Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just sitting here, browsing the web, and I remember that Mom said our cabin we're staying in (with BB's parents, too) is owned by the same people who own Lid'l Dolly's in Pigeon Forge, and that there's a link, I can look at our cabin from I googled, and found Lid'l Dolly's!! WOW!! I'm SO EXCITED for vacation!! Here's a link to the cabin we're staying in!! The Rodeo Cabin

I've got to do a few other things online & offline, too. I'm starting a little newsletter-type thing for my Sunday School class & all the kiddos who could be in my Sunday School class, but don't for whatever reason. I'm really excited to get my class numbers up, and to get them into a really neat routine & stuff. It's the teacher geek gene in me, I guess. I went to the Teacher Store today...MAN, I could've REALLY gone wild in there, let me tell you...It's time to change the church bulletin board, and I got a few new things for that, and my Sunday School room. I want it to look like a Sunday school room, not just a storage/daycare nap/junk room. What would be REALLY cool, is if they got those little storage sheds (the plastic kind) that could just sit in the sanctuary for all times (in the back) to store all the daycare's "big room" junk. That would be AWESOME!! A splurge for our church, but it would be SO nice!! I'd love to make the place where they keep their cots a kind of big fake cabinet, too. (Only, it would be a frame, kinda thingy, and we could just hang curtains/material to cover it. Trust me, I see it in my head. It wouldn't be that expensive, really. Just the cost of wood, and we have a ton of "crafty" men in the church who could "whip" it together in a jiffy.) But, I digress...

Actually, this whole journal entree has been a big digression, huh? LOL

So, anyways, we went to the teacher store today, or as I like to refer to it, heaven :) LOL It was really neat, I got a lot of stuff for my Sunday School room (which, btw, doesn't even have a bulletin board...just a mini one). Anyways, I got a few things laminated, too, so they'll last longer. I got a lesson book all about the fruit of the spirit (totally a God thing!! I've wanted to find something online about it, and here it is in my face on my way to the restroom, "Fruit of the Spirit" 9 weeks of lessons, grades 1-3!!) I was even thinking about finding skits, and finding stories, yada yada, and it's ALL included!! It's everything I had thought about doing in one nifty little book!!

So, a little poorer later, we left the teacher store & came back home. I found out that praise team practice is cancelled tonight (actually a load off my mind, because I really wasn't looking forward to "going out" again tonight, and King has a class on Thursdays, now, which means that Princess comes with me...last time she was good, but this time could've been TOTALLY different...).

Mom & Dad should be home from their mini-vacation tonight (they take so many mini vacations!! LOL). We'll probably go over & see 'em tomorrow night. At least, that's what I'm thinking :) LOL

Well, I'd better go. I've run out of things to yack about :) LOL Believe it or not!! hehe

Talk to ya'll later


Kelley said...

Oh my! What a beautiful cabin!!!! Can I sneak in there with you!?!??! WOW!!!!!

I love the teacher store. Luckily, I know where one is and I didn't like it very much. The best one is this tiny store in TN. Wonderful prices and just has everything. Makes me want to go!!!

So, if praise team practice is scheduled, what do ya'll do on Sundays? I've always wondered and never thought to ask!

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

2 days in a row for you! I'm so proud! :)

That cabin is gorgeous! I want that big tub!

Glad you found some good things at the teacher store. Hopefully they'll let you get some things for more organization at church.

Yeah, I was wondering that too, Kelley. Do you all reschedule it or just wing it on Sundays?

Mandalynn said...

We usually just wing it on Sundays. Sometimes we'll sacrifice our Sunday School time to practice a little before service, and we always meet in the "Choir Room" (a Sunday School room, but we get it after they're done) before service to QUICKLY run-thru songs & pray with Pastor before service. We don't have a really big praise team (most Sunday's) and especially on weeks where we don't have practice on Thurs. for whatever reason, WorshipMinister picks out our favorite songs to do (and some we don't, but we are very familiar with). We do hymns, too, just more upbeat & stuff...

We were talking about this once at PT practice, and we are surprised at how quickly our PT picks things up. There have been many weeks where we "learn" a song (usually one we've all heard off of K-Love) on Thursday nite & sing it Sunday. For people who really like to practice, I guess it's no fun, but I LOVE it...that's how I grew up singing with Daisy & my Dad. We practiced, sure, but there were lots of times where we were going over a song on the way to church in the car!! LOL :)

Well, I'd better all got a mini-journal in my comments!! LOL :)

Jodi said...

It doesn't suprise me a bit that someone in my family likes to wing it!!! lol...doesn't that describe a lot of the things we do??!!!!

Most of the time it makes for the most fun!!

your word verification hates me! lol

Missy said...

LOVE the cabin! Reminds me of the time we all went down together! I hate that we are going to miss out on that from now on....but that is why we couldn't do that when we were kids....a little thing called SCHOOL! :) I hope y'all have a great time!

You, wing it? NAH!!! :)

Love ya!

girlie_mom said...

Cute cabin. Vacation sounds soo nice. Have a blast!!!

Love the teacher store, but for music teachers a catalogue is way better!!! The stores NEVER have enough good stuff for us. I do have a GREAT cat. though.

I love it when you write about SS class. You get soo excited.

Got any recent pics of Princess?? Blows me away how much she looks like your family!!

Have a great week!