Sunday, January 08, 2006

I LOVE this picture!! :) I just messed with a few of the photo effects that came with the Kodak software stuff, and this was one of them :) I cropped it a little, and used the "spotlight" effect :) Isn't it sweet? It's also cute in black & white :) I'll post that another time :)

I'm just so impressed with this new camera, and I finally know how to upload them from our camera to the computer, so I might start taking the "stupid pic of the day", too!! LOL :) I like HBM's & Josy's :)

Well, that's all I wanted, I really don't have a lot of time right now, we're having our first small group tonight :) It's REALLY small :) Just 2 other ladies besides King & me (and Princess, too :) ) Anyways, I think I'll like it like that my first time doing this, because I know these two gals pretty good anyways, and there won't be "pressure" from them, you know? I'm really looking forward to it :) I'll let you all know about it, I'm sure!! LOL :) After these 4 sessions are up, we're going to start over in February, hopefully with a different group, we'll see :)

Okay, I'd better go :) Talk to ya later :)


Kelley said...

Love the pic! Have fun in your small group tonight! We start ours on Wednesday! Lots of Love!

Josy said...

So stinking adorable! I love sharing pictures. Hope your small group goes well.