Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Re Decorating :)

As you've probably noticed, I've redecorated a little :) This html stuff is addciting when you realize all you can do with it...and the "preview" and "clear edits" button are pretty nice, too!! LOL :) I must've done something wrong, because on the top R corner & bottom L corner of the lighter background is messed up...oh, well...I have no idea how to fix it, so it's there to stay!! LOL :)

Oh, and can you see the cute little dot font I've got going on? I wonder if you can...I think JJ probably can, cause she's got it on her computer ;) *commercial for Lettering Delights coming up!! LOL* I have a new link to a place called "Lettering Delights" that sells all different kinds of fonts for you to download to your computer...it's VERY neat...But, they have freebies, too, and if you sign up for the e-newsletter you get to download 7 FREE fonts!! :) Also, once a month, if you refer anyone to their site, you get the "free font of the month"!! :) I haven't bought anything off of them, but I sure could!! Great for journaling for scrapping, or if you do a newsletter/labels/whatever for Christmas...or whatever you want to type up with them...**End of commercial** hehehehe

Nothing much on the agenda today...I need to "bless the house" as FlyLady would say, since I didn't yesterday, but other than that, I think I just need to knit...Yes, I'm knitting a couple gifts this year, too!! LOL :) That was such a valuable skill Hair Dye & Mac N Cheese taught me this year :) I haven't made a whole lot, but what I do make is "passable" as a gift!! LOL :) Fun Fur hides a multitude of mistakes, though!! LOL :)

I'd better go...I hope you all are having a great day!! :) Blessings to you!! :)


Kelley said...

I'm gonna have to see that website with the free fonts. What do I need to put to make sure you get credit when I sign up for the free newsletter? Wanna make sure you get the credit!
Have fun cleaning. Did the blessing at our house yesterday and it already looks like I need to do it again! If it wasn't for a little thing called dinner, our house would look clean all the time!
Lots of Love!

Josy said...

You are so smart figuring out the html stuff! I thought I was a genius when I figured out how to do links! *mutters to self: must find owners manual for journal* I love meatloaf, too bad no one else at my house does...send me the leftovers, ha ha!

Sara said...

I love your html stuff! It's so cute! Right now I have no time for that, but eventually I want to know how to do it! Hope the "blessing" goes well!