Friday, March 24, 2006

Sur-prise, Sur-prise, Sur-prise!!

My new neice is here!! I still don't have a cute nickname for her, so I'll just call her Daffodil (since her mommy is Daisy!! LOL) Anyways, she's BEAUTIFUL!! She was born last night around 8:19p.m. (after Daisy's water broke at 5:30a.m.!! They put her on pitocin around 7:30a.m., and she never did dialate, just got to 3-4cm) Anyways, around 7:30p.m. they took her to the OR & did a C-Section...She's gorgeous!! I think she's just precious...We didn't get to hold her last night (only Mommy & Daddy got to hold her, Grandparents & me & King get to hold her today!! :) ) Anyways, I just wanted to share a pic, and update you all :) I'll probably be pretty scarce here the rest of the weekend, because they are NOT ready to take the baby home to their new house!! I know King will be over there most of the weekend trying to get the place ready for them with my Dad). Anyways...I'm just so excited!! I get to hold her today!! :)


Sara said...

Congratulations Daisy!!!! Woohoo! When was her due date? For some reason, I thought May. Is she healthy? She looks like it. That scrunchy little face!!!! :) Awww! Tell Daisy I said Congrats! Congrats to you and Uncle King as well! Love ya!

Mandalynn said...

She was due April 5th :) So, she's just shy a day of being 2wks early!! :) She's just so precious :)

Kelley said...

She's gorgeous!! CONGRATS!
Lots of Love!

girlie_mom said...

Yea!!! I want to see a pic of her and Big Daddy (that is what I call him). Her little body in his big ol' hands...AWESOME. She is sooo pretty. What are her stats? What hospital was she born in? How is Daisy doing?? Did she have a rough time?? We need details

Thanks for sharing!!

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