting at Tumbleweed!! LOL I'm not bitter, though :)

Well, I'd better go...I just wanted to share a little bit of Princess's 2nd Birthday (the actual day, not her party day :) ). I've been so busy, I haven't really been able to completely catch up on journals, but I will tomorrow!! :) Hope you're all having a great week!! :)

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