Monday, October 02, 2006

Okay, thank you all for your encouraging words about being a SAHM :) I agree, if you haven't read Jodi's comment to my last post, brain twin, you got it, girl!! :) Thanks!! :)

I absolutely look at staying home with Princess as such a priveledge & honor, really, even though some days I want to pull my hair out!! LOL, I was just really strugglin' with that the other day :) It's not the first time. And, you're right, I would feel even guiltier if I worked & didn't stay home with Princess...just a different kind of guilt.

Have ya'll ever seen the Oprah or Dr. Phil shows that talk about this "thing" where moms who work outside the home & SAHM's were fighting that their way was the only way, and that there must be something wrong with the other side's thinking? The attitude wasn't different on either side of the argument (work vs. SAHM), but they were both adament about there being a right & wrong side. I think that's ludicrous!! That kind of thinking leaves no room for individuality. We are all different, all have different callings on our lives, and mine (at present) is stay home & teach my two 1/2 yo not to eat crayons :) LOL or anything else besides food!! LOL :) Anyways, thank you to all those encouragers :) You really did build me up when I was having a weak/pity party moment.

I've been reading some in this book that's called "Queen of the Castle" and at first glance, it looks like it's a read for SAHM's only, because the word "homemaker" is used A LOT!! LOL BUT!! She (the author) classifies any mother, any woman who lives in a home (lol) a homemaker. That is our God-given job, since Adam & Eve, and we should be proud that the Lord would bless us with such a responsibility. Does that mean that I won't make King take out the trash or do his own laundry every now & then? Absolutely not, (lol, but the control freak I am, I just nagged on him to leave the laundry alone because he put my "air dry" sweater in the dryer!! ARG!!), but anyways, that's what a "woman's touch" is all about. Not just the decorating or the cleaning, but the complete atmoshphere of our homes.

Very neat book, btw :) The author's name is Lynn Bowen-Walker. Lots of humor, lots of seriousness, and even some devotions & prayer time thrown in there. It's done in a week by week, seasonal basis, so it'd be totally okay to wait until January to get it :) LOL

King's taking his finals tonight, so it's just me & Princess here for supper...we're having leftover pizza...I love leftover pizza, re-heated in the oven or toaster oven...almost better than the original night. I don't do the cold-pizza-for-breakfast thing...just lunch or supper reheated. Very good.

I also started a mini pre-school for Princess today. I have one of those big school calendars where you put the date up every day, and the month changes, blah blah blah. I'm surprised at what all she knows already without having these "traditional" times of learning, ya know? She can already identify her name written down (can't write it, but we'll work more on that when she actually turns 3), and she knows the letter A, and the sounds it makes. It's a little different having "circle time" with one kiddo instead of 5 or 6, because they all work off of each other, but I think Princess will like "playing school." I'm such a teacher dork for getting excited about it!! LOL

I'd better go...Oh, before I do, though, could you keep my friend Gina in your prayers? She's a neat lady I met through Dotti's msg. boards, and I still keep up with her blog. Anyways, a little over a week ago, her 20yo son passed away in a freak skateboarding accident. She has 4 or 5 kiddos, but he was the oldest. They had a memorial service this past Saturday, but as we all know, the hardest part of losing is after everything has quieted down & life seems to just go on, whether we are ready for it or not. Just keep her & her family in your prayers. He was a Christian, so she's resting in the assurance of that...

Anyways, I love you guys!! :) Talk to ya next time :)


Kelley said...

Oh my. Sorry about your friend's son. I'm glad that he knew Christ!

I might have to get that book....can you remind me at the end of this year? LOL! Pregnancy makes me stupid!

I've seen all kinds of shows that do the work v/s SAHM stuff. It's crazy that only one way could be right.

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

I'm glad you felt reassured with being a SAHM. I would love to be able to do that! I also think it's great that you get involved in other things too. It must just be hard to find that balance.

Praying for Gina and her family. Love the new fall blog look!