Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey, Journal Goddesses, that's the silly picture for today :) My bathroom :) That's my new shower curtain that I got for Christmas from my Mom :) I LOVE it!! :) If you can't tell, it's dark, dark burgandy and almost tea-stained colored white gingham (very primitive looking), and there's this neat grapevine & berry border down there...She also got me a bowl (with the same grapevine thing going on), and 2 towels that look like the shower curtain :) I LOVE IT!! :) I also got the switchplate that matches :) I'm eventually going to get the border up there, and I'm gonna try to find a picture/sign/something to hang on the wall... It looks SO different in there, and it makes it feel like more of a "room", if that makes sense...Oh, I also still need to get some bath rugs for the floor...I'm thinking brown (which may sound yucky, but I think it'll be the best to compliment everything else, because I've already tried finding that shade of red, and it ain't happenin'...

Anyways, PT was cancelled last night (WM's gout was back, and he couldn't stand), so after my hair apt I just came back home :) We had a REALLY nice dinner :) Pork chops w/bbq sauce in the crockpot, Baked potatoes from Wendy's, and some green giant veggies w/ sauce...YUM :) The pork just fell off the bones...VERY good...Hey, and did you know that pork is a LOT cheaper than beef? I had never really noticed that before, when I had thought I'd be buying both of them, and saw the prices side-by-side...Pork...the other white meat...hahaha, you knew I was gonna say that, didn't you?!?! LOL :)

Tonight King's a Blockhead, and Princess and I are doing the chicken patti & mac & cheese thing for supper...I'll probably throw chicken in there tomorrow :) I have to say, even though a little bit more pricier, it's SO MUCH EASIER cooking with the crockpot!! :) I love it :)

Princess is fighting a nappy nap right now...she's actually driving me crazy, because I know she's tired, but she's trying her darndest to stay awake...Just take a nap already!! LOL :)

Oh, have you all been watching "My Name is Earl" & "The Office"?!?! Those are the 2 funniest shows on TV right now!! They just crack me up!! Did anyone watch them last night? The Office was hillarious!! I think Dwight is so funny...I've worked with more than a few people like that!! LOL :) If you haven't ever watched them, I highly recommend them :) In fact, they're the only 2 sitcoms I like right now (okay, maybe except for King of Queens & Yes, Dear reruns)...Oh, and for drama my faves are 7th Heaven, Smallville, & Everwood...I'm addicted to the DVR, btw, because they're pretty much all on the same night (except 7th Heaven), so I have to do some taping...

Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh, Princess just started making "happy noises" again in her bed....why won't she go to sleep?!?!?!?!

Okay, I better go...praying for Journal Pro & Josy :) Have a great Friday :)


Jodi said...

I love Earl and I've recently started watching the Office...I cracked up when that guy tried to put his foot in the MRI machine at the last second....that show is so my sense of it's only logical that Brain Twin would like it too!!! lol...we are scarey!

I love your shower curtain...your mom did excellent!

I like the nights that I don't have to cook for husband the best lol...enjoy your evening!

Kelley said...

Okay, I just LOVE your site links. How do you do those? That is precious!!! I absolutely love Yes Dear. I watch the reruns all the time! I taped the nbc shows last night, so I'll have to watch them this weekend.
I really like the color of your shower curtain. Isn't it funny that we can't find the exact color to match something? Not funny "ha ha", but funny "arrgghh"! Too red or too orange or too brown. It drives me crazy! Have a great weekend! Lots of Love!

Jodi said...

I forgot to comment earlier about your pretty buttons! =) yay!

Sara said...

The Office is one of my favorite shows! I"m right there with you! It's very much my sense of humor! Love it!

Cute bathroom from what I can see! Your curtain sounds cute! Hope Princess took a nap for you!

Missy said...

Cute it! Glad you are starting to feel at home more!

I need to take lessons from you on Crockpot cooking...cuz that would be an easy way to make dinner every night if I could just throw it all in the morning before I go to work!

Love you!!!! Oooh..and painful for your WM. A guy that I work with has that. How wierd!

Love ya!

Josy said...

Woman! Get off my brain wave, LOL! That was going to be my next Dumb Picture of the Day - my bathroom! Guess what, I'm posting it anyways. Sounds like you're making some goodies in that crockpot of yours!