Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ahhhh, now a new look for Valentine's :) Finally!! LOL :) I've had my eye on this web set for a while, now :) I think I found it at Magnolia Station :)

Anyways, I'm all ready to go to the gym...I'm such a dork, though...this has been my dilema today...Do I shower before I go to the gym, or do I just go dirty to the gym, workout, shower, then tan? Or, will that take too long, so should I shower before the gym, get dirty, rinse off (not washing my hair, but still using shower gel), THEN tan? I can't tan BEFORE I shower/rinse/whatever, because they suggest to not get wet for, like 2 hours or so after tanning...What a pickle...

If you're wondering what I decided, today I showered before, and I'll "rinse" off there, then when TOM is over, the dilema will be even more complicated, because the hot tub will be added in there!! LOL :) Suggestions, please, and remember, there's only 2 (that's TWO) hours of free childcare!! LOL :)

I'm such a perfectionist, that this isn't really a joke, I've really been thinking hard on this one!! LOL

So, the food thing has been getting back to normal (normal being back on-program :) ). TOM's expected to be over today or tomorrow, and I can already feel it!! LOL :) I'm feeling a lot better, and not as mean :)

Tonight's PT practice :) YAY!! :) I love PT practice, although tonight, I'll have Princess with me...that's always a little difficult, because we never know if there'll be childcare or not, and she likes to sing with Mommy (holding her own mic & everything) we'll see...if there are other kiddos there, they'll play with her, but they don't always stay in the sanctuary...See?!?! All kinds of dilemas today!! LOL :) King's gotta be a Blockhead tonight, so he can't watch her :) Oh, but good news, our refund is a few hundred more than King was projecting early in the game, so that's always good news :)

I'm almost ready to go to the gym...just waiting on Princess to wake up from her nap...this is a good one...she went down around noon, and is still asleep at 2:30 :)

Okay, better go...I gotta dry my hair & slap on some makeup :) Talk to ya later :)

Oh, and prayers & ((((HUGS))))), especially for Cousin BoyD :) Missy, keep us updated!! :)


megan said...

Man, I am impressed that you are able to do so much in two hours. Are you at Premiere now?

Congrats on the larger kick back from taxes. We have to owe and I can't figure out why. I am not happy about it.. hopefully we can get it looked at...Ty's dad will check it out for us.

Have fun at PT..

Sara said...

Hope you can figure out a workout routine. When I was going (a year ago) I went at 5am (non-showered) worked out, and then tanned and then I would shower when I got home. That just worked for me, but you'll figure out what to do. Hope PT practice goes well for you tonight and LOVE the new look! I wish I could do that with mine!

Kelley said...

Work Out and then all the other stuff and then shower. You're not trying to impress anyone at the gym, so no need to shower for them. If you stink, maybe you'll get some first picks at what you want to do! LOL!
YEAH on the taxes!!!!!! Hopefully we can do ours next week!
Lots of Love!

Josy said...

Oh man, I haven't even thought about taxes...okay, so I've thought about the dishwasher I could buy and the bills I could pay off, but I haven't thought about doing them yet. Okay, what's wrong with daycare?! Joe loves his daycare and I just know that someday when he's too old to go, it's going to be a sad day for him.