Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Isn’t she cute?!?! LOL Those are just a couple of the toys she got for Christmas that she LOVES...A Strawberry Shortcake brush & mirror set, and her Disney Princess microphone. She’s such a Diva!! LOL

So, it’s snowing!! I thought I wanted more snow, but now I’m not so sure!! LOL At least it’s not very much…only 1-3in are expected, so that’s not too bad. Yesterday it rained the live-long day, then turned to ice last night, then flurries shortly after that. Our eyebrow apt. & dinner ran longer than expected, so we missed all but the last ½ hour of Image hosted by!! Don’t worry, I DVR’d it!! LOL That’s what I plan on watching today!! And, don’t forget, it’s on again tonight!! Tonight, though, I’ll probably be at church, so I’ll have to DVR it again…LOVE DVR!!

We went to Applebee’s last night in K, and it was pretty slow service…and I don’t go there enough to really know what to get, anyway (or what I like there…) Anyways, I ended up getting the 3course thing..the steak one..and it was pretty good. The best was dessert…a BROWNIE...Oh, my goodness, it was wonderful...I had 18pts left for dinner, but I’m pretty sure the brownie put me over!! LOL It was very good, though.

Tonight I’m hoping to meet with a couple ladies at church early, so we can start planning the first Women’s Fellowship luncheon/mtg. whatever you wanna call it. I think there are a lot of different Women’s groups getting ready to start up, but this would be for EVERY woman, not just “if you’re interested in this study” kind of group. I’m VERY excited, because as far as I know, there’s never been something like this done, and so we’re breaking new ground!! There is so much potential for this to be a great church, even with all our human imperfections, it’s just gotta take a lot of work getting there…oh, yeah, and follow-through!! It’s gotta take a lot of follow-through!! I think it’ll go over pretty well, I don’t know, though. Please remember us in your prayers!! This idea was brought up a while ago, and was never brought to fruition because the main lady in the planning of it just got swamped with other things & opportunities in her life (she has a lay minister’s certificate, and was called to preach & pastoralship at a church on Linden…she prayed hard & heavy about this, and she’s really got an awesome testimony about how she felt ready to take on this task for the Lord. She had a very vivid spiritual dream, and another Godly woman in our church had a very vivid spiritual dream, also, that confirmed she was supposed to go…just very neat, I get Jesus bumps every time I think about their dreams, and how they go together!!)

So, anyways, we’ve decided to take it back up & go with it!! I think we’ll probably have to run it by the elders (just as a regular step…if we all started overstepping the elders, what would be their purpose?!?! LOL) Anyways, I don’t forsee a problem with it, I think we’ll get some hearty approval...

Which brings up another petition for prayer!! Please keep King in your prayers!! He’s now the Chair of the Stewardship committee (because the above mentioned Lady had to step down so she could focus on Pastoring). And, they are contemplating a few people to be on the Stewardship committee…one person has actually asked to be put on it, and King’s shackles immediately went up…remember the church secretary I told you about a few posts ago? The one that’s not easy to work with? She wants to be on it!! She has a history of self-appointing herself to “important” jobs, so just keep him & the rest of the Stewardship committee in your prayers…This could become a stressful thing for all of them…more stressful than looking at our money situation, already!!

I’d better go…this is getting long, and I don’t want to lose anyone!! LOL I’m such a chatty cathy lately!! LOL There’s just a lot going through my head right now!! All good, but all stuff I have to contemplate & think about, ya know?!?!

And, that makes my head hurt!! LOL

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!! (((((HUGS&PRAYERS)))))) for you all!!


Kelley said...

That's funny you say that, because my entries have gotten a lot longer lately too. I guess I just want you to know EVERY detail of my day! LOL!
I really hope that the women's stuff goes over well at your church. We have a great women's group at our church. Don't be discouraged if you don't have a lot get involved. Some want to sit back and see what happens and others jump right in. Neither way is bad!
Prayers for your family....especially if that lady gets involved. Those kind of people slightly irritate me! LOL!
Lots of Love!

Missy said...

I love your journals....especially the long ones! Hey...did your mom tell you about the email from Uncle J? I meant to journal about it but forgot....just wondered what everyone else's take on it was??! ya and praying for you guys! I know that tax season is tough with King working more hours!!! Love ya!

Sara said...

Cute pictures! I've been a little more "windy" lately too, so don't worry about it! Hope your group is successful, but as HBM said, don't worry if not many people come at first...some hold back to see what happens. (I tend to be one of those) Hope you're having a good day!

Megan said...

I wish you the best of luck with the church issue. I will be praying for you guys..

Let me know what you thought about AI. I was cracking up..

I made it to the hair salon in Fairborn this time with no accident or without getting lost. I got my hair colored.