Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I can't seem to stay off the computer today. I keep checking msg. boards & trying to google every little thing that pops into my head... I tried to google a former boss I really didn't like (think Stinky Pete, Missy), because King emailed me when he found a posting for my former boss's, I was trying to dig & see if StinkyPete-alike quit or was fired. It really could be a toss up between the 2, also. Nobody really liked working with him, and he didn't do anything. Ugh, he was just annoying... Anyways, I tried to dig, but all I found was a few quotes he'd given to newspapers & such. Sometimes google is disappointing :) LOL

ToTing was fun last night. We (King, Princess & I) went together with Daisy, BB & BigBlueEyes (formerly known as CutiePie), and we had a pretty good time. The girls were SO cute!! Princess went as, well, a princess, and BigBlueEyes wore the chicken costume (Princess wore it her 1st ToT). We just went around Fbn to friend's & families we knew would get a kick out of seeing the girls all dressed up. Mostly family...but it still took up about the whole 2hr ToT time!! LOL We ended up at my Aunt's house last, right at 8p.m. (or thereabouts). We ran into TeacherCousin & MJDancer & their little Cowgirl...I'll have to email myself the pic of all 3 of 'em I got with my's stinkin' cute :) There's a cowgirl, a chicken & a princess. They were sweet :)

My drs apt. for today was re-scheduled for next Wed. I got a call from CompuNet last night saying that they didn't get enough blood from my test that I took a week ago for just one of the tests (I guess they were collecting for a few tests, and were short blood for just one), so I had to go back & get that done today. It got me out of bed early today, though, because I called Dr. H's office yesterday & asked what they wanted me to do, and last night they said to just keep my apt. for today, but then this morning they called & said it'd be better to just re-schedule for next week...Whatever...I think I know what they're looking for...I think they're trying to pinpoint/rule out a slow thyroid problem. I got a call from a nurse on Tues (yes, they've called me quite a bit this about drama!! LOL), and the nurse said something like, "did you get your blood drawn? It looks like to get your thyroid checked." I said, "Yes, last Wed., but I didn't exactly know what for." She said, "Oh, yeah, Dr. H just wrote down bloodwork." But, when I looked up thyroid on webmd (I have become quite relyant on this, brain twin), what happened to me can be linked to hypothyroidism. SO, not self-diagnosing myself, but I'm pretty sure that's one thing they were testing me for. I guess it's wait another week, and I get to dread "that" for another week...

Nothing else really going on...I've had this really yucky junk going on in my throat/sinuses/nose. I'm really ready to be over it already. The worst part is, well, there are 2 that I just can't live with. One is not being able to taste. For real, there is NO TASTE to ANYTHING I eat or drink. I know it's all related to not being able to smell right now, too, but still, it stinks (not that I can smell it!! LOL I crack myself up!! LOL). Anyways, the second thing that is actually worst than the first is when your ears get all clogged up & full & you can hear every little sound that goes on inside your mouth. Your chewing is amplified 500% in your head, and when you take a shower you hear every little drop of water hitting your's SO stinkin' annoying. And, asking people to repeat themselves OVER & OVER & OVER!! Argh!! It's enough to make me wanna scream...but I won't because it'd be too loud in my head!! LOL :)

ANYWAYS, I just needed to whine about it some...Now I'm done.

Back to the gym for me this week, too. Probably tomorrow. Tonight I've got stuff to do (take Princess to Awana, clean more around the house). BTW, did I mention my inlaws coming next weekend? I don't know if bil is coming with them, or not, but if he can weasle his way out of working that weekend, I'm sure he'll be tagging along. Come to mention it, I don't think we've ever had a visit with just his parents. BIL has ALWAYS come with them. Again, mil & fil aren't that bad, it's bil that I have a hard time dealing with sometimes. Oh, and next weekend is our church bazaar weekend, and I'm pretty committed to that (I was committed before inlaws said they were coming), so we'll see how it goes.

I'd better go...Princess is up from her nappy nap, and I have to get her juice...she said please :) LOL


Sara said...

Sorry your appt. got pushed back. I think they checked me for thyroid issues too. Nope, just fat b/c I eat too much! :)

Can't wait to see the pics from halloween! Piglet's crying...gotta go! Love ya and hope you're over this crap soon. Zicam! It works!

Kelley said...

Sorry you feel bad....I hate blowing my nose every 5 minutes! LOL! Hope you feel better soon. It stinks to be sick.

Sorry about your doctor's appointment...hopefully they can get everything straightened out by next week. Let us know....we'll be praying for you!

I can't wait to see pictures of your Princess!!!! I bet she looked just precious!

Lots of Love!

Missy said...

Hey....sorry you are all snotty! I am too....going on 3 weeks I went to the doctor today and got a prescription for an anti-biotic. It is a severe sinus infection..not just a cold. So, just a thought! I also got a flu shot while I was there! Yippee!

Maybe BIL won't be able to come next week...that would be a blessing, huh? I am glad that the in-laws are coming, though. They miss out on so much in Princess' life. I can't imagine that for them.

Hope you get to feeling better soon! Love ya!!!

SherBears said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Thank goodness I'm not the only one who has that loud chewing problem!


Andrew & Dawn said...

Mandy, I just posted a long reply re: pregnancies & miscarriages and I lost it!! Ugh. Anyway, just letting you know that I understand your feelings about the possibility of getting pg again. ((( hugs )))