Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Okay, where do I begin? I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve journalled…Please forgive me? I haven’t had much time to do anything online…

Let’s start with last Friday…We got up, got dressed, and headed to WalMart because I had to get a few things to bake a cake with for this girl at our church. I needed stuff mainly for icing, Mom had the rest, but Princess & I ate lunch there, and wandered around…then we headed over to Mom & Dad’s so I could bake this cake (remember, no stove!! ARGH!!) So, I went over there, Princess fell asleep in the van, but it didn’t last, and then Papa came home (so forget about a nap!! LOL) She was ready to PLAY!! LOL :) So, I baked my cake, and got that done, and Daisy came over, and Dad payed for our dinner to Wendy’s (wasn’t that nice of him? He’s so sweet…he didn’t go with us, just wanted a frosty, and said, “Here, dinner’s on me tonight”) So, if you haven’t guessed, Daisy & I are MAJOR Daddy’s girls, still!! We always will be, I think ;)

So, Saturday, we did the same thing. We got up, and got ready a little earlier than we usually do, and headed over to Mom & Dad’s so I could decorate this cake. Thankfully, I had also made the icing on Fri. nite, so I just had to color some, and ice it. It turned out really cute!! I’ll have to ask for the photo WM took of it :) So, Mom & Dad took all of us (this time, the boys, too) out to CiCi’s for pizza…They have this TO DIE FOR mac & cheese pizza (sounds weird, but trust me!! It’s worth a try), and I love their veggie pizza, and of course, the cinnamon rolls!! The whole reason I keep going back!! NOT good for a diet, though…

Sunday, I taught Sunday School, and it went really well. There was a good group of kids in there, and we had a good time!! I have SS again next week (we’re on a rotation, and I’m every 4th & 5th (when there is one) Sunday of the month). So, it was a good class, they had a good time just talking everything out with me, and doing their craft. Fun, fun!! And, VERY good, considering I remembered I had to teach at midnight Saturday night!! LOL :) I won’t do that again this week!! LOL

Oh, after service on Sunday we had a surprise party for the girl at church…we’ll call her MammoNurse? I’ll try to think of a better one, I’m not in the mood for nicknaming right now!! LOL :) Anyways, she was SO surprised, and we had a good time…Oh, one thing I should mention…she was in a pretty bad car accident on Fri. night, and is still really stiff & sore from that, but nothing major wrong with her, PTL!! She was kinda depressed, though, because it was around her Birthday, and she doesn’t have any family around here, and she’s single, and how’s she gonna get to work yada yada yada…And, she started crying & saying how much she loves all of us for showing her how much we care for her (and we had planned the party before she had the accident, and while she was at the hospital, she had a ton of church family visitors). So, the Lord was really showing her how much He loves her & cares for her by surrounding her with such a big support group…and she’s been a blessing to have as a friend…

So, anyways, our Small group was cancelled that night (because she’s one of the 2 who comes, and the party took a lot out of her, and out of C, too, who has let her stay with her the last few days so she can keep an eye on her. So, we decided it was best if we skipped it…It was nice for us, too, because Mom & Dad had Princess, so we had some time to ourselves…Keep your mind out of the gutter!!

Yesterday I wasn’t really feeling very well, and took a nap, and then I had to try and type up a few things for our “Remodeling the Temple” ladies group on Monday nights (think Weight Watcher’s without the fee, and it’s more biblically based.) So, it was 5p.m. and I started wondering where King was, and he had to be a Blockhead last night!! I was so frustrated, because I was waiting on him to come home so I could type that stuff up, but I got it typed up, and Princess just had some “free play without Mommy” time!! LOL :) We had a pretty good group last night, although there were 2 of the skinniest ladies at the church there last night (they said it was for the fellowship, lol, Jgirl said it was like preachin’ to the skinny girls, lol, guess you had to be there!! LOL) It was good…it will be very good, and some much needed accountability for me (we do have a Weigh In).

So, that’s what’s been going on with me!! Tonight is a stay home & bundle up with a good book night for me!! King might not realize that, but he will!! LOL

I’d better go…I need to catch up on the Journal Goddesses!! :)


Missy said...

So glad you posted! I have been missing you! How cool about your church "weigh-in" thingy! I would love to do something like that at our church. Way cool!!! And I know what you mean about the accountability of weighing in in front of someone else!!!!

And of course we are Daddy's Girls...we have the best Daddys!!!!

Love ya...and glad you are "back"!

Josy said...

I can't wait to see the cake! Last year I tried to make Joe a fire engine cake - please note the word "tried") - I used food coloring instead of coloring paste so he had the prettiest pink fire truck! He was a good sport about it.

megan said...

Good luck with the weigh in.. I am trying my best to keep up with my plan as well. I have the journaling on the yahoo link if you want to check it out.
One of these nights that King is at blockhead, we should get together. I am off work at 5.
Have a great night reading. I love those nights.

Kelley said...

I've been missin' your journaling!!!! I'm glad you're back!
The weigh-in small group sounds awesome. I need accountability or it just doesn't work with me!
I can't wait to see the picture of your cake. That is a hobby of mine. I love to decorate cakes. I made Pita Pocket an ELMO cake for the 1st b-day party and BLUE CLUES for the 2nd one!
Lots of love!

Sara said...

Missed you! I'd like to see the cake too. Kelley's very "creative" with cakes too! I hope the weight loss group goes well for you!

Kelley said...

Hey! I forgot to tell you that YES, I do use the lavender clorox wipes! They are awesome. The only thing about those is that I have to have a paper towel to dry off the counters because they are so wet. But, it makes the house smelll so much better than poopy diapers! LOL! Lots of Love!