Thursday, March 09, 2006

Good Afternoon, Everyone :) I hope you all are having a great day…Ours…not so much…LOL Last night around 2:30 Princess woke up vomiting, all over her bed, her hair, the floor, it was SO gross…King washed her hair while I cleaned up her bed. Then I ran her a quick bath because she still smelled pretty gross, bless her heart, and the whole time all she wanted was to be held. Well, she fell back asleep, then around 5:30 or so she started coughing again & threw up again. King got up with her this time, and it wasn’t much, just needed to change her sheets…she laid down in bed with me while he cleaned that up…then he took her to her bed, and before he laid her down she started coughing again, and threw up again!! King said it was mostly on the blanket he used…so she laid in bed with me again, and was almost asleep, so I asked her if she wanted to go to Princess's bed…on the way back, she threw up again, and I changed her jammies again, cleaned her up, and laid her down…and we slept until around 10:30ish…She’s kept everything down this morning, so I don’t think it’s very bad…King tends to think it’s from congestion or something, so we’ll see. She’s playing & running around like she feels just fine, and she hasn’t had a fever…Time will tell, I guess :)

So, tonight’s Praise Team practice, and King's actually free tonight, so he’s going to keep Princess here at home :) It makes choir practice SO much more enjoyable when I’m not having to keep one eye on her, and concentrate on singing at the same time…I think I need the break, too :) LOL

I'm feeling the need to add to my soundtrak collection...I don't have any newer songs, and very few actually on a CD, so it's hard to do a "special" anymore...And, I don't get to the bookstore very often to look at those...There are a few songs I'd like to do, though...

Ok, I'd better go...I think Princess is FINALLY down for her nap...she's been singing & talking to herself, and I KNOW she's sleepy...just restless...weird...I feel like saying, "What's wrong with you!?! You're SO tired, just go to sleep!!" LOL :)


Sara said...

Icky on the throwing up! I hope she's better today and not getting the flu or something! Poor little thing!

Glad you get a break tonight so you can enjoy PT practice.

Have a good one!

Kelley said...

Been there and I hate those nights....especially when they just want to hold you. You want to hold them...right after you rinse them with the off brand baby shampoo and soap!!!! LOL!

Glad she's better and hope you had a great practice tonight!

Lots of Love!

Missy said...

Ya know....that same thing happens A LOT with I-Man. Usually the first time he gets sick it is the food he ate before he went to bed...but then the rest of the times it is congestion. Last night was a great example. It happens so much that it doesn't even wake him up all the time anymore. He just has so much chest congestion that he coughs to hard that it makes him get sick. Poor things. They have said that I-Man's might be a form of asthma. I am just hoping he out-grows it....because those nights are NOT fun!!! Sorry you had a rough night. Oh, the joys of parenting!!!!

Love ya!