Friday, February 03, 2006

I cannot believe that my Baby Princess is TWO!! Where did the last two years go?!!? She's 2 going on 16, btw...she's already got the 'tude going on...

When I went in to get her this morning, I immediately began singing "Happy Birthday" and she LOVED hearing her name in that song!! LOL She flopped back down on her mattress and said, "Happy Birthday, Mommy!!" LOL I laughed & told her it was HER Birthday...she was just so stinkin' cute today :) Well...mostly :) I think that "Terrible Two" switch turned on today, too...she threw an AWFUL fit when I wouldn't let her "play" in the spare bedroom...she started scream crying & flailing all about, and going limp when I tried to pick her up...she's never done it that severely before...where's that book on The Strongwilled Child?!?!? I think we'll need it ;)

We went to Wal-Mart & picked a few things up, then headed out to Toys R Us, which didn't have what we wanted!! Grrrr!! We'll have to go to the one by the Dmall...blah, blah, blah...Oh, well, she's still getting a play kitchen, but I wanted to give it to her today...I did end up getting her a Strawberry Shortcake doll, and a CUTE SS skirt outfit (from Walmart), and some cute SS jammies :) Can you tell there was a theme there?!?! LOL :) Aunt Daisy got her a Princess bean bag chair (she LOVED that, too :) ) and Mammy gave her a JoJo magical playhouse set, and a set with all the characters!! This thing is so cute, and she loved talking to JoJo & having JoJo talk to Skeebo...and Gali-on (that's what she calls him...isn't that cute?!?! It's JoJo's lion named Goliath LOL for those of you not familiar with JoJo's Circus!! LOL I forget not everyone watches Playhouse Disney!! LOL) Anyways, it was a big hit!! All of her toys were, and she even loved the little skirt I got her!! I couldn't resist & put it on her, and she kept twirling & dancing, and kicking up her heals!! LOL SO cute, and such a Princess :) Oh, we went to Tumbleweed for dinner :) That's where everyone else ate the night after I gave birth, and I got a COLD Texas Tater!! Whatever!! LOL :) Everyone left me at the hospital to go to, there I sat, all alone for supper with a HOSPITAL meal, and everyone else is feasting at Tumbleweed!! LOL I'm not bitter, though :)

Well, I'd better go...I just wanted to share a little bit of Princess's 2nd Birthday (the actual day, not her party day :) ). I've been so busy, I haven't really been able to completely catch up on journals, but I will tomorrow!! :) Hope you're all having a great week!! :)

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Josy said...

Awwww! Princess is so sweet! Thanks for sharing her day with us.

Missy said...

So glad Princess had a great-special day!!! Time does fly! It seems like only yesterday, I know!!!

I-Man is growing out of Jo-Jo's...but I am sure FAB will love it as much as he did!!! They just grow up too stinking fast!

Love ya!

Kelley said...

She is so cute!!! Sounds like she got a lot of good stuff! And it doesn't sound like you are bitter at all about the Tumbleweed experience! LOL!
Lots of Love!