Saturday, October 07, 2006

Guess what we did today? LOL I LOVE going pumpkin picking :) It was such a beautiful day, too!! We had a good time, and spent more than we anticipated...I got one of those really cool white pumpkins, though, and we got a HUGE pumpkin!! LOL I'll have to share a pic of our new fall harvest display out front...I love it!! :)

Anyways, that's about all we did today. Tomorrow, though, is church, then naps!!, then out to dinner for Grandma's B-day. I guess that AuntChattyCathy & Uncle FunnyHat already took her out when UncleWeird & AuntWeirder were up (totally not planned, is what I heard), so it'll probably just be the PonchoP's tomorrow taking her out. I guess UncleSinger & ShouldBeOurAunt will take her out Monday on her actual Bday...Hope you wanted a play-by-play!! LOL Anyways, we're going to Olive Garden (endless pasta bowels!! YIPEE!!)...That should be fun :)

I just wanted to pop in & share that pic of Princess, so I'd better's getting late, and I still have to browse my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow morning...


Kelley said...

Oh I just love that picture! I can't wait to take Pita Pocket....he LOVES the pumpkin patch!!!

Lots of Love!

coloradosunshine said...

Mandy~ I am so glad to see you again. Your dd is growing up too fast and she is beautiful. I get to see my granddaugher tomorrow and I will be taking tons of pictures. God bless you, Lynn

CereneOne said...


Missy said...

Love the pictures....I hope there are some nice weekends in late October so I can take the kids to a pumpkin farm too.

I didn't know anything about any of the dinners for Grandma's birthday! Mom and Dad are going to be up today....going to Darnell's football game....Probably about the same time as dinner.

Well, I am giving her her present tomorrow....having a great grandbaby on her birthday!!! :) Top that! LOL

See ya this week!!! Love ya!

Sara said...

Adorable picture! I was just telling my Hubby we need to take Piglet here soon. I want to start that tradition. Also like the pic of the 3 of you! I can't believe what a big girl Princess is now!

Sorry about the female problems. Could they put you on something to help make periods regular, but not keep you from getting pregnant? I was on that when we were trying to get pregnant, b/c I can't have a period on my own. Just a thought....hope you can get it straightened out!