Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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LOL :) I love that blinkie!! LOL :) I hope you all are doing well!! :)

I don't have long to update...I'm trying to get to the gym before 3p.m.!! LOL :) My plans to go early haven't been working, but today, I think I've got it!! :) Princess still needs to get her breakfast (we had a LOOOOONG night last night...I think she got a bad cold from another little one at church when she was in the nursery a few weeks ago...yeah, right when she was starting to get over the last one!! Go figure...) Anyways, she's been up half the night coughing & not being able to breathe through her nose because of the congestion...Poor thing...I finally got up with her around 4ish and just held her, gave her some juice, sang to her...she was being so sweet, and she was SO tired, she just kinda laid there on me, and would say sweet things like "I love you very much" & "I feel better"...sweet moment, even if it was before the buttcrack of dawn!! LOL :) I enjoyed holding my baby, too :)
So, we slept well after 10a.m., because King called!! LOL :) He said, "Did you just get up?!?!" (I had really bad morning voice...) Anyways, I was, like, "Yes, what time is it?" And, then was shocked awake when he said 10:20!! LOL :) I didn't mean to sleep that long, but without setting the alarm, there was no other way to wake up...Princess didn't really cough much more after she fell asleep again, either, she must've just needed something to drink...Anyways, it was a good sleep after I went back to bed again, obviously!! LOL :)
Image hosting by PhotobucketPrincess turns 2 on Thursday!! I can't believe it!! We're not having her party until the 12th (because of Blockheads, ::wahhh wahhh Debbie Downer music here::), and we're having it at McDonald's around 1p.m. in F!! :) I couldn't believe how reasonable that was, and with so many little ones wanting to run & play in the dead of winter, that play place is perfect...So, be looking for your invitations, cousins!! LOL :) Oh, and another thing, just to throw it out there, too, before you get the invitation, I'm planning on inviting everyone to Marion's pizza on the 17th for King's Birthday (his 30th!!), so hope that works for you guys, too...probably around 7pm...It was supposed to be a surprise, but he saw it on a piece of paper I had forgotten to put away, and ::repeat Debbie Downer:: I was so mad!! LOL :) At myself, really, because it was my fault for not "covering my tracks" :)
Well, I'd better go...I obviously need to get started on party invites!! LOL :) It's coming up pretty close (2wks)...Hope you all have a great day!! :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Image hosting by PhotobucketOkay, so who knew I'd really like going to the gym? I can already tell a difference in my jeans!! YAY!! :) They came right out of the dryer, I folded them, and took 'em to the gym with me this afternoon, and after I put them on, I was drying my hair, and noticed in the mirror that they're not squeezing my hips & thighs!! LOL :) No, don't get me wrong, they still fit, and I don't think I'm down much in weight, yet, but I'm getting there, and I feel better already!! :)

So, hmmm, let's see...Oh, Princess has been doing really well in the nursery...She started crying for me towards the end (I could hear her hollering, "Mommy!!" from the locker room (not a whiny cry, but like just hollering at me!! LOL) Anyways, she's been doing really well there, and likes to "go play with the kids." LOL :) Oh, and I didn't mean to offend anyone with saying I didn't want Princess in daycare...I've worked daycare, though, in 2 different places, and it's kinda like workin' at a fast food resteraunt, ya know? You can "see" too much & it ruins it for you...I understand that there are AWESOME daycares/daycare teachers, and not necessarily at the same time!!LOL And, when Princess gets old enough, I fully intend on putting her in Pre School (one of the teachers I used to work with is an AWESOME pre-school teacher, I would highly recommend her)...but staying home with her, and really knowing who's taking care of her is important to me...because some of the people I've met at the daycare...let's just say I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw 'em...Again, this is very generalized, and I don't mean to do that...I realize there are great teachers who really work with & actually KNOW how to work with little kiddos, but the marjority aren't trained well, and aren't required (here, anyways) to have any kind of schooling background (only "inservice" which talks about health, abuse, etc...not how to make up a lesson plan & follow it, work with your students, etc...). Again, I realize that this might sound too generalized, and I don't mean to be!! :) This is just what I've observed from actually working in daycare...and why it is so important for me to stay home with Princess & any other kiddos that may come along :) Again, I'm not trying to put you down if you do have your kids in daycare!! LOL :) I realize, too, that not everyone has the opportunity or even wants to stay home with their kiddos...it's a totally individual family decision, and I respect your decisions!! :) Just because I don't want daycare (or to teach it anymore...and a part of me does miss the teaching part), doesn't mean there's necessarily anything wrong with it...just be careful (duh, like you wouldn't!! LOL) and talk talk talk to the people that are watching your kids!! (again, this is for daycare centers, not in-home with people you really do know!! LOL) Anyways, you'd be surprised how many parents were in & out & never said 2 words to me, ask about their kiddo's day, talk about what we were doing/learning that week, and I had all this information available to them, and most of them never looked at our bulletin boards, never checked their work folder, never even glanced at the calendar & lesson plans, and NEVER read the class newsletter...there were only a couple who noticed & really cared about that stuff...

Anyways, that's the end of my rant!! LOL :) My friend English said to me that she wants to be known as a "good catch Room Mother"!! LOL :) Like, say when Johnny goes to 2nd grade, and his 2nd grade teacher talks to his 1st grade teacher, the 1st grade teacher says, "You're going to LOVE having her Mom!! She's a great room mother!!" It always made me sad when we had a party at daycare, and after 2 weeks of the sign-up sheet being up, I still ended up having to provide most of the food & stuff because only 1 or 2 of the other parents would chip in...it was pretty disappointing...

Anyways, I thought I said that was the "end of rant"!! LOL Seriously, I'm done, now...And, just to sum up...There are problems on both sides (daycare & parents), and, as with anything, just be cautious & informed!! :)

Tonight King's working until 6pm (which means 7 or 8 Blockhead time), and I was planning on making myself a grilled chicken salad w/ lite ranch dressing, since I totally blew it at McDonald's today!! LOL :) I got a few things at Wally World, too, and need to chop them up...I think Princess is going to watch Cinderella in a few minutes, and I've gotta figure out what she's eating for supper!! LOL :) She'd like chicken, too, but maybe there's some peas in the pantry (yes, she likes them...I say BLECH!!).

So, since you just got an earful about daycare, I'll let you go!! LOL :) I've gotta catch up on journals, and fix something for supper :) Actually, Princess just came in here asking to watch Image hosting by Photobucket

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ahhhh, now a new look for Valentine's :) Finally!! LOL :) I've had my eye on this web set for a while, now :) I think I found it at Magnolia Station :)

Anyways, I'm all ready to go to the gym...I'm such a dork, though...this has been my dilema today...Do I shower before I go to the gym, or do I just go dirty to the gym, workout, shower, then tan? Or, will that take too long, so should I shower before the gym, get dirty, rinse off (not washing my hair, but still using shower gel), THEN tan? I can't tan BEFORE I shower/rinse/whatever, because they suggest to not get wet for, like 2 hours or so after tanning...What a pickle...

If you're wondering what I decided, today I showered before, and I'll "rinse" off there, then tan...now when TOM is over, the dilema will be even more complicated, because the hot tub will be added in there!! LOL :) Suggestions, please, and remember, there's only 2 (that's TWO) hours of free childcare!! LOL :)

I'm such a perfectionist, that this isn't really a joke, I've really been thinking hard on this one!! LOL

So, the food thing has been getting back to normal (normal being back on-program :) ). TOM's expected to be over today or tomorrow, and I can already feel it!! LOL :) I'm feeling a lot better, and not as mean :)

Tonight's PT practice :) YAY!! :) I love PT practice, although tonight, I'll have Princess with me...that's always a little difficult, because we never know if there'll be childcare or not, and she likes to sing with Mommy (holding her own mic & everything)...so we'll see...if there are other kiddos there, they'll play with her, but they don't always stay in the sanctuary...See?!?! All kinds of dilemas today!! LOL :) King's gotta be a Blockhead tonight, so he can't watch her :) Oh, but good news, our refund is a few hundred more than King was projecting early in the game, so that's always good news :)

I'm almost ready to go to the gym...just waiting on Princess to wake up from her nap...this is a good one...she went down around noon, and is still asleep at 2:30 :)

Okay, better go...I gotta dry my hair & slap on some makeup :) Talk to ya later :)

Oh, and prayers & ((((HUGS))))), especially for Cousin BoyD :) Missy, keep us updated!! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay, so I've been meaning to mention this, but I kept forgetting about it!! LOL Actually, I was gonna mention it it the last loooong post, but thought it might be too much all at once!! LOL :) So, anyways, now that I've got your attention, and you're hanging on in suspense!! LOL :)

About 3 weeks ago, I started to really think about what I would do if something ever happened to King, and I was left to take care of Princess all by myself...now, I know I wouldn't be all by myself, I've got a lot of family around, and a great church family, but taking care of Princess's and my basic personal needs isn't anyone else's responsibility but mine...so I started thinking, maybe I should go back to school? I don't know, should I do daycare or should I go and get my "real" teacher's training/schooling/whatever. So, I didn't mention anything to King about this, it was just one of those things I got to pondering about personally. So, 2 weeks ago, King had clean team with the Pastor's wife, Counselor. She started asking him, out of the blue, if I had a teacher's certificate, or was I certified to run a daycare, or teach or something. After he told me this, I confided in him about what I'd been thinking about, going back to school. So, then the next day after clean team (Sunday) Counselor came up to me (and we don't really talk a lot to each other, on a regular basis, ya know?) Anyways, she sought me out and asked me if I was interested in going back to school to get this training & stuff...nothing mentioned about taking over the church's daycare or whatever (I don't think I'd like to do that), but it was a total confirmation in my spirit, that I need to do this...PLEASE PRAY!! I think I'll wait until after King finishes, or is almost finished with his schooling, or, start slowly...I'm planning on meeting with someone at Sinclair to kinda get a feel for my options with going there, or if I'll have to just suck it up & go to WSU...Because, they have a 5-year teaching program that will give you your Master's when you're done...so, that's what I'm thinkin :) But, again, PLEASE PRAY!!! A lot needs to happen before I even apply, and I have no idea what to do with Princess...I'd hate to put her in daycare...I've worked daycare, and I don't want that for her...blah blah blah...It's just been weighing heavily on my mind lately :) I would LOVE to be a teacher, and, really, for being a Mom, you couldn't ask for a better schedule, ya know? Anyways...

Today was also a big day for me :) I signed up at the gym (same as Missy, only a different location, there's one less than 10min from me :)) Anyways, I got started right away :) I liked the lady that helped me and taught me the "ropes" she was really sweet, and it went by really fast as far as the treadmill because of the TV's that were a distraction from the clock :) I'd like to do the eliptical, I think I might enjoy that better, but today was the treadmill...And when TOM is gone, I will take FULL advantage of the pools & hot tub!! And, I might even start tanning tomorrow :) It wasn't too crowded while I was there early today, but it was getting more steady the later it got...Oh, and Princess LOVED playing with the "kids"!! LOL :) She wasn't too keen on it at first, but then she was like, "Oh, there's the play kitchen!!" LOL :) She didn't actually say that, but that was the look on her face...After I said, "Be right back, give me a hug" she was fine...

I'd better go...I'm really tired (must be the extra activity today!! LOL) I do plan on going back tomorrow :) I'd like to catch a cardio sculpting class (with the hand weights, kinda like the FIRM) sometime, but for now, I'll stick to the machines, and the pool :)

Okay, talk to ya later :) Hope you're having a GREAT week!! :)

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Okay, where do I begin? I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve journalled…Please forgive me? I haven’t had much time to do anything online…

Let’s start with last Friday…We got up, got dressed, and headed to WalMart because I had to get a few things to bake a cake with for this girl at our church. I needed stuff mainly for icing, Mom had the rest, but Princess & I ate lunch there, and wandered around…then we headed over to Mom & Dad’s so I could bake this cake (remember, no stove!! ARGH!!) So, I went over there, Princess fell asleep in the van, but it didn’t last, and then Papa came home (so forget about a nap!! LOL) She was ready to PLAY!! LOL :) So, I baked my cake, and got that done, and Daisy came over, and Dad payed for our dinner to Wendy’s (wasn’t that nice of him? He’s so sweet…he didn’t go with us, just wanted a frosty, and said, “Here, dinner’s on me tonight”) So, if you haven’t guessed, Daisy & I are MAJOR Daddy’s girls, still!! We always will be, I think ;)

So, Saturday, we did the same thing. We got up, and got ready a little earlier than we usually do, and headed over to Mom & Dad’s so I could decorate this cake. Thankfully, I had also made the icing on Fri. nite, so I just had to color some, and ice it. It turned out really cute!! I’ll have to ask for the photo WM took of it :) So, Mom & Dad took all of us (this time, the boys, too) out to CiCi’s for pizza…They have this TO DIE FOR mac & cheese pizza (sounds weird, but trust me!! It’s worth a try), and I love their veggie pizza, and of course, the cinnamon rolls!! The whole reason I keep going back!! NOT good for a diet, though…

Sunday, I taught Sunday School, and it went really well. There was a good group of kids in there, and we had a good time!! I have SS again next week (we’re on a rotation, and I’m every 4th & 5th (when there is one) Sunday of the month). So, it was a good class, they had a good time just talking everything out with me, and doing their craft. Fun, fun!! And, VERY good, considering I remembered I had to teach at midnight Saturday night!! LOL :) I won’t do that again this week!! LOL

Oh, after service on Sunday we had a surprise party for the girl at church…we’ll call her MammoNurse? I’ll try to think of a better one, I’m not in the mood for nicknaming right now!! LOL :) Anyways, she was SO surprised, and we had a good time…Oh, one thing I should mention…she was in a pretty bad car accident on Fri. night, and is still really stiff & sore from that, but nothing major wrong with her, PTL!! She was kinda depressed, though, because it was around her Birthday, and she doesn’t have any family around here, and she’s single, and how’s she gonna get to work yada yada yada…And, she started crying & saying how much she loves all of us for showing her how much we care for her (and we had planned the party before she had the accident, and while she was at the hospital, she had a ton of church family visitors). So, the Lord was really showing her how much He loves her & cares for her by surrounding her with such a big support group…and she’s been a blessing to have as a friend…

So, anyways, our Small group was cancelled that night (because she’s one of the 2 who comes, and the party took a lot out of her, and out of C, too, who has let her stay with her the last few days so she can keep an eye on her. So, we decided it was best if we skipped it…It was nice for us, too, because Mom & Dad had Princess, so we had some time to ourselves…Keep your mind out of the gutter!!

Yesterday I wasn’t really feeling very well, and took a nap, and then I had to try and type up a few things for our “Remodeling the Temple” ladies group on Monday nights (think Weight Watcher’s without the fee, and it’s more biblically based.) So, it was 5p.m. and I started wondering where King was, and he had to be a Blockhead last night!! I was so frustrated, because I was waiting on him to come home so I could type that stuff up, but I got it typed up, and Princess just had some “free play without Mommy” time!! LOL :) We had a pretty good group last night, although there were 2 of the skinniest ladies at the church there last night (they said it was for the fellowship, lol, Jgirl said it was like preachin’ to the skinny girls, lol, guess you had to be there!! LOL) It was good…it will be very good, and some much needed accountability for me (we do have a Weigh In).

So, that’s what’s been going on with me!! Tonight is a stay home & bundle up with a good book night for me!! King might not realize that, but he will!! LOL

I’d better go…I need to catch up on the Journal Goddesses!! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Check this link out for the Image hosted by Photobucket.com latest!! LOL :) If you've been watching, I think you'd remember this set of twins...


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Isn’t she cute?!?! LOL Those are just a couple of the toys she got for Christmas that she LOVES...A Strawberry Shortcake brush & mirror set, and her Disney Princess microphone. She’s such a Diva!! LOL

So, it’s snowing!! I thought I wanted more snow, but now I’m not so sure!! LOL At least it’s not very much…only 1-3in are expected, so that’s not too bad. Yesterday it rained the live-long day, then turned to ice last night, then flurries shortly after that. Our eyebrow apt. & dinner ran longer than expected, so we missed all but the last ½ hour of Image hosted by Photobucket.com!! Don’t worry, I DVR’d it!! LOL That’s what I plan on watching today!! And, don’t forget, it’s on again tonight!! Tonight, though, I’ll probably be at church, so I’ll have to DVR it again…LOVE DVR!!

We went to Applebee’s last night in K, and it was pretty slow service…and I don’t go there enough to really know what to get, anyway (or what I like there…) Anyways, I ended up getting the 3course thing..the steak one..and it was pretty good. The best was dessert…a BROWNIE...Oh, my goodness, it was wonderful...I had 18pts left for dinner, but I’m pretty sure the brownie put me over!! LOL It was very good, though.

Tonight I’m hoping to meet with a couple ladies at church early, so we can start planning the first Women’s Fellowship luncheon/mtg. whatever you wanna call it. I think there are a lot of different Women’s groups getting ready to start up, but this would be for EVERY woman, not just “if you’re interested in this study” kind of group. I’m VERY excited, because as far as I know, there’s never been something like this done, and so we’re breaking new ground!! There is so much potential for this to be a great church, even with all our human imperfections, it’s just gotta take a lot of work getting there…oh, yeah, and follow-through!! It’s gotta take a lot of follow-through!! I think it’ll go over pretty well, I don’t know, though. Please remember us in your prayers!! This idea was brought up a while ago, and was never brought to fruition because the main lady in the planning of it just got swamped with other things & opportunities in her life (she has a lay minister’s certificate, and was called to preach & pastoralship at a church on Linden…she prayed hard & heavy about this, and she’s really got an awesome testimony about how she felt ready to take on this task for the Lord. She had a very vivid spiritual dream, and another Godly woman in our church had a very vivid spiritual dream, also, that confirmed she was supposed to go…just very neat, I get Jesus bumps every time I think about their dreams, and how they go together!!)

So, anyways, we’ve decided to take it back up & go with it!! I think we’ll probably have to run it by the elders (just as a regular step…if we all started overstepping the elders, what would be their purpose?!?! LOL) Anyways, I don’t forsee a problem with it, I think we’ll get some hearty approval...

Which brings up another petition for prayer!! Please keep King in your prayers!! He’s now the Chair of the Stewardship committee (because the above mentioned Lady had to step down so she could focus on Pastoring). And, they are contemplating a few people to be on the Stewardship committee…one person has actually asked to be put on it, and King’s shackles immediately went up…remember the church secretary I told you about a few posts ago? The one that’s not easy to work with? She wants to be on it!! She has a history of self-appointing herself to “important” jobs, so just keep him & the rest of the Stewardship committee in your prayers…This could become a stressful thing for all of them…more stressful than looking at our money situation, already!!

I’d better go…this is getting long, and I don’t want to lose anyone!! LOL I’m such a chatty cathy lately!! LOL There’s just a lot going through my head right now!! All good, but all stuff I have to contemplate & think about, ya know?!?!

And, that makes my head hurt!! LOL

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!! (((((HUGS&PRAYERS)))))) for you all!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

So, here are the silly pictures for today :) The first is of the top of my TV cabinet-thing :) (and one of my favorite "Bear Collector" signs I got at a craft show...the 2nd is of one of my end tables, with my new salt box house with a lite in it...there's also an old-timey looking flag on top, too, but that got chopped off in my picture. Anyways, Mom got me that for Christmas this year, too :) I love my jar & my little candle that King's Mom got me for Christmas, too :) Then the last picture is of the other end table, and that's mostly bears & stuff :) Daisy got me the set of 3 bears with the wagon (the 2 bears inside the wagon & the one behind it). Blah, blah, blah, I know :) If we ever "upsize" again, I'd like to get a house with a "formal" living room, and a separate dining room...I'd move my bears into the family room, and could really go REALLY primitive in the "formal" room...Think Olde Farmstead!! LOL :) I love that store just because it's close & convenient...I know there are other stores around with the same stuff MUCH cheaper, but Farmstead just smells good, too!! LOL :) I know, I'm a dork, and you're thinking, "Alright, already, enough with the decorating stuff!!" LOL :)

I wanted to tell you all how powerful, even with just 2 ladies coming on Sunday nites, this small group study is!! It's awesome!! I really believe that it's a message the church (in the broad sense) should hear, and really try to live out. Just awesome. Anyways, there are money troubles at our church...we have a mortgage over $700,000, and we, as a church, are ALWAYS strapped for cash...and it's VERY hard to fund ministries & outreaches, as well as pay the bills & the mortgage. When the church first started, there were a lot of pledges, so they went ahead and built...well, a few years down the road, there was a split, and among them, some very big pledgers...plus, there was a lot of credit open at a lot of different hardware stores around, electric co., water, and it just made a bad situation worse...which brings us pretty current...I believe all of the credit is taken care of, but there's still this HUGE mortgage, and it's our stumbling block as a church...Anyways, we're also a tithing church, which means that we tithe to missionaries off of each offering, which I think is pretty neat...I've not heard of a lot of churches tithing...sure, giving & donating, but not a consistent tithe, and as part of the major beliefs of the church...Anyways, maybe it's more common than I think, but I hadn't ever heard of it!! :) LOL So, that brings me to this study...2 totally different groups have seen this series (well, or in the process), and have not only been spoken to about our personal lives, but the church has been brought up!! Almost in the same instances!! LOL :) It's a God thing, and only confirms that everyone is trying to get on the same page...In both groups, it's been brought up to do this study on Sunday morning for church, because there are a lot of people there on Sunday morning who aren't willing/available/responsive/whatever to anything BUT Sunday morning, ya know? I'm sure ya'll have/know people like that!! :) And, it's always the same people at the potlucks, Wed. nite, Awanas, business mtgs, so it's always like preaching to the choir...I think it's imperitive that this message gets out to the WHOLE church...and it will step on toes, I can guarantee it, but we need to pray & fast that people's hearts & minds are open to what the Spirit is trying to tell them, and not, "Well, I already tithe, this is dumb" and shut down through the rest of the message...

Okay, off soapbox...Please, just keep our church in your prayers!! There are so many possibilities, and so much potential for this to be a booming church!! Not just numbers, but spiritually, which is the most important thing, anyway :)

Boy, did I say I was off my soapbox?!?! LOL :)

Well, thanks for hanging with me, there, for all that!! LOL :) If you just skimmed, that's Ok, too :) I just needed to vent....Oh, I didn't even get around to what this is all about, anyways!! LOL :) I'm pretty sure you've figured out the tithing part, but one of the things I love that he says is, yes, tithing was in the "law," but Jesus never said to NOT follow the law...in fact, he always challenged the priests & disciples to go BEYOND the law, meaning, Jesus always takes the law the extra mile(s) whatever the case!! LOL :) "When someone says to me, 'Oh, but that 10% was under the old law, and we're living under Jesus,' I always reply, "Oh, then you give more?" (paraphrased quote from Robert Morris) I LOVE that!! :) I hope I'm not confusing everyone!! LOL :) Oh, just go get his book!! I think you can find it cheap on Amazon!! :) Because it's not just about money...it's about where our heart is...it is SO easy to overlook our finances as an area of our lives to give to the Lord, but He owns that, too :) Just an AWESOME series, and it's spoken to me on so many different levels...

Okay, seriously, I'm done!! LOL :) I can kinda be like my dad...when he's really excited about something, he can't stop talking about it...I guess I get it honest!! :)

King had the day off today, and we ended up taking Princess to see Dr. Matt :) I REALLY like him :) Anyways, she's still got a cough (it's been since before Christmas), so I called today, and they got us in. Everything looked/sounded clear, he said, but it's probably a sinus infection...she comes by that honest, too, from her daddy. King is awful about getting sinus infections..Anyways, we got an antibiotic perscription, so will give her that. Can you believe she's gonna be TWO in a couple of weeks? I'm torn on whether or not to have a big party for her, or to have a "meet at Marion's" party for her & her Daddy...I'm leaning towards a family party for Princess, and then a surprise "meeting" at Marion's for King's 30th!! :) That's the difficult thing about their birthday's being so close together!! LOL :) Oh, well :) Anyways, after Dr Matt's we went to Wendy's and had lunch, then took a long leisurely drive home (Princess fell asleep, btw)...It was SO PRETTY today!! :) And warm!! :) Hard to believe it's January :) King had to be a Blockhead tonight, too :)

I'd better go...I think King wants to go to sleep early tonight...It's been a good day :) I'm tired, even though I got to sleep in a bit today...I think it's TOM coming (time of month)...I can't seem to STOP EATING, either, so that's gotta be what it is!! LOL :)


Sunday, January 15, 2006

This is what in my little "nook" by the front door :) I have a "year 'round" tree, one of my favorite things, my Americana bench, berry wreaths, bells, there are hearts on the "year round" tree right now (for Valentine's day ;) ), and for Christmas I had a little stuffed moose w/ one of my Merry Christmas throw pillows...also, on the wall, you can see my "coat" hanger mirror (I wouldn't trust your coats on it, though!! LOL), and, wait, lemme see if I have a pic of what Jodi made me for Christmas...

Yep, there it is!! She painted that slate hanging on the wall!! She's VERRRY talented!! :)

Anyways, that's the "silly pictures of the day" :)

Tonight is Session #2 of The Blessed Life, and I'm excited!! :) We're ordering pizza (YUM), and I've got to bake some cookies (don't sweat it, they're break & bake, and the toaster oven does very well, surprisingly enough)...

Anyways, I'd better go and finish getting things ready...I'd like to dust!! I HATE dusting!! But, I've been trying to more, since I heard that most dust comes from our old skin cells...that kinda grossed me out!! LOL :)

Oh, and the Steelers won!! King's a happy Pennsylvanian!! LOL :) He's actually not a psycho fan, but WOW, is his mom!! LOL :)

Ya'll have a great evening!! :) I hope you all have tomorrow off!! :) Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!! :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey, Journal Goddesses, that's the silly picture for today :) My bathroom :) That's my new shower curtain that I got for Christmas from my Mom :) I LOVE it!! :) If you can't tell, it's dark, dark burgandy and almost tea-stained colored white gingham (very primitive looking), and there's this neat grapevine & berry border down there...She also got me a bowl (with the same grapevine thing going on), and 2 towels that look like the shower curtain :) I LOVE IT!! :) I also got the switchplate that matches :) I'm eventually going to get the border up there, and I'm gonna try to find a picture/sign/something to hang on the wall... It looks SO different in there, and it makes it feel like more of a "room", if that makes sense...Oh, I also still need to get some bath rugs for the floor...I'm thinking brown (which may sound yucky, but I think it'll be the best to compliment everything else, because I've already tried finding that shade of red, and it ain't happenin'...

Anyways, PT was cancelled last night (WM's gout was back, and he couldn't stand), so after my hair apt I just came back home :) We had a REALLY nice dinner :) Pork chops w/bbq sauce in the crockpot, Baked potatoes from Wendy's, and some green giant veggies w/ sauce...YUM :) The pork just fell off the bones...VERY good...Hey, and did you know that pork is a LOT cheaper than beef? I had never really noticed that before, when I had thought I'd be buying both of them, and saw the prices side-by-side...Pork...the other white meat...hahaha, you knew I was gonna say that, didn't you?!?! LOL :)

Tonight King's a Blockhead, and Princess and I are doing the chicken patti & mac & cheese thing for supper...I'll probably throw chicken in there tomorrow :) I have to say, even though a little bit more pricier, it's SO MUCH EASIER cooking with the crockpot!! :) I love it :)

Princess is fighting a nappy nap right now...she's actually driving me crazy, because I know she's tired, but she's trying her darndest to stay awake...Just take a nap already!! LOL :)

Oh, have you all been watching "My Name is Earl" & "The Office"?!?! Those are the 2 funniest shows on TV right now!! They just crack me up!! Did anyone watch them last night? The Office was hillarious!! I think Dwight is so funny...I've worked with more than a few people like that!! LOL :) If you haven't ever watched them, I highly recommend them :) In fact, they're the only 2 sitcoms I like right now (okay, maybe except for King of Queens & Yes, Dear reruns)...Oh, and for drama my faves are 7th Heaven, Smallville, & Everwood...I'm addicted to the DVR, btw, because they're pretty much all on the same night (except 7th Heaven), so I have to do some taping...

Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh, Princess just started making "happy noises" again in her bed....why won't she go to sleep?!?!?!?!

Okay, I better go...praying for Journal Pro & Josy :) Have a great Friday :)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

This is the Triple Chocolate Cake that's NOT been good for me this week!! LOL :) And, I believe it has cured Princess from her aversion to chocolate!! LOL :) She got caught with her hand in it too many times this week...I was working on here one day this week, and in she walks with more chocolate crumbs around her mouth, and I asked, "Hmmm, did you get into the chocolate cake?!?!" She says,

"Mmmmm, chocate cake yummy!!" LOL I couldn't stay mad!! LOL :) King was supposed to take the rest to work, but forgot, so we

had it around this week. Blah, blah, blah...

The pic of Princess was taken after we shared a peice, and then she took a swig of milk...I just think it's adorable!! LOL

Tonight I have a hair appointment :) It's starting to get kinda shaggy, not in a good way!! LOL :) So, that'll be good...Also, I have PT practice (YAY!!). I love PT practice :) It's a small group all in itself :) We have a great sharing time, and prayer time, and we go ahead and worship while we practice :) Good times :)

I'd better go...Princess is up, and I need to find out what she's doing!! LOL :) I left her in her room playing with Tigger (she just found this toy from Christmas, and we just took it out of the box last night!! LOL) Anyways, she's found it, and is playing with him :) While she was eating breakfast, she kept talking to him from across the room and asking him questions...TOO CUTE :)


Sunday, January 08, 2006

These are pics of my kitchen :) Nice & clean for company :) It's SO not like this all the time, but it was today!! LOL :) Oh, and that's Princess swiffering in her high heels!! LOL :) She had her "gass sippers" on, and decided she needed to "sweep" the kitchen!! LOL :) She's so much fun!! :) And, man, I'm having a great time with this camera!! LOL :)

Small group went VERY well!! Like I said, BadBack & Military (both ladies!! I'll have to try & think about their names some more...:) ) were here, and I've gotten to know them some, so it was very relaxed, and very comfortable for us hosting our very 1st ever small group!! :) We had a hard time with our DVD player...the DVD we've got is actually a copy, not the master, and our DVD player is so old, I think it had a hard time reading the copy DVD (if that makes any sense)...well, we got another copy, and that one didn't work, either, so, the last time I put the DVD in, it didn't skip or freeze up!! :) PTL!! You can believe I was praying over that DVD player, that the Lord's message would be heard tonight, and it was!! He is so GOOD!! :) I don't care how techno junkie you are, you can't convince me that it wasn't the Lord who made that thing work!! :) Just to be on the safe side, though, I think we're gonna order our own copy, and I think it comes with his book, too, so I'll get to read it!! :) Family Christian didn't have it (::wahh wahh::) I'm sure I could order it through them, but if I can order it online, what's the difference? I can probably get it cheaper, too!! LOL :)

Well, I'd better go...I didn't post a before pic of the kitchen...

Have a great Monday!! :)

I LOVE this picture!! :) I just messed with a few of the photo effects that came with the Kodak software stuff, and this was one of them :) I cropped it a little, and used the "spotlight" effect :) Isn't it sweet? It's also cute in black & white :) I'll post that another time :)

I'm just so impressed with this new camera, and I finally know how to upload them from our camera to the computer, so I might start taking the "stupid pic of the day", too!! LOL :) I like HBM's & Josy's :)

Well, that's all I wanted, I really don't have a lot of time right now, we're having our first small group tonight :) It's REALLY small :) Just 2 other ladies besides King & me (and Princess, too :) ) Anyways, I think I'll like it like that my first time doing this, because I know these two gals pretty good anyways, and there won't be "pressure" from them, you know? I'm really looking forward to it :) I'll let you all know about it, I'm sure!! LOL :) After these 4 sessions are up, we're going to start over in February, hopefully with a different group, we'll see :)

Okay, I'd better go :) Talk to ya later :)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Okay, so I'm saving my Valentine's stuff for another few weeks...

Who knew I could be such a computer geek?!?! LOL :) This background stuff is VERY addicting...especially since I've found all these websites with graphics like how I decorate (or want to)...Anyways, did you notice that the "chunks" are gone out of the Right corners?!?! LOL :) I couldn't tell you how I fixed 'em, but I'm glad I did!! LOL :)

Let's see, it's been a couple days since I've posted, let's see what's happened...

Not a whole lot!! LOL :) We're getting ready for our first small group gathering here tomorrow night...I think we're gonna "advertise" (announce it) tomorrow morning again, and whoever comes, comes!! LOL :) I'm excited, because it's the first time we've had anyone over (other than my parents & Daisy & BB), and we've never had church people over before (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean :) ) I've got the kitchen done!! :) Things that I've just procrastinated doing (like, REALLY cleaning off the top of the microwave!! That's a hot spot here...), and it looks REALLY good :) It would look even better with a new stove!! LOL :) Oh, well, that'll come in the next couple of weeks (hopefully!!)...Keep that in your prayers, would you? Not having a stove is really cramping my cooking style!! LOL :) Oh, well, crockpot cooking is easy, but most of the crockpot recipes I have are heavy, ya know? Last night we had a beef roast with potatoes & carrots (and I dumped a can of 98%ff cream of mushroom soup on it...WOW, does that add some flavor!!), today's Mexican chicken stuff (my own recipe...as easy as opening a jar of salsa, and a can of cream of chicken soup!! Think Max & Erma's tortilla soup...it's AWESOME :) Not exactly the same, but if you're craving it, that's a good substitute for home :) )

blah, blah, blah, tell me to stop talking about my crockpot!! LOL

Today we're taking down the tree!! :) I'm ready for it to come down, I think...I usually like to hold out for as long as possible, but I'm just ready to have it down this year...I think because the living room is still "new" for me, and I'd like to decorate some more :) Again, I'm a dork!! LOL :)

I also need to get to the church sometime today to take those trees down...I think it's time, and I don't want to wait much longer to do it...I don't think it'll take very long (I'm a quick undecorator, it takes me longer to put it all up than to take it all down...) Anyways, I'd like to get that done...and do you think I've got anything done with the bulletin board?!?! NO!! Princess's schedule's all messed up (and mine, too), and I've been oversleeping every day this week!! I WILL GET IT DONE THIS WEEK!! :) Quick trip to the teacher store, and then to the church...I think I'll tackle that on Tuesday!! :)

I'd better go...I need to get back to work!! LOL :) We've got to, once & for all, put the stuff under the tree away (I keep my "winter" stuffed animals under there, so it looks like more than it is...I did a lot of that this week...) Anyways, like I said, it shouldn't take too long to take it down...it's the dread of the job that's worse than anything...

Okay, I hope you all are having a great weekend!! :) Talk to ya later!! :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A New Look for Valentine's :)

So, I've changed my look again, haven't I? :) I'm getting ready for Valentine's Day :) It's just around the corner, and it's one I really enjoy :) Plus, I found this cute free webset stuff at Sheryl's Graphics...Too cute not to use for a while :) I'm sure I'll be ready to change again when Valentine's is over :) That's the fun part for me :)

I'm trying to get Princess back on her regular schedule, and it's SO hard!! She didn't wake up until late today, and that threw everything off for the rest of the day...I tried to use her "old" schedule as a guide, but that meant we fought for 3 hrs over a nappy nap...she finally went down around 4p.m. (she usually goes down around 1!!) So, fun fun!! LOL :) She was so stinkin' cute, though. I brought her in here to my room and we laid down on the bed for a while...she kept whispering something like "Quiet, Mommy, Shhhhh." She is just adorable...then a little while ago, she asked to watch Charlie Brown, and after I said yes, her face lit up and she said, "I so e'cited!!" That's the first time I've ever heard her say that!! LOL :)

King had an Elder's Mtg. tonight, and Princess & I hung out...she LOVES the dress-up shoes she got for Christmas!! That was the best $3 I spent on Christmas presents, I think!! LOL :) She likes to clip-clop around...and she calls them "glass sippers"!! : ) SO CUTE!! :)

King took the day off tomorrow, and I think he's taking the van in to the dealer to get the door fixed (the passenger side sliding door has never worked since we got it, and we had to wait on a part to get in to get it fixed...at least it wasn't Princess's side!! LOL), and then we're going grocery shopping. I saw on Bookncoffee's blog (I don't remember which one) a recipe for crockpot macncheese (not the person!! LOL). I'm relying a lot on my crockpots until we get a stove (hopefully not too far in the future!! LOL)

I REALLY need to go to the teacher store and pick out some bulletin board supplies...blah, blah, blah, I know I've been talking about that for a couple of months now, and just haven't made it over there...Wasn't that high on the priority list, but now it's up there...

I'd better go...I hope you are all doing well, and having a great start to the New Year!! :)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ugh, I'm feeling so lazy!! LOL If you've read Missy's journal, then you know that King's at their house, but you probably didn't know I'm at my parent's house...actually, I think King just pulled in the driveway :) I still have no idea (nor do I really care) who won the Fiesta Bowl (Dad's been watching it the whole time, and I just had to ask...Ohio State won...I still don't really care!! LOL)

Not much going on today....Daisy & BB came over last night, and we stayed up late again!! LOL We played Upwords, and then Phase 10...which I ACTUALLY won!! LOL :) It didn't look good in the beginning, but I came in strong at the end!! LOL :) This is only funny because I had a death grip on last at Missy's house NYE :)!! LOL :)

We just kinda hung out today...the Rose Parade was on, and we kinda watched that, but not too closely...then King went to Missy's, and Princess and I came over here :)

It's been a good day :) I think that I want to work on the church bulletin board this week (no, I still didn't quite get those even started during Christmas!! What was I thinkin?!?!) Anyways, the trees at church should probably come down this week, too...Lots to do, lots to do...

Princess has been so stinkin' cute!! :) She's saying more & more, and in longer sentences...SO funny :)

I'd better go...It's about time to get ready to go so Dad can get to bed...it's back to work for him & King tomorrow...and it'll come pretty early for the both of them...

Happy New Year!! :)

Only 15 days until WOO HOO!! :)