Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pennsylvania in the Fall

We are visiting Steve's family this weekend, and WOW, I wish I could stay & watch the trees change into their full's already promising to be a beautiful fall up here. I LOVE AUTUMN!! :) And, this cooler weather is awesome, too :)

We're missing the Apple Butter Festival, though. That's mine & Steve's Autumn tradition. It's a VERY small festival, so you get the festival feel without the masses of people (like @ the Potato, Sauerkraut, and Strawberry Festivals!! LOL)

I've had plenty of time to do more lesson plans today :) Grandparents & Aunts are awesome :) Nice chunks of uninterrupted time during the day when I'm still awake & not ready to just flop into bed exhausted!! HA!! :) It's been really nice.

Tonight we get to have dinner with Aunt Marge & Uncle John. Steve & his Dad went to the shooting range (boys & their testosterone...whatever). Tomorrow we'll see the Barlett side of the family :) Probably in intervals :).

Monday we'll head home, and spend a few days learning up a storm!! Then, Friday I'm off to a Women's Retreat in Hillsboro, OH hosted by Mamie Johnson Ministries :)... Then, HOPEFULLY, things will kinda quiet down some...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I love this time of year, though. There's so much to contemplate about God in the natural changing landscapes He's provided for us to watch with wonder... He is really Good, you know :)

OK, better go. I think there's a line forming for the computer, and even as much lesson planning as I've gotten done, I still need to iron a few more things out.

SO, Happy Autumn & I'll see you next time...Hopefully with pictures!! :)