Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have been having one big pity party for myself this week...I even blogged about it last time!! LOL But, even when we whine, God is so good to us!!

Last night before bed, my devo (from "Joy Breaks: 90 Devotions to Celebrate, Simplify, and Add Laughter to Your Life") was entitled "Help...Now!" by Patsy Clairmont (one of my favorites!!). Anyways, her reference was Psalm 70:1 "O Lord, Come quickly to help me." That was the root of the cry from my heart this week. And, boy did He ever!! :) He's helped me all through this week; from snow days to girlfriends!!

Monday my friend Amy & my sister Chelle & I decided to go out on Friday. I had a sneaking suspicion that Steve had to work, but thought I'd ask my Mom to watch the kiddos for a while.

Well, she couldn't, so earlier in the week I told the girls I couldn't go (::insert Debbie Downer "Wah-wah" here::). So, last night rolled around, and Chelle & Amy went out...Then called me on their way to eat...

Amy: Hey! Whatchya doin?
Me: Oh, just sittin here with the kids...
Amy: (she laughs) Well, duh! Chelle & I are on our way to eat, then we're picking up Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes, and then we'll be over!
Me: (looking at my unbelievably messy house & who-knows-when-the-last-time-I-mopped kitchen floor) Ummm, ahh, OK.

Let me tell you, what a blessing!! It took them a little while, plenty of time for me to get the house 'BFF' ready (you know, not perfect, but acceptable), and I got the kids down right as they walked in.

I can NOT tell you how blessed I felt after they left. It's amazing what a good piece of cheesecake & giggling with your girlfriends will do for your perspective!! :)

But mostly, it's awesome the ways God comes to our rescue...

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