Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wal-Mart Stinks...

That's right...I said that...I'm just a little upset right now. I went to Walmart tonight, just me & Princess, and I had to get a few things (plus a few things that I didn't necessarily need if you know what I mean), and they had a huge sale on glue!! Elmer's glue. Only $.05 a bottle!! So, thinking ahead to Sunday School crafts & VBS, I got more than I normally would (I only got 5-6, I think). Well, when I checked out, I wasn't really paying attention to how things were ringing up, and I looked, but I thought my total was a little more than I thought it would be...like, 7-10 dollars more...SO, I didn't think anything about it because my math's not great, but whatever...I got home & decided to look at my receipt, and she charged me for all-purpose flour twice, and only 2 bottles of glue rang up at the clearance price. Plus, one of the curtains I bought for Princess's room rang up wrong, too. That lady must've been on drugs or something, because she messed it all up, and I don't feel like going back there 20 til 10p.m. in the honking freezing cold, so they'll be getting a call from me here in a minute.

ARRGH!! I'm usually pretty good at watching things ring up, but I was just crampy, tired & distracted getting Princess all bundled up again. What a night!!

Other than that, it was a good evening. Princess and I went by ourselves to Cracker Barrell :) We had a very nice waitress & Princess was REALLY good!! :) She colored more on that menu tonight than she ever has!! LOL She ate really well, too :) It was nice & cozy in there with a roaring fire, the perfect night for that :)

I finally picked up my contacts from Sam's Club, too. I've been using these ones for too long...it'll feel good to wear fresh contacts tomorrow :)

I can't believe my baby will be 3 this Friday!! Time REALLY does fly, and it does seem to get faster every day.

Well, I'd better go. Princess is watching, you guessed it, Caillou (I'm SICK of that whiney kid, btw!! LOL). I'd better go in there. She likes to cuddle with me when she watches that show, and I like to get my cuddles whenever I can, now that she's not my cuddley little baby anymore...

Talk to ya later :)


Sara said...

I HATE it when things don't ring up like they should! Especially if you don't catch it until you get home! Argghhh!

Sounds like you and Princess had a good "date night"! :) So, she'll be 2 on Friday, huh? Time flies! Piglet will be 14 months on Friday. I can't believe it!

Well, enjoy wearing your new contacts today! Love ya!

Missy said...

I was laughing reading your journal because I feel like I am talking to you!

FAB is so excited about the party on Thursday!!! She can't wait to see both of you! She misses you guys....we both do!

Have a great day! Love ya!

Kelley said...

YUCK! I can't believe all those prices rang up wrong...you are going to fix that right? That just irks me!!!!!

I can't believe how many whiney cartoons there are on tv!!! ARGH!

Lots of Love!