Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's that time of year again!! :) Have you started your shopping? Most of the people on my list are getting homemade presents this year because money's a little tight. Same old story. Every year it's the same. Daisy & I were talking about this the other day...why is it that you get everything in order & are "comfortable" in March?!?! LOL j/k We've been SO blessed this year, and I love that I have the choice to stay home with Princess, it just makes things a little tighter financially. I've been looking into a home-based business...again(...Josy, I used to do Mary Kay, too!! :) And, Sara, I was an Avon lady after that...) Anyways, this new business is NOT in the makeup industry, it's a lot different than both of those companies, but I'll let you know more about it when I'm actually a consultant.

I didn't make it to those craft shows this year, either. We heard from a "scout" that they weren't all that great, and to not waste your money on admission!! LOL So, the only place I went shopping yesterday was Hobby Lobby, and that was at 7p.m. or so. I only spent $10 (I could've spent WAY WAY more, but just couldn't), but what I got is productive & practical to what I'll be doing/making for Christmas this year. I'm contemplating making soap, too, this year. They have the cutest little things at Hobby Lobby & when I read the back of the glycerin soap stuff, it said you could melt it in the microwave!! And, the molds & scents aren't that expensive, either, so I'm really thinking it would be impressive, yet practical. SO...

I'd better go. Princess has been a PILL this week. She's been sick, and she's REALLY trying us, and disobeying us. SO, that makes for a fun holiday season, huh? She really is fun to have around & stuff, and is SO excited when she sees Christmas lights on houses. Last night I noticed a lot of people already had their lights up in our neighborhood, so maybe for some peace & quiet we'll go for a little drive... In my head, I know that she's acting out because she's EXHAUSTED (because of her coughing & stuffy nose she doesn't sleep really well), and you can totally see it in her eyes. She's been unbearabley (sp?) whiney, too, and that's really what's driving us (me) crazy.

Gotta love 2 year olds...

SO, I'll leave you with another little blinkie :) I just love those things :)

**Nevermind, the stupid thing's not showing up...I tried**

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post!! Where does the time go? Last weekend was SUPER busy, but fun...I met up with Missy & FAB & Baby at Chic Fil A, and then a quick trip to Old Time Pottery. I think we're gonna try & meet once a week (after Thanksgiving, of course) while she's off work so the girls can play together & we get a little Mommy break & adult conversation :) That's always nice!! :) We had a good time!! :)

So, hmmm, that was Thursday...Thursday night was PTpractice, and then Friday was a Birthday party for Princess's best friend from church. I don't know if I've shared this here, or not, but she's got this little friend from church that she just LOVES, and he loves her, too. They're so cute together, and their sweet friendship is such a blessing to everyone. They're so loving towards each other & just get so excited when they see each other!! LOL They litterally drop whatever they're doing & run to greet the other, arms outstretched. It's so sweet. They really have fun at Awana, too... Anyways, please keep BestFriend in your prayers. He's living with his Grandparents (last I heard, I'll get to that in a minute) because his Mom has pretty much desserted him. It's so sad. She was *supposed* to get him "for good" this past weekend, but I'm not sure that ever happened. I haven't gotten word either way. SO, whatever's happened/happening, please pray for protection over him, and God's will in his life, no matter what happens. I know it's hard, but sometimes God's best is not exactly what we want. I'm sure we could all share stories like that... Anyways, my heart's been heavy for him this week...

Speaking of Awana...It's been as good for me as it has been for Princess!! LOL I've never been great at memorization, especially scripture, but it's been pretty much happening while I help Princess memorize hers...Let me tell you, it's awesome to hear your 2 3/4 year old say, "My eyes have seen your salvation" & "While we were sinners, Jesus Christ died for us." A couple of weeks ago, she stayed with us during church because the inlaws were in town. Anyways, Pastor used 2 of her Awana Cubbies verses in his sermon, and she knew exactly what he was talking about both times!! Her eyes lit up like, "I know what he's talking about!" SO sweet. Then she started saying, "Jesus Christ died for us..." over & over in her sweet little voice. I about started bawling right then & there.

Oh, so Saturday I went to SkinnyBlondObnoxious cousin's baby shower. I'm telling you, I love her because she's family, but I have tried & tried to like her, and it's just not there. It's one of those things where you're like, "Surely I'm remembering her wrong, and she's not that bad" & then she opens her mouth & you take that *inward* sigh, like, "Oh, yes she is..." Again, nothing specific comes to mind, I guess it's just her attitude. Other than her being her, it was a good shower. Princess was funny & was jumping in all the tissue paper & wrapping paper & having a good ol' time. Afterwards, we took Princess to Mom & Dad's where she stayed with Dad & watched the OSU/Michigan game, and Mom & I took off to Kohl's & JoAnne Fabrics. Then, when we got back to her house, I remembered (it was, like 8p.m.) that I had told BestFriend's grandma that I'd make him a cake for his family party on SUNDAY (the next day). It was a smaller cake, but I ended up making it at Mom's. It was (no exaggerating) the ugliest cake I've ever decorated. She said it tasted good, and I guess that's all that matters, but WOW, was it ugly. I didn't charge her for it, because I didn't even make the icing. It was BAD.

Anyways, Monday...what did I do Monday? I forget, but I had something to do. Or maybe not. OH!! We got pizza & Princess ate Burger King while I shopped at KMart (I had a lay-away to pay on & bought a few other things I shouldn't have, probably). Then, we went home & watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving & went to bed.

Tuesday was eyebrow apts. & we went to Frisch's for supper (with Mom & DaisyGeorge), and Wal-Mart, and tonight I made supper & pumpkin "brownies" for tomorrow, and got the base of my sweet potato casserole together & in the pan for tomorrow. I'll just have to bake that tomorrow & some crescent rolls!! It's been a LONG time since I've been this "together" the night before Thanksgiving!! LOL

So, now that I gave you a play-by-play on my oh-so-exciting life, I guess I'll just say goodnight. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving at Mom & Dad's, and we hope to leave not long after the parade is over, even though dinner's not "officially" until 3p.m...WorthlessKnowledge (DaisyGeorge's hubby, my bil) has to work until 5p.m., so that's why it's a little the food isn't TOO cold for him when he gets off...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So, I had a post all ready to go a couple of days ago (or was that yesterday?) and blogger ate it, I could've been operator error, I don't remember, but anyways, it was eaten one way or another :) LOL

So, this is mostly a pictoral post...I'll be back to share more about my oh-so-exciting life (LOL) later :)

This is what I did yesterday :) I had BigBlueEyes & Princess yesterday :) It went very smoothly!! They were both lots of fun!!

This is one of the ornaments I made at the bazaar Friday & Saturday. I had a lot of fun, and painted everything (except the original coat, they already came painted), but I painted the snowmen, the writing, and the "antiquing" medium (I LOVE THAT STUFF!!) while they waited. It was really a lot of just makes you feel good when people are willing to pay money for something you made. Such a neat feeling.

Here are the other kinds of ornaments I had. For the lady that had me do 10 for her, I ended up painting on all of them, even the stars & stuff, and they turned out really great. These are ones I made pretty early on with the little wooden embellishments I had on hand. Next year I'll know to have some ready, because people really liked the reindeer & stuff. Maybe I'll get some Santa's & more snowmen...I'm sure I could find some different kinds of snowmen. Super cute.

Well, that's all you're getting from me. Oh, and because Josy had mentioned ordering ornaments from me, I'll share this. There was another lady at the bazaar who asked if she could get my name & number, because she might be calling me for an order, and when I told the lady in charge of the bazaar, she said that any $$ I made after the bazaar was mine, to do with as I see fit, so I might just set it back & let it go towards operating expenses for the next bazaar. I really had fun, and I think that people really appreciated all the things I contributed. I just had that feeling of a job well done afterwards, ya know? Just with decorating & set-up & stuff...

Okay, seriously, I'm done...oh, except to say that our tree is up & waiting for ornaments...that's what I'm going to do after I get offline :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Thursday, everyone!! :) A few things to share today...

First of all, I went to the dr. yesterday...FINALLY!! LOL She told me I have PCOS, a not-so-rare condition in women that some of us are just born with, and it's NOT cancer :) LOL The actual name is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and it just means there are these little cysts (again, NON-cancerous) that mess with my hormones. She said that sometimes the symptoms (all of which I have, and a lot of other things make sense to me, now) wax & wane, sometimes there, sometimes not, kind of thing, and that treatment is dependant on whether we want to get pg. right away or not. She said that if we want to wait a little bit, she'd put me on birth control (regulating my cycles, hormone therapy, that kind of thing), and she said that for someone with PCOS, right after you get off of birth control it's REALLY easy for you to get pregnant because your hormones are all regular & just makes us more fertile, I guess. It made sense how she explained it. Anyways, that's the update on that!! LOL

It took me 3 days to type that up there, btw!! I got sidetracked the other day while I was on here, and then had to go to church to help set up for the bazaar & finish getting the house clean for the inlaws. Yes, I said inlaws. They're here, and right now they're watching Cars with Princess. Oh, and bil came... There've already been moments where I've wanted to give him a spanken &/or a time out, but I won't get into it right now. It's really been a blessing for me to have had the bazaar to go to this weekend. I've gotten to visit with them some, but I've had an escaping place, and painting, nonetheless, so it was even relaxing. Tonight, though, we fixed a Thanksgiving dinner, and my bp got up a little bit a couple of times, but whatever. I got to make the mashed potatoes, so it was all good. Actually, if you have a turkey roaster, YUMM-O as Rachel Ray would say!! LOL SO tender & juicy & quicker than the, it frees your oven up for other stuff. Speaking of turkeys, I just thought the pic SebbieDue sent out was HILLARIOUS!! Maybe I'll post's kinda weird, and you might feel halfway dirty looking at it!! LOL :)

Anyways, the bazaar was so much fun!! I got to decorate!! Not for Christmas yet, really, but got to decorate for the bazaar. We tried to really bring your eyes down...our multi-purpose room is so huge, it's hard to get that personal/warm feeling into the display, plus, those ladies in charge say that they weren't very good at displaying stuff anyways. So, I had a few ideas, and so did another gal, and we just got to work. We had a pattern, some ladies would get the stuff out of the boxes and set 'em on the table, and me & MilitaryGirl would go around playing with it, tulle & Christmas lights :) We had a good time.

My part of the bazaar is personalized Christmas ornaments. I make 'em while you wait. Friday wasn't very busy, just had a few orders from the ladies at the bazaar, and just a couple from your average passer-by, but today I was BUSY!! One lady wanted 10!! So, I did 10 in an hour. I'll have to take a pic of the one I made Daisy to give you an idea of what I did. It was very easy, and they turned out really cute, I think. I was proud of them. And, it's always neat when people think your talent is good enough to pay money for, and to give as gifts. The lady with the order of 10 was so sweet!! We had a nice chat while she was there & I had a really nice time with her. Most of the others I did, though, were all for church people, but that's cool, too. It's neat to think that I've given a little bit of Christmas to so many this year :) Such a blessing to be a part of so many's holiday :)

Okay, I'd better go. I think they're taking Princess to the potty, and I feel like I should go, there's some pumpkin pie that's calling my name in the kitchen :)

I'm sorry, I don't care who ya are, that's funny!! LOL

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I can't seem to stay off the computer today. I keep checking msg. boards & trying to google every little thing that pops into my head... I tried to google a former boss I really didn't like (think Stinky Pete, Missy), because King emailed me when he found a posting for my former boss's, I was trying to dig & see if StinkyPete-alike quit or was fired. It really could be a toss up between the 2, also. Nobody really liked working with him, and he didn't do anything. Ugh, he was just annoying... Anyways, I tried to dig, but all I found was a few quotes he'd given to newspapers & such. Sometimes google is disappointing :) LOL

ToTing was fun last night. We (King, Princess & I) went together with Daisy, BB & BigBlueEyes (formerly known as CutiePie), and we had a pretty good time. The girls were SO cute!! Princess went as, well, a princess, and BigBlueEyes wore the chicken costume (Princess wore it her 1st ToT). We just went around Fbn to friend's & families we knew would get a kick out of seeing the girls all dressed up. Mostly family...but it still took up about the whole 2hr ToT time!! LOL We ended up at my Aunt's house last, right at 8p.m. (or thereabouts). We ran into TeacherCousin & MJDancer & their little Cowgirl...I'll have to email myself the pic of all 3 of 'em I got with my's stinkin' cute :) There's a cowgirl, a chicken & a princess. They were sweet :)

My drs apt. for today was re-scheduled for next Wed. I got a call from CompuNet last night saying that they didn't get enough blood from my test that I took a week ago for just one of the tests (I guess they were collecting for a few tests, and were short blood for just one), so I had to go back & get that done today. It got me out of bed early today, though, because I called Dr. H's office yesterday & asked what they wanted me to do, and last night they said to just keep my apt. for today, but then this morning they called & said it'd be better to just re-schedule for next week...Whatever...I think I know what they're looking for...I think they're trying to pinpoint/rule out a slow thyroid problem. I got a call from a nurse on Tues (yes, they've called me quite a bit this about drama!! LOL), and the nurse said something like, "did you get your blood drawn? It looks like to get your thyroid checked." I said, "Yes, last Wed., but I didn't exactly know what for." She said, "Oh, yeah, Dr. H just wrote down bloodwork." But, when I looked up thyroid on webmd (I have become quite relyant on this, brain twin), what happened to me can be linked to hypothyroidism. SO, not self-diagnosing myself, but I'm pretty sure that's one thing they were testing me for. I guess it's wait another week, and I get to dread "that" for another week...

Nothing else really going on...I've had this really yucky junk going on in my throat/sinuses/nose. I'm really ready to be over it already. The worst part is, well, there are 2 that I just can't live with. One is not being able to taste. For real, there is NO TASTE to ANYTHING I eat or drink. I know it's all related to not being able to smell right now, too, but still, it stinks (not that I can smell it!! LOL I crack myself up!! LOL). Anyways, the second thing that is actually worst than the first is when your ears get all clogged up & full & you can hear every little sound that goes on inside your mouth. Your chewing is amplified 500% in your head, and when you take a shower you hear every little drop of water hitting your's SO stinkin' annoying. And, asking people to repeat themselves OVER & OVER & OVER!! Argh!! It's enough to make me wanna scream...but I won't because it'd be too loud in my head!! LOL :)

ANYWAYS, I just needed to whine about it some...Now I'm done.

Back to the gym for me this week, too. Probably tomorrow. Tonight I've got stuff to do (take Princess to Awana, clean more around the house). BTW, did I mention my inlaws coming next weekend? I don't know if bil is coming with them, or not, but if he can weasle his way out of working that weekend, I'm sure he'll be tagging along. Come to mention it, I don't think we've ever had a visit with just his parents. BIL has ALWAYS come with them. Again, mil & fil aren't that bad, it's bil that I have a hard time dealing with sometimes. Oh, and next weekend is our church bazaar weekend, and I'm pretty committed to that (I was committed before inlaws said they were coming), so we'll see how it goes.

I'd better go...Princess is up from her nappy nap, and I have to get her juice...she said please :) LOL