Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Wednesday!! :)

Well, I've started a 2nd blog...NOT a "new" blog, but one to co-exist with this one. It's called "The Mommy Princess on a Diet." I'll be blogging all about my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers, sharing recipes as I come across them, and just being a little more focused on one topic over there. There's a link for it in my sidebar if you'd like a gander. No big deal, just something for me to ramble & share on over there.

Not much more going on with us, because of the sNoW!! :) Yes, the 'white death' is here. How can something so beautiful & fluffy looking cause so much havoc?!?! LOL It really was beautiful to watch coming down today...and it never really stopped all day. They were big fluffy flakes, it looked like a movie set had done it!!

Oh, I started the new blog because I started back to WW's last night. Missy, you would remember the leader at my meeting as the first leader we had in Fairborn with the southern accent who had to leave because she was overloaded. Well, she's still a leader!! :) And she's in Huber!! :) So, not only is she the closest to me, I know her & really like her!! :)

Anyways, it was a good day, I was trying to "get rid" of 5pts. tonight & that has never happened to me before, first day or not!! LOL :) So, I'm taking that as a good sign!! :) Next week's booklet is about exercise, I think, so I'm going to only have the goal of sticking to my points this week & next week will start incorporating the exercise.

Aren't you glad I got another blog for that stuff? LOL Wouldn't you hate to hear all about that when you could care less? LOL

Love you all...Have a great snowed-in weekend!! :)


Missy said...

Hey! Congrats on joining is so hard, but it does really work!!! What do you think of the new Momentum plan?

I tried to look at your other blog but the screen is just gray. I can't see any words...just a picture. Interesting. I will have to look at it when I am home and see if I can see it there.

Anywho...have a great day! Not only do we have white death, we also have FREEZING temps!

Love ya!

Kelley said...

I think that's really neat to start a WW's blog. I can't wait to get some of those recipes!!!! I love the look of it!
Lots of Love!