Friday, March 24, 2006

Isn't she the most beautiful baby (besides Princess, of course LOL) that you've ever seen?!?! I just think she's precious. And, when I went to visit her tonight, she was wide awake for a little while!! It's so neat because she REALLY reacts to Daisy & Papa Bear's voice, always turning her head towards them when they talk...It's so sweet!!

So, I guess I didn't really share what actually happened yesterday!! LOL I didn't really have time to go into it :) But I have a few minutes right now :)

Daisy woke up around 5:30a.m. yesterday morning (the 23rd) because she thought she'd "wet" herself (she'd just read about how lax the bladder control can be in the last month, so that's why she thought it was that). She said she got up & felt a gush & said out loud, "Oh, crap!" LOL Well, after her trip to the bathroom, she said she realized it wasn't what she thought it was, so she woke Papa Bear up and they called her Dr. and they advised her to go to the hospital...So, they got to the hospital around 6:30a.m., and she was only dialated to 2 1/2-3cm...So, around 7:30a.m. they started her on Pitocin...We got a call around 7:30-8a.m. because they couldn't remember Dr. Matt's last name!! LOL When I heard King answer the phone, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, [Dr. Matt's Last Name Here]" THAT'S what really made me pay close attention!! LOL So, he comes in the bedroom & wakes me up & says, "Daisy's water broke, they're at the hospital!!" I hopped out of bed & started running around getting ready & getting a few things ready to take to the hospital with me (digi cam, video cam, baby gifts, etc...). I rushed to get there, and I realized too late I should've brought a book!! LOL I forgot in my haste to get there how much "hurry up & wait" there is to birthin' a baby!! LOL She was "checked" every hour-hour & a half, and made hardly NO progress... Katie wasn't positioning "down" either, so around 6:30p.m. they started talking very seriously about a C-section...Daisy, at this point, was just ready to get this baby OUT, so I don't think she was worried too much. She's never had surgery before, so I think that was her main worry, but they didn't have to put her under or anything. So, they took her back to the OR around 7:00ish, and Katie was born at 7:19p.m.!! Everything went very well :) And she's VERY healthy :) She weighed in at 8lbs, 8oz (7.6oz technically, but they round up...), and 20 1/2in long!! She's got REALLY long, pretty fingers, and is just adorable :)

I finally got to hold her today!! I changed a *wet* diaper while I was there and left the dirty ones to Mammy & Mommy!! LOL I guess while we were all out to dinner tonight, Papa Bear had to change his first diaper ever, and it was a VERY messy one!! LOL :)

Tonight I'm going through some of Princess's 0-3mo clothes & picking out some warmer outfits for her, since she won't need a lot of those, and only for a couple more weeks...No sense buying more, when Princess barely wore the ones she had...I have to wash them tonight, and then get ready for tomorrow...I don't know if I'm going to be much help at their house or not, but Dad & King are both going over & gonna work on it all day...There's mainly the kitchen (cleaning & painting), and then the actual moving of the "big stuff" from the little house (only a few doors down...) Anyways, an odd move, but that's just how it's gotta be...

Okay, I'd better go...I'm SO tired, and I need to get a few things done before I zonk out!! LOL

Have a great weekend!! :)


Josy said...

Congrats auntie Mandalynn! Daffodil is absolutely adorable! Momma and Pappa should be so proud!

Girl, I read your post about your little oops moment...I know I struggle with my self worth too, most days I wonder why God made a messup like me... then I look at my little boy and remember that I have done something wonderful and my life is not a waste. My miracle baby is here for a reason, I truly believe that, even if it's only to save me from myself. That boy is going to do big things. So when you need a reminder of how God loves you, look no further than your King and Princess! God gives his blessings to those he loves, and he loves you!

Kelley said...

I just smiled all through your journal while reading about Daffodil! I love to hear birthing stories. It's such a miracle! Congrats....and next time, don't forget a book! LOL!

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

I love the "Got Milk" hat! How cute!!!! Now that I've had mine, I just gush even more over babies! I'm so glad little Daffodil is here and everyone is healthy! Love ya!

Kelley said...

MISSING PERSON....hello! We are looking for Mandy. We miss her journaling and her beautiful personality!! We hope everything is okay!!! We love you!!!

Lots of Love!