Saturday, January 28, 2006

Image hosting by PhotobucketOkay, so who knew I'd really like going to the gym? I can already tell a difference in my jeans!! YAY!! :) They came right out of the dryer, I folded them, and took 'em to the gym with me this afternoon, and after I put them on, I was drying my hair, and noticed in the mirror that they're not squeezing my hips & thighs!! LOL :) No, don't get me wrong, they still fit, and I don't think I'm down much in weight, yet, but I'm getting there, and I feel better already!! :)

So, hmmm, let's see...Oh, Princess has been doing really well in the nursery...She started crying for me towards the end (I could hear her hollering, "Mommy!!" from the locker room (not a whiny cry, but like just hollering at me!! LOL) Anyways, she's been doing really well there, and likes to "go play with the kids." LOL :) Oh, and I didn't mean to offend anyone with saying I didn't want Princess in daycare...I've worked daycare, though, in 2 different places, and it's kinda like workin' at a fast food resteraunt, ya know? You can "see" too much & it ruins it for you...I understand that there are AWESOME daycares/daycare teachers, and not necessarily at the same time!!LOL And, when Princess gets old enough, I fully intend on putting her in Pre School (one of the teachers I used to work with is an AWESOME pre-school teacher, I would highly recommend her)...but staying home with her, and really knowing who's taking care of her is important to me...because some of the people I've met at the daycare...let's just say I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw 'em...Again, this is very generalized, and I don't mean to do that...I realize there are great teachers who really work with & actually KNOW how to work with little kiddos, but the marjority aren't trained well, and aren't required (here, anyways) to have any kind of schooling background (only "inservice" which talks about health, abuse, etc...not how to make up a lesson plan & follow it, work with your students, etc...). Again, I realize that this might sound too generalized, and I don't mean to be!! :) This is just what I've observed from actually working in daycare...and why it is so important for me to stay home with Princess & any other kiddos that may come along :) Again, I'm not trying to put you down if you do have your kids in daycare!! LOL :) I realize, too, that not everyone has the opportunity or even wants to stay home with their's a totally individual family decision, and I respect your decisions!! :) Just because I don't want daycare (or to teach it anymore...and a part of me does miss the teaching part), doesn't mean there's necessarily anything wrong with it...just be careful (duh, like you wouldn't!! LOL) and talk talk talk to the people that are watching your kids!! (again, this is for daycare centers, not in-home with people you really do know!! LOL) Anyways, you'd be surprised how many parents were in & out & never said 2 words to me, ask about their kiddo's day, talk about what we were doing/learning that week, and I had all this information available to them, and most of them never looked at our bulletin boards, never checked their work folder, never even glanced at the calendar & lesson plans, and NEVER read the class newsletter...there were only a couple who noticed & really cared about that stuff...

Anyways, that's the end of my rant!! LOL :) My friend English said to me that she wants to be known as a "good catch Room Mother"!! LOL :) Like, say when Johnny goes to 2nd grade, and his 2nd grade teacher talks to his 1st grade teacher, the 1st grade teacher says, "You're going to LOVE having her Mom!! She's a great room mother!!" It always made me sad when we had a party at daycare, and after 2 weeks of the sign-up sheet being up, I still ended up having to provide most of the food & stuff because only 1 or 2 of the other parents would chip was pretty disappointing...

Anyways, I thought I said that was the "end of rant"!! LOL Seriously, I'm done, now...And, just to sum up...There are problems on both sides (daycare & parents), and, as with anything, just be cautious & informed!! :)

Tonight King's working until 6pm (which means 7 or 8 Blockhead time), and I was planning on making myself a grilled chicken salad w/ lite ranch dressing, since I totally blew it at McDonald's today!! LOL :) I got a few things at Wally World, too, and need to chop them up...I think Princess is going to watch Cinderella in a few minutes, and I've gotta figure out what she's eating for supper!! LOL :) She'd like chicken, too, but maybe there's some peas in the pantry (yes, she likes them...I say BLECH!!).

So, since you just got an earful about daycare, I'll let you go!! LOL :) I've gotta catch up on journals, and fix something for supper :) Actually, Princess just came in here asking to watch Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


Missy said...

My head is swimming from your rant! It was hard to keep up with...but funny...cuz I could totally picture you saying it! Funny!!!

Glad you are liking going to the gym. Isn't it funny how you really want to do it once you start! Yeah Us!!!

Love ya!!

Sara said...

So what you're saying is that you're not trying to offend anyone....? LOL. Glad you like going to the gym. That makes all the difference! Good for you!

Kelley said...

Okay, should I be offended by your rant or not? LOL! You crack me up! I was like "what!??!?!!?!?"!

YEAH about the jeans!

Lots of Love!

Josy said...

You and Mac-n-Cheese almost make me want to get off the couch. Almost. Good for you!

(Seriously, I wasn't offended by the daycare comment, I meant to give you a hard time because I am sooooooooo jealous you get to be at home with your precious and I can't be at home with mine.)

Kiddos and peas, it's either love or hate. Joe's fussy, he doesn't like canned but he'll eat frozen or out of mom's garden. I say BLECH too.