Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not much going on here...

We're just waiting on the warmer weather...I only left the house a few times this week...Am feeling a little (read: LOT) cabin fever...

Eli has an ear infection & never cried like Abbey did when she had one. I only had a hunch because he wasn't exactly acting like himself, and was being a little cranky pants :). But, he wasn't constantly screaming his head off like Abbey did!! :)

That same day I took him to the dr. (Wednesday) we went to Meijer...I went alone with the kids & my Pointsfinder, and wanted to sell my kids when I was done!! LOL Abbey was a major PILL & wasn't listening or staying with me for anything. Needless to say, she went to bed extra early that night!

She's been pretty good since then, though, and is trying to earn a sleepover at Mammy's. Every day she has the chance to earn a letter to spell "Mammy" & when she does, she gets a sleepover (when Mammy's schedule allows it, of course).

I'd better get to bed. I'm helping Mr. Ed in his Sunday School class tomorrow...the kids are going to alter composition notebooks as their Purpose Driven Life journals, and I said I'd help with that :). It should be a lot of fun, because these kids are a lot of fun!! :)

Love you all, and am praying!! :)


Kelley said...

That's how my boys are...two of them scream with ear infections and one just acts a little different.

I love the fact that she has to earn a letter to do something....LOVE IT!

I miss Meijer! :(

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

What a fabulous idea earning the sleepover! Maybe I'll try that. I think maybe Abby needs a visual reminder of her behavior.....hope she's been better!