Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hey, Everyone :) I hope you're doing well today :) I went to the gym!! :) AND, I even spent the first 15 minutes after I got up in the Word!! :) Those are a part of my "new" FlyLady routines :)

I got my books from Christian Book Distributers (VERY good prices) yesterday, and I'm almost 1/2way done with one of them already!! LOL I didn't start reading it until last night...ANYWAYS, it's "The Facts of Life, And Other Lessons My Heavenly Father Taught Me" by Lisa Whelchel (Blair from the Facts of Life...if you don't know that show, you've DEFINATELY been living under the proverbial rock!! LOL) Anyways, VERY good, and easy reading!! She's made me think about some things that I need to change in my life (there's too many to share, but the major one being spending time in the Word every day). Anyways, I highly recommend it :).

Tonight's PT practice (it is Thursday, right? I've been all mixed up this week!! LOL). I'm looking forward to it :) King's off again this Thurs. so he's keeping Princess :) That always makes practice a lot less stressful for me :)

Hmmm, let's see, what else...OH!! :) I think I'm going to start a Mom Time group!! :) Anyone interested? It's (again) a Lisa Whelchel thing, but the idea really appealed to me...It's just a couple hours a week, you eat lunch, you have a topical discussion and/or sharing time, and then you play a game!! :) Her specific group (that she hosts in her home) is geared more towards SAHM's, so they're during the day (12-2), but she says adapt the time to whatever works for your group...I've been thinking of asking a few ladies from church, but I might just wait to start it up this summer when I have a few teacher friends who are off for the summer :) They might really enjoy it, too :) And, it might keep us all from going insane!! LOL :) But, seriously, if the Lord leads (and I've been praying about it), I would love to start one soon :)

Okay, moving on...I promise I won't mention LW again this journal entry!! LOL :)

I need to get "back on the fly wagon" here...I need a schedule...if I don't have a schedule, I end up getting NOTHING done...even though I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, you'd never notice that I'd done anything...that's partly just running after Princess, too, but, you get the drift...we need some structure, and I need to start getting up at a certain time of day, BEFORE Princess...because if I wait to get up with Princess, I seem to always be behind...Oh, well...story of my life :)

Oh, and after I check in here, I'm gonna check out Sinclair's website & see what kind of classes/schedule thing we're looking at here...I want to go into this as informed as I possibly can...

Alright, I think I'll go...I need to get a few things done while Princess is taking a nap...OH!! Funny...we went to McD's for lunch after the gym, and after we ate, Princess wanted to play in the playplace thingy...well, she doesn't climb or anything, I think she just likes to be around all the kids, and she gets soooo excited :) It's so sweet...Anyways, at our McD's in H, there's a spiral staircase that goes up to one of those tunnels that leads to the slide...She would go up a couple of stairs and say, "It too high." Well, a sweet little boy came up behind her, and heard her say that and said, "It's okay, you can do it, see? Like this." And proceeds to go up the stairs...Princess followed him almost all the way up!! She was so proud!! She didn't go to the tunnel that led to the slide, but she came the whole way back down by herself (slowly!!LOL). Anyways, as she's coming back down, the little boy sees her and says, "See!! You did it!!" He was so sweet to her :)

Okay, I'd really better go :) Have a great day, ladies!! :)


Kelley said...

That is so sweet about that boy helping Princess.....there are so many wonderful people that help others!!

That's funny about what you said about wanting to get up before Princess. I'm the same way! If I get up when Pita Pocket gets up, then I feel like all I do is......NOTHING! So, I've got to do something too! I have tossed the idea of a schedule....get up, read the Bible, work on lesson and then wake Pita Pocket up by 10am (don't laugh...he slept till 12:30pm today) and then do a VeggieTales lesson, the the gym, then lunch and then Pita Pocket would take a nap. seems so easy......and I've only been talking about doing that for two weeks now! LOL!

That sounds neat about doing a mother's group once a week. I've always wanted to start MOPS, but last time I checked (when we were in TN) it was expensive.

Have a great day! Lots of Love!

megan said...

I can so see you doing that women's group. I think you would be great at it. I can see you doing something like that full time or working with kids.

When are you free to do something? Do you have anytime on Sat night or Sun afternoon? If not, maybe sometime at night during the week. Let me know what is best for you.

I can't wait to see you again. I have some info to fill you in on with the baby "practicing".
Take care honey..

Josy said...

It has been soooo long! Okay, I loved the bracelet, how adorable! For one mother's day I bought myself a bracelet with mine and Joe's birthstones and engraved with our names.

You go with school! I am so proud of you, it takes so much courage to do that!

I think the mom's group is a great idea!