Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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LOL :) I love that blinkie!! LOL :) I hope you all are doing well!! :)

I don't have long to update...I'm trying to get to the gym before 3p.m.!! LOL :) My plans to go early haven't been working, but today, I think I've got it!! :) Princess still needs to get her breakfast (we had a LOOOOONG night last night...I think she got a bad cold from another little one at church when she was in the nursery a few weeks ago...yeah, right when she was starting to get over the last one!! Go figure...) Anyways, she's been up half the night coughing & not being able to breathe through her nose because of the congestion...Poor thing...I finally got up with her around 4ish and just held her, gave her some juice, sang to her...she was being so sweet, and she was SO tired, she just kinda laid there on me, and would say sweet things like "I love you very much" & "I feel better"...sweet moment, even if it was before the buttcrack of dawn!! LOL :) I enjoyed holding my baby, too :)
So, we slept well after 10a.m., because King called!! LOL :) He said, "Did you just get up?!?!" (I had really bad morning voice...) Anyways, I was, like, "Yes, what time is it?" And, then was shocked awake when he said 10:20!! LOL :) I didn't mean to sleep that long, but without setting the alarm, there was no other way to wake up...Princess didn't really cough much more after she fell asleep again, either, she must've just needed something to drink...Anyways, it was a good sleep after I went back to bed again, obviously!! LOL :)
Image hosting by PhotobucketPrincess turns 2 on Thursday!! I can't believe it!! We're not having her party until the 12th (because of Blockheads, ::wahhh wahhh Debbie Downer music here::), and we're having it at McDonald's around 1p.m. in F!! :) I couldn't believe how reasonable that was, and with so many little ones wanting to run & play in the dead of winter, that play place is perfect...So, be looking for your invitations, cousins!! LOL :) Oh, and another thing, just to throw it out there, too, before you get the invitation, I'm planning on inviting everyone to Marion's pizza on the 17th for King's Birthday (his 30th!!), so hope that works for you guys, too...probably around 7pm...It was supposed to be a surprise, but he saw it on a piece of paper I had forgotten to put away, and ::repeat Debbie Downer:: I was so mad!! LOL :) At myself, really, because it was my fault for not "covering my tracks" :)
Well, I'd better go...I obviously need to get started on party invites!! LOL :) It's coming up pretty close (2wks)...Hope you all have a great day!! :)


Missy said...

So is it going to be a Strawberry Shortcake party?!?!?! We will be there for both events....at least as far as I know! I don't think we have commitments for either day!!! Yeah!!!

Glad you are still liking going to the gym! I think it is great!!!!

Sorry Princess is sick....but at least you guys got a good second sleep!!

Love ya!

Kelley said...

What is up with kids being up last night...first Minnie and now yours....and Pita Pocket was SO restless last night. Maybe it was the moon! LOL!
You've got a lot to do with 2 parties coming up. Let me know if you do anything that I can use for my hubby's 30th!
Lots of Love
Oh, and thanks for the tax advice. Hubby's going to call!!!

Jodi said...

Hola....I was going to comment earlier but I couldn't remember what I was going to say....I have remembered now lol...I like both your blinkies on this one...I have a food allergy too!! lol...and the Strawberry Shortcake one reminds me of WEezie (the aunt that just passed recently) She collected strawberry stuff...loved anything strawberries and when we went to visit her before she died..it will be forever with me I think...she was wrapped up all snug in her Strawberry Shortcake blanket...she loved that thing! So it made me smile to see the Strawberry Shortcake blinky!! =)

nmj...but I thought I'd share that...

Josy said...

Happy Birthday Princess! Isn't it just amazing to look at our kids and realize how much they have grown? I'm tearing up just thinking about Joe turning 4! I'm such a nerd...