Friday, January 26, 2007

Hey, Ya'll!! :) I've been missing a few days, huh? LOL Here's a pic to make up for it!! LOL

This is Princess pushing my SwifferVac!! LOL She was having such a great time I wasn't going to stop her...she's obsessed with those Swiffers...I'm DEFINATELY not complaining...there will be a time when she'll roll her eyes at me when I ask her to swiffer for me :) LOL

Not a whole lot going on this past week. I FINALLY got Princess's party invites done & in the mail, but I still emailed everyone we invited just to make sure we had given everyone ample notice. I feel bad about not getting those out sooner, but I can only do what I can do, ya know? I'm definately not a perfect Mom!! LOL Anyways, I hope everyone can come (I've personally told a few people, too, it's just a few I haven't talked to since Christmas time...) Anyways, it's at Chuck E. Cheese's next Thursday!! :) I haven't been to CEC since Steve & I dated (yes, we went there on a date!! LOL We even had a coupon!! LOL) Anyways, I'm about as excited as Princess!!

I keep asking her what she wants for her Birthday, and she hasn't given me a real answer. Her first answer was "A princess present, Mommy" like I was dense!! LOL Today we went to Target, and she saw that V-Tech V-Smile thing, and now she's saying she wants, we'll see...I have no idea which to get her, the TV hook up or the handheld...I guess we could always get the handheld later...and maybe off of ebay for cheaper? LOL

Speaking of ebay, my husband is OBSESSED!! He's REALLY wanting a PS2...Because he's also obsessed with the kareoke ever since Christmas!! LOL What a dork!! LOL I love it, too, but not enough that I feel like I HAVE to have it!! LOL It'd be nice, but...really :) LOL

Tonight's just me & Princess. I think we'll have a movie night. She LOVES that!! :) She likes to turn off all the lights & pop popcorn & sit with Mommy :) She definately doesn't like sitting still through the WHOLE movie, but she does pretty well in the beginning :) hehehe Dinner's by Chef Boy R Dee tonight :) Well, Lean Cuisine for me. It's SO hard for me to justify making a big dinner for just Princess & I...I'd rather do "convenience" food for just the 2 of us, and cook for my hubby when he's home (He's a blockhead right now, in case you were wondering, and it's getting to be their busy season...) So, a nice lazy evening after we ran errands all afternoon.

Oh, I wanted to share with you a little about the Ladies' Luncheon...The theme is "Enjoying Life's Simple Pleasures ~ Friendship & Chocolate!" VERY cute & fun decorating theme. I think I'm gonna do a pink & brown polka dot theme, and glass jars/bowls with a pink rose in the center. I'll take pictures. Missy & Jodi, think my wedding reception (if you can remember back that far). The glass ball/vase thingys I'm thinking of are really short, so not distracting to talk over, but still very delicate & feminine to lend that to the whole ambiance. I have a strand of white lights (with the white cords) I can put on the food table, and I was going to ask Mom to borrow her chocolate fountain for a little "ooh" & "ahh" factor :) LOL Not only does it look & taste good, it SMELLS good, too :) I think it'll just add a little oomph :)

Okay, I could go on & on about all that, I think you know :) I had a very encouraging & uplifting moment with our female Elder last night, too :) She said, "I just wanted you to know, that I heard you had gotten some mis-information about how I felt about you being in charge of this whole women's ministry thing, and I just wanted you to know that I think it's wonderful you're getting this moving & I'm behind you!!" That was so sweet, and such a confirmation that I'm following the Lord's leading in this. You know how you have moments of doubting yourself/your abilities/"did I hear God right?"/I am so not qualified to be teaching or speaking to so many ladies who are older & wiser than me kind of stuff, and it was nice to have an Elderess (LOL) stop to encourage me. I really feel on the right track, now, more than ever.

You know, I'm really not confident in myself & in my understanding of God's word & direction...maybe it comes from just being indecisive a lot of the times, and definately from a fear of failure! That's a biggie for me, absolutely. Sometimes (actually mosttimes, if you wanna get down to it), my fear of failure is what holds me back from taking any kind of action, and that's not necessarily a good thing. There are times when I know after the fact, that had I taken a leap of faith & said something/done something, there would've been a seed planted, a person uplifted & encouraged, and maybe even another soul won to heaven. Fear can be paralizing, huh? And destructive...

SO, that's it, I won't bore you with anything else about that until I have pictures of what all I'm talking about :) LOL

I'd better go...Princess fell asleep after we went to Target, so now she's sleeping in her bed (thank GOODNESS she didn't wake up when I took all her coat/mittens/hat off of her!! LOL Now she'll take a nice nap :) And I can clean the kitchen...*cue Debbie Downer music* "Wah-Wah."

Have a great weekend, Journal Goddesses!!


Sara said...

I"m so glad everything's working out with your ladies ministry! I think it's great that you took that leap of faith and followed God's leading!

I hope you and Princess had a fun night tonight! Love ya!

p.s. your theme sounds neat! I love the pink and brown polka dot look!

Kelley said...

The colors for the get together sounds'll have to take pictures just so I know I have it right! LOL! I'm so glad that God has placed this on your heart. It's satan that uses those fears to his advantage and I'm so happy that God confirmed that you're on the right track! Isn't He wonderful!?!?!? And that chocolate fountain will be the PERFECT touch to the theme. What study will ya'll be doing or are you writing your own? Just curious. I'm trying to get some ideas since there is talk about starting a women's ministry here.

We bought the TV hookup for Pita Pocket. It's nice when we go to the grandparents house so they can all play it on the big tv. You might want to check to see, but they might have it where the handheld can be hooked up to a tv. If so, then you've got it all in the one item instead of buying two. We've talking about buying te handheld console because of traveling to TN to see family, but right now the tv hookup will be fine. Pita Pocket LOVES the V-Tech games...and I like them because they are educational. Make sure you take pictures of the party!!!

LOts of Love!

Jodi said...

I'm so proud of you cousin and brain twin for all you are doing to minister at your church. You convict me and inspire me to do step out of my box too...

anyways enough mush! lol

I'm giggling about your husband being so obsessed with the playstation many times did we play that in the past and he didn't even look at it?? and now all of sudden he must have one...funny!!

I have a suggestion...why don't you all come down and visit us some weekend and he could play it? ::hint hint:: lol

love you!