Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm so glad that what, I felt at the time, were just crazy ramblings actually spoke to someone!! LOL Thank you for letting me know, because I was starting to feel like, "Ah, crap, I didn't make any sense..." LOL :)

Anyways, I've been reading my "Queen of the Castle" book by Lynn Bowen Walker, again, and actually needed to get caught up from Easter!! ::YIKES:: Well, I'm caught up, and last night I read this...

"You are doing your job in caring for your home and family. You are confident and fulfilled. The work is necessary; the work is important; the work is good."

She also ended the chapter with this prayer:

"Lord, help me to remember that as I am a "worker at home," (reference from Titus 2:3-5) I am being obedient to you. I am also being a blessing to my family. What a gift you've given me in this family to take care of! Thank You."

What I love about this, is that at the very beginning of her book, she clarifies that when she says "homemaker" she's referring to all women, single, married, children/no children. I just thought that was profound. And, she goes on to say that she loves the word "homemaker." That word has become so taboo in our society, but what's wrong with being the "maker" of the "home"? Of making that soft place for your family to fall? This book has just been full of Godly validation for me, and for this blessing of staying home. Just a great book. It's "52 weeks of encouragement for the uninspired, domestically challenged or just plain tired homemaker." And, it's not all about women being homemakers...there's lots of advice about cleaning, gardening, cooking, celebrating holidays, etc... Very diverse, and she's got a great sense of humor!! :)

Okay, so last night I went to a Women's Retreat planning meeting. Very interesting. I have no idea what we're going to be doing, and I don't necessarily want to be in charge of it, but I am more than willing to help in any way I can. SO, some of the logistics are in place, such as the date &, the dates...LOL Well, we know we've got around 30 rooms reserved for that weekend, too, so there's that. But there is NOTHING else planned. So, we're starting from ground 0. We're going to be meeting every 2 weeks or so between now & then, so that should be good, and keep us all in the loop & on the same page!! There are a couple of ladies who have experience in planning retreats, but then there's new people like me who scraped by with a couple of luncheons on her belt!! LOL

I'm excited about it, though, and there's always ladies asking about the next "Chick Flick" night!! That really was a hit!! :) I'd like to schedule a shopping excursion soon, too, but I'm pretty sure I've shared that with you already...

Anyways, lots of things going on with that!! :) Oh, and Jodi, one of the ladies at the meeting, we got to talking about Henry Cloud & Boundaries!! She's got that small group video & stuff, and is going to (in the near future) teach that class again!! I'm so excited!! I told her that I was very interested in reading the book, and then she said she had all the class curriculum, and that she's a "partner" (I didn't know what that means), with New Life Live, and that she's been to a few of their workshops...SO, she's a Henry Cloud/Arturbon (sp?) fan, too!! :)

Tonight Steve was supposed to put together Abbey's armoire, but opted for men's group instead (whatever). Acutally, I'm cool with that, because I still need to get Abbey's room sorted through. That girl has definately learned how to NOT put her things away...My fault. We were really good about keeping things picked up & orgainized when she was first born, but ever since "the move" we've not been consistent with her picking up her messes...nor Steve or I!! LOL I've been doing my FlyLady, at least the living room/kitchen/bathroom/entry hallway are out of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome). So, now I've got to teach Princess "I'm-still-playing-with-that" how to "FLY." (and, I'm using lots of "Flylady-isms," so sorry if I've confused you :) )

I'd better go...I need to see what Abbey's doing!! LOL j/k Steve just left, and we're afraid to leave her in a room by herself for more than 5 minutes (remember the nailpolish? Steve actually got that stain out!! This stuff called "Goop" or something...took most of it right out!! We'll probably have to use it again, though, cause there are some spots not wanting to go away...)

Anyways, ya'll have a great week!! Love ya!!


Bobbie413 said...

Henry Cloud was on Dave Ramsey today and they were talking about his book titled 'Integrity.' It was quite interesting.

Kelley said...

That book sounds great! I'm gonna have to see if I can get that. You have such profound things to say from it!

Can't wait to hear the neat things ya'll are going to do on your women's retreat. Let me know cuz our group isn't doing much in that way. I keep stressing that, but there's not much you can stress if you're not on the team! lol!

Have a great week (and I'm so glad you're a regular blogger again)!

Lots of Love!

Sara said...

At least you all are committed to meeting for the women's retreat...even if you don't know yet what you're doing! :)

Good luck organizing! I'm still working on that one!

Love ya!