Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wow, I didn't really mean for that last post to be my last until Christmas & New Year's!! What a busy season!! Our computer's S L O W, too, so it's easy to resist the temptation to blog...

Hmmm, what to talk about? There is too much to catch up on, really, so I'll give you the highlights!! LOL :)

Christmas was GREAT!! :) We had such a fun season this year!! Abbey sang her first solo at our Christmas program at church & did such a great job!! I was so proud of her & my whole family cried while she sang!! Super sweet!!

Eli had a wonderful first Christmas. I'll tell you what, that boy is the best baby I've ever known. He doesn't make much of a fuss unless he's hungry or beyond needing a diaper change, ya know? And, he's always got a smile for you. I love that baby boy!! :)

Christmas Eve was fun, as usual!! :) We got together with the Powell side of the family & this year, we went caroling to some of Mom & Dad's neighbor's houses, and that was a lot of fun!! It got some of the kids' wiggles out, too, so they were ready to sit & sing some more, but of course, we opened presents right after we sang Silent Night!! :) I love the chaos that is Christmas Eve. It's a good chaos...

Christmas Day was easy-going :) We had our little family Christmas (Abbey asked for a "microphone on a stand" from Santa, and Eli got a busy ball popper), and we got ready to go to Mom & Dad's a little earlier this year because we knew we weren't going to stay as late as we have in the past because Dad had surgery the Friday after Christmas Day (on his shoulder...more on that later). We had a great time, and played a game of Scrabble, which I lost miserably. The kids were great all day & Katie LOVED the Princess dress-up dress I got her... She had to immediately put it on & wore it about all day :). When she put it on, her whole countenance changed. That girl, she IS a "Pin-pess."

So, Dad's surgery. I don't know if I shared with all of you or not, but on Thanksgiving Dad tore his shoulder up pretty badly. He had a torn rotator cuff & other torn muscles, come to find out, all from a fall he took in the garage on Thanksgiving day while playing with Abbey & Katie. So, he hasn't had as much fun the last month 1/2 or so as you might think, and I know that kills him. Christmas is his favorite!

Drugged up on percoset & motrin, and he's STILL in pain...I think it's gradually getting better, though...

New Year's we spent at Scott & Missy's!! :) Thank you, Cousin, for having us all over again!! :) We had lots of fun, the kids all got along well (for the most part) & we played a few games that I'd never played, but were a lot of fun!! I hadn't really been sleeping well the few nights prior to that, because Eli was waking up with a cough, so I didn't make it as late as I might've otherwise, but it was good to see & play games & just spend time with family again. Everyone's lives are so busy & full it's hard to make time like that all the time, so it was great getting together with everyone again.

So, now it's 2009, I've got a new background on my blog, and the Christmas tree is starting to make me feel claustrophobic in my living room. That's coming down this week sometime. Also, the trees at church are coming down before next Sunday, too :). I'm still listening to my Christmas music, though! That's always the hardest part of the holidays for me, to start integrating "rest-of-the-year" music after Christmas. I LOVE Christmas music, and literally listen to it all year round.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everyone!! :) Love you, and I'm praying blessings to fill your 2009!! :)

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Kelley said...

I'm so glad you and your family had a great holiday! YEAH for the first solo this year. That's always so special!

Sorry about your dad. I can't imagine being in pain during Christmas time!

I LOVE the new look on your blog! So cute!

Lots of Love!