Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's that time of year again!! :) Have you started your shopping? Most of the people on my list are getting homemade presents this year because money's a little tight. Same old story. Every year it's the same. Daisy & I were talking about this the other day...why is it that you get everything in order & are "comfortable" in March?!?! LOL j/k We've been SO blessed this year, and I love that I have the choice to stay home with Princess, it just makes things a little tighter financially. I've been looking into a home-based business...again(...Josy, I used to do Mary Kay, too!! :) And, Sara, I was an Avon lady after that...) Anyways, this new business is NOT in the makeup industry, it's a lot different than both of those companies, but I'll let you know more about it when I'm actually a consultant.

I didn't make it to those craft shows this year, either. We heard from a "scout" that they weren't all that great, and to not waste your money on admission!! LOL So, the only place I went shopping yesterday was Hobby Lobby, and that was at 7p.m. or so. I only spent $10 (I could've spent WAY WAY more, but just couldn't), but what I got is productive & practical to what I'll be doing/making for Christmas this year. I'm contemplating making soap, too, this year. They have the cutest little things at Hobby Lobby & when I read the back of the glycerin soap stuff, it said you could melt it in the microwave!! And, the molds & scents aren't that expensive, either, so I'm really thinking it would be impressive, yet practical. SO...

I'd better go. Princess has been a PILL this week. She's been sick, and she's REALLY trying us, and disobeying us. SO, that makes for a fun holiday season, huh? She really is fun to have around & stuff, and is SO excited when she sees Christmas lights on houses. Last night I noticed a lot of people already had their lights up in our neighborhood, so maybe for some peace & quiet we'll go for a little drive... In my head, I know that she's acting out because she's EXHAUSTED (because of her coughing & stuffy nose she doesn't sleep really well), and you can totally see it in her eyes. She's been unbearabley (sp?) whiney, too, and that's really what's driving us (me) crazy.

Gotta love 2 year olds...

SO, I'll leave you with another little blinkie :) I just love those things :)

**Nevermind, the stupid thing's not showing up...I tried**


Missy said...

Umm....Yeah...I SOOOOO love being around 2 year olds! FABulous hasn't been so FABulous lately!!! Oh well! This too shall pass...right?!?!?!?!

I know what you mean about money being tight. It is the pits and it is a horrible feeling when you can't get everyone the fabulous gifts you want to get them! But in my opinion, homemade gifts are the BOMB! I am just not crafty enough to make much! I made everyone scarves last I can't do that again....and that is about all I can make! So....don't feel like homemade gifts are second fiddle...they are actually the greatest gifts of all!

Yeah...I am looking forward to our weekly meeting! I SOOOO wish I/we would've thought of this sooner on my maternity leave!!!!

Love ya!!!!

Kelley said...

I agree with Mac-N-Cheese. I love homemade gifts. Last year I made scarves too, so that is out for this I just don't have the time to make it....maybe if I start in January for next Christmas....but I always say that.

Sorry that Princess is being rather difficult. They are like that when they are sick and it drives me crazy.

Have fun making soap. I saw something like that at Hobby Lobby too. I was thinking about doing that with the gifts we got. I LOVE stuff like that!

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The soap is a great idea! I'm not very crafty either, but I may have to go check that out. I have a microwave and I can melt stuff, so maybe I can do it! :)

I think Piglet's sick too. She was very whiny all day yesterday for her birthday party. I think hers is a stomach bug, though. Maybe there's just something going around. I hope Princess gets better soon! Love ya!