Friday, September 25, 2009

I've Added Another Blog to the Mommy Princess Series!

HAHAHA...Seriously, I have. It's called "The Scrappy Mommy Princess" and it will be linked to my facebook & etsy accounts. I want to start selling home-made/pre-made kits on to help supplement our income, and connected to that, I want to have a blog with updates, and my scrapbooking philosophies for all to see & read & contemplate.

It's not all about the's ALL about the Love...that's the heart of my scrapbooking philosophy. As much fun as all the embelishments, patterned paper, different types of books & albums, and crazy awesome layouts, there's really only one reason we scrappers's the love, man...

And, no, I haven't necessarily turned into a hippy!! LOL :)

Homeschooling's still going well. This week I haven't felt the greatest (gotta love TOM), so we've had a pretty lax schedule, but other than that, it's been going really well. We keep pluggin' along. I have to remember, too, it's not all about the clock. "Classroom" school, kids aren't sitting & studying & doing worksheets for a whole 7 hours...there are lots of transitions, and transitions may (or may not, I guess) take more time because of class volume...ANYWAY, just because we don't get everything done in my pre-ordained (HA!) schedule, doesn't mean we're not getting anything done!! :)

I'm singing (along with Jeff, our Worship Minister) @ Emmaus Women's Walk tomorrow. A new song called "Beautiful" by Kari Jobe...GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT...Anyways, Jodi & Missy will know what I mean when I say "dying communion." That's when I'm singing...Here's the Youtube version...

That's what I'm leaving you with today...I can't top that!! :)

Love you all!! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tomorrow is Jodi's Birthday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Cousin!! :)

WOW, there's so much to share, I don't know where to start!!

I'm sick...that's not so much fun, and my left ear is clogged up & I can't hear things well, and my head is pounding...LOVELY!! LOL

I'm very excited about the upcoming Girl's Cruise (probably in May!!), and am starting to iron out the financial side of things...SO EXCITED!! :) The thought of that cruise will be so nice & encouraging throughout this winter, I'm sure!! :)

Homeschooling is going well :) Abbey's so smart & is just like a sponge. It's been such a blessing to watch her "get" things as we go. Still not using any particular curriculum, but we're doing well without it so far...Next year, though, probably won't be so easy without a curric, and I'd still like to get something for this year, too, as a guide/resource with planning lessons.

We have become regulars at the library, and more than just for Leapfrogs (the reading/craft program for 4&5s)!! :) We've been going for this & that... I'm so glad she loves books, and I love them, too.

Next month I hope to get together with the homeschool group that meets @ the library every month.

Lots going on, and so much more to tell, but that's all I have time for right now. I miss blogging on a regular basis... Facebook is fun, but there's something about having more characters that appeals to this chatter-box!! LOL :)

Love you all :)