Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gotta love the look on Princess's face!! LOL This is from a hs open house we went to this summer. It was on a Sunday, and Princess had, maybe, a 10-20minute nap...Hence, the "what do you think you're doing with that camera" look on her face :) LOL

Anyways, not a big day here today. Yesterday I got my eyebrows done, and then ate with Mom & Daisy (& Princess & CuteNeice, too) afterwards. Then, I headed back to H. for Awana (oh, yeah, Princess has been going to Awana on Wed.'s now!! She's so stinkin' cute :) Last week she got her "uniform" (it's just a vest) when it was time to go home, and when I showed her she said, "IS THAT MY OUTFIT?!?!" she had her hands clasped together & the biggest grin on her face, and she was so excited about it. Her friend TippyToes has one, and she thought it was neat that they both had one on. I about didn't get it off of her when we got home!! LOL). Anyways, after the drive home, I just was not going to be able to take Princess to Awana, so had King do it. Female problems, again. I got out of the van, came straight into the house & laid down for about 2 hours. It was awful. Thankfully, I feel a TON better today. I feel more like myself, so I'm thinking it's over for this month :) My problem is that I hadn't had a "TOM" since July 4th!! Then, I finally started a couple of days before PraiseFest (I'm sure you really wanted to know that), but it hasn't stopped until, um, well, it still hasn't for sure, but it's been a while. SO, I need to schedule *that* apt. anyway, but now I have this to share with the dr.

Aren't you glad I shared that? It's been frustrating, because for the last 2 1/2 months I've been taking pg test after pg test, and they've all been negative...This happened to me once before, but I had to take a medicine to bring TOM on...but the TOM time was just as long, so maybe it's working itself out...We'll see...

Again, aren't you glad I shared all this with you?!?!

Tonight Princess & I went to Captain D's for supper...FYI, Thursdays are kid's nite, so Princess's meal was only 99cents!! :) SWEET!! Then, we went to Wally World, and spent more than I should've, but got a lot of "filler" groceries, if you know what I mean...bread, pumpkin sugar cookies (the Pillsbury kind), crescent rolls, you get the drift. I got myself a nice little Christmas organizing basket!! It's where I'll keep my cards, stamps, lists, coupons, etc... for Christmastime...and you know it's less than 3 months, now, right? WOOHOO!!

Okay, talk to ya'll later :) Can you believe Baby G will be here in 4 days?!?! YAY!!!


Missy said...

Hello! I have been lurking....but not commenting! Sorry about that! But glad to see you have the "journal bug" again!!! I love reading your journals!

You sure know where all the kid's night deals are!!! Thanks for sharing...but not like we will be taking all 3 kids any place anytime soon!!! LOL

Can't wait until Little G is here....and yes, you really need to go see Dr. H. Sorry about all the female problems! I am not looking forward to having that again after Monday!!! OH well! The price of being a woman, I guess!!!

Love ya!!!

Josy said...

Yay! I finally got to see what Mandalynn looks like!

Okay woman, go see the doctor, hope you are feeling better soon.

Lots of love!

Kelley said...

You need to get to the seem like you are in a lot of pain and that can't be good. Plus....that is a LONG time to have a period.

Sounds like you got some good stuff at Wal-Mart. We bought halloween cookies this week. Can't wait to eat those....I mean, make those with Pita Pocket!

Lots of Love!

Andrew & Dawn said...

((( hugs ))) Mandy. I know how it feels to need to share TOM troubles!! I'm just done now (I think). Hope you get things figured out. D