Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I know, I know, It's been a while!! LOL

And, I don't mean to sound like I think I'm the only busy person out there!! LOL I get tired just listening to what you all accomplish every day, AND make time to come here & post :)

I've just been chillin' this week, though...I've had enough party planning for a little while :)

Daisy & Baby Daffodil are doing great :) I guess she's getting fussy for them more...she hardly ever cried when she was first born, but she's really making up for it, now!! LOL Luckily, I'm not there when she starts all that :) It's usually just when Mommy & Daddy are all alone with her :) She's so cute, too!! :) I'll have to see if I've got a more recent picture of her...

Don't even ask me about the gym...

Oh, I've been in my "bookworm/homebody" mood lately...I can't help it when I get like this, but I can't get enough reading done, and hate to go out...even to Wal Mart!! And, you've noticed my computer habits :) LOL

Oh, and I promise to change the backgrounds to my Easter stuff ASAP!! LOL :) I've just not had enough time on here lately...blah, blah, blah :)

Okay, I'd better go...I'll talk to ya'll later :)


Sara said... had better keep posting pics of the baby! How's Daisy adjusting? I cried my first night home. What a reality check! Missed you not posting, but I'm glad you did!

You mean you haven't decorated your blog for Easter???? I'm so appalled! ha ha.

Kelley said...

(clap, clap, clap) Glad you are back!!!! LOL! Missed you so much. I know those days....when you don't want to post and you just feel that you need a break from the computer.....I'm just an addict! Baby Daffodil is just precious! Aren't you lucky that the crying is not when you are there!?! LOL!

Lots of Love!

Missy said...

I finally got to meet little Daisy last night. She is so cute!! I think she looks like a little Matt..but just so stinking cute! Your mom was telling me that Princess "rolled her" off her lap when she was done holding her. How funny!

I have missed your posts....and been worried about you. So, I hope all is fine! I get in those kind of moods sometimes too!

Love ya!