Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a flyby post for me right now...I may be back later...

So, we've just started with big girl underwear (pull-ups only at naptime & nighttime), and so far, she's had only a few accidents, and they've all (except for one) have been somewhere out...Monday it was one at Target (in the bathroom...RIGHT after I had sat her on the potty...TWICE...You can imagine my frustration!!) and then again at McDonald's...again, RIGHT after we got back to our table from sitting on the potty TWICE!! I was NOT a happy Mommy...That was just blatant rebellion to me, no matter what all the parenting books say!! LOL I KNOW she knows when she needs to go potty...She'll even GO potty when she needs to (on the pot), and since she's peeing RIGHT after I sit her on the potty, I know it's just a "You can't make me" attitude!! ARGH!!!!! It's SO frustrating...Oh, and don't tell me maybe it's something with public restrooms, because she's gone in them before, no problem...She's rebelling in a lot of different areas lately, too. The ECE major in me can tell it's just the developmental stage she's in...lot's of changes, not quite a baby, not quite a big girl thing. But the Mom in me wants to PULL MY HAIR OUT!! So, please pray for me...I'm not into the bald thing...LOL

My backgrounds & "decorations" are me paying homage to my Teacher Friends!! :) I LOVE back to school sales!! LOL I don't usually buy a whole lot, but it's fun to take a walk down memory lane...And, did you know that Staples has Crayola Crayons, 24ct., for $.15!! FIFTEEN CENTS, PEOPLE!! Those are Little House on the Prairie Prices!! LOL I live right by one...I hope they're not's a good time to stock up on them at that price...There's a limit, though, of like, 5 or something. I'll go back & get some more for White Cross (they're always needing crayons.)

Well, I told you this would be a drive by...SweetiePie's asleep (oh, yeah, I'm watching her today :) Mom & Dad went on a little driving vacation), and Lord only knows what Princess has gotten into while I've been in here. I told her I needed 5minutes, go watch Sesame Street!! LOL Five minutes is almost up!! LOL

Here's a cute pic to leave you with, though :) This is one that one of King's uncle's took back in May when we went to PA. What a stinker!! LOL You can just see the wrotten-ness in her eyes!! LOL That's my baby, though, no matter how big of a stinker she is :) LOL

Talk to ya'll later :)


Kelley said...

She's a cute little stinker!!!

I hate the potty training thing too. I wish God would send instructions at this time...for what works for each child. Pita Pocket did horrible yesterday, but pretty good the day before. You'll get lots of advice....but not from me....I'm at a loss too!!!

Good luck!

Lots of Love!

Jodi said...

so I'm thinking the outhouses at family reunion are not going to go over very well with if it is a public restroom her does sound a little like rebellion but I'm sure it is only temporary...

I love your back to school always inspire me to want to change my theme too! lol

I told sister that your comment in my journal reminded me that we will be seeing MANDISSA oh man I'm excited...I'll try and remember every little detail for ya...maybe sister and I will put on a show for ya!! lol

see you soon! It seems like forever since we had some good cousin time!!

Sara said...

I'm telling you that reading about everyone's potty training woes doesn't make me look forward to Piglet's days ahead! I hope you can get her trained soon!

I'm with Kelley....she may be a stinker, but she's a cute one! :)