Friday, December 09, 2005

The snow is REALLY pretty!! :)

I am not feeling very Christmassy right now...I'm just having a "down" day...we've got a lot of stress right now, with King's school, finances (that's a big one for us right now, but I know we all have struggles with this at different times...), and, UGH!! my weight!! bLaH!! Just self esteem issues, along with my regular struggle with the scale & eating...same ol' same ol', but it's just all got me down today...I'll get over it, but your prayers in the mean time would be wonderful!! :)
I have not even STARTED Christmas shopping, yet...King gets paid this week, and we'll probably go this next week or so's been really hard to hear about all the sales & stuff, and not being able to take advantage of them...
I know, it's not like no one else has this stuff to deal with, it's nothing new to anyone, I've just been really down about it today...

Okay, that's the end of my sob story!! LOL I really don't like to talk about money, because I know we are so blessed, and there are always people who are worse off than's been weighing on my heart today, along with all that other stuff I mentioned earlier...I'm a Debbie Downer today!! LOL :)
Okay, I'd better go...maybe watching "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown" will cheer me up!! LOL :) That's kinda how I feel today!! LOL :)
Hope you all are having a great one!! :)


Missy said...

Love you and TOTALLY understand! We are there too!! So, we are under the understanding that no gifts for eachother this year...right?!?!?! Unless you want me to make you a scarf...but you can make your you probably don't want one that I made!!!

Love you...hang in there....just keep reminding yourself that the reason you don't have any money is because you have a wonderful place to live!!! I have to do that all the time!

Hang in there...and Merry Christmas!

Kelley said...

We so understand what you mean about the finances. We are doing Christmas for Hubby and I AFTER know, after the money comes in! LOL! Hope you have a Christmasy day tomorrow! Have Mac-N-Cheese make you a scarf and then sell it for money! LOL Lots of Love!

Jodi said...

::Debbie Downer-esque:: wah wah wah....ok if ya heard it you'd know that that wasn't a waaaa but the sound effect they make for Debbie know brain-twin will get that even if no one else

I haven't started Christmas shopping either! lol...ya know we had the whole roof thing so it's a skimpy Christmas around here I made some stuff to take to work and try to sell and if it doesn't what people are getting for Christmas...should I give Mac Daddy the blue bracelet I made or the pink? lol

anyway...just had to empathize with you a little...but if that didn't help...just know I'm praying for ya Brain-twin!

Sara said...

I'm right there with you sister! With being off work for 2 weeks on bed rest and now for another 8 weeks, money's tight. I only get 70% of my pay and we live extremely paycheck to paycheck!! As Mac-n-Cheese said, you have a beautiful new house, so at least you have something to show for it!

Don't be down. Things will get better! Just remember how much you love Christmas!!!!! :)

Josy said...

Praying for you...even if you can't afford to buy all the gifts you want, a little goes a long way to show someone you care!