Friday, February 09, 2007

This is my big 3 (thwee is how she says it!! LOL) year old at her Chuck E. Cheese party!! :) That was so much fun, and such a good idea!! LOL Everyone (even the adults, especially grandparents hehe) had a great time!! :) And, we didn't have to clean up after we left!! LOL It was just a great idea. I was a little nervous about it coming off well, because I've never had a party there (where I was the adult, anyways!! LOL), and I just wanted everyone to have a good time. I shouldn't have worried, of course :)

Mammy made her a cake, and it was as beautiful as it was delicious!! As usual :) She got a lot of neat presents, too, and like AuntSurvivor said, there are a lot more options as far as toys go, now, because most everything says 3+!! :) She was getting a little tired towards the end of opening her presents (I think she just wanted down to play) and I had a few "YOU WILL OPEN YOUR PRESENTS & LIKE IT!!" moments...She got a lot of cute clothes & toys & just neat stuff :) We've watched that 12 Dancing Princesses movie a lot this week :) She really likes it (and it's actually pretty good for a Barbie movie!! Amy said that it was one of those kid movies she doesn't mind her daughter watching over & over again, because she likes it, too!!). Anyways, she's had a hard time adjusting to it NOT being her birthday anymore, though.

But, today's another birthday in our house!! Steve's 31 today!! :) Happy Birthday, Honey!! We're going to The Dock tonight to hear my Uncle Jeff & Should-be-Aunt Kim sing with their band Diddley. It should be fun!! Jodi & Jim are coming up, even with such short notice!! :) So, YAY!! :)

Speaking of party stuff...I'd better go...I'm watching BigBlueEyes tomorrow, and I need to get Abbey's little tiny pieced toys up out of the floor. It still looks like the Princess Birthday Fairy threw up in the living room!! LOL :)

Talk to ya'll later :)


Sara said...

LOL. I laughed at the Princess Birthday Fairy throwing up! I'm glad the party went well! I'll keep that in mind for Abby's birthday in a couple of years!

Happy Birthday to Steve! Have a good weekend! Love ya!

Kelley said...

I love the birthday picture! That is funny how they act about presents. Pita Pocket was the same way last year....he just wanted to play!

Hope you have fun tomorrow!

Lots of Love!