Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wowie Zowie, what a day!! :) This is my "in the middle" of it time...This morning we met my friend Carrie & her niece at Chic-Fil-A for an early lunch, and then I had to run by the store to pick up something for a dinner I'm making for a family @ church (Lisa had knee surgery last week, and is out of commission for a bit...) So, that's what I'm really supposed to be doing right now...But then after I drop off their dinner, I'm meeting another gal from church at McD's for supper, so we can discuss the logistics for this year's VBS. Yes, I'm a crazy person!! LOL

What's probably the most funny thing is that I'm making another family a nice dinner, complete with cupcakes for dessert, and I'm taking Abbey to McD's for dinner!!!! LOL Her 2nd fast-food meal of the day!!

Anyways, that's what kind of day I'm having!! LOL So, I needed to squeeze in some 'puter time for a minute...

Our weekend was WONDERFUL!! :) We had a really great weekend. Last Thursday was a trip, though. We went to a Quilt Show...in Columbus...and then I find out out on the way home...from Columbus...that my WM has asked me to lead worship for him on Sunday because of a couple things going on (his Mom was on his way to Boston for a wedding, and when they stopped for dinner, she experienced some chest pain, and her brother or bil one, is a dr. & said, "Yeah, you're going to the ER." So, they took her, and moved her to Buffalo, NY hospital (I guess it was pretty close to wherever they were), and they found multiple blockages & said she needed surgery...so, they've since moved her to Columbus (very close to where she lives), and will do it there. So, he was going to be away, anyway, but his plans got all switched around, and he was still gone...) Anyways, before any of that happened with his Mom, he had asked me (in an email in the wee hours of the morning on THURSDAY) if I'd be willing to lead...We were on I-70, almost home, and getting ready to stop in Springfield @ Cracker Barrell for dinner, and I said, "Mom, I need to go home." It was already quarter 'til 7p.m., but we had to go to Mom's house to pick up the van, Abbey was hungry, I was hungry, and drained from the trip up & back from Columbus, but I got there around 7:20!! :) So, we practiced & decided between the people there that we'd "Co-Lead" the worship on Sunday. That way, at that late date, nobody was put on the spot. It turned out really well. Oh, should I also mention that I had to teach Sunday School & Children's Church this past Sunday, too? LOL Mom said I should've just called Pastor & told him I'd take care of the message, too!! LOL It sounds like a lot, but it really wasn't. We did a refresher lesson in SS (I was really proud at what they remembered!!) & Children's Church was movie time!! :) We watched Veggie Tales (I asked first!! LOL) We totally vegged out on Sunday afternoon/night, though!! :)

Oh, Friday, Mom & Dad kept Abbey overnight, and that was AWESOME!! :) Steve & I went to the movies (the cheap one!!) & saw Blades of Glory...pretty funny in a Will Ferrell kinda way. We got home around 11:30, and looked @ each other & said, "Good night." And, we went to bed!! LOL We slept in a little on Saturday, watched Click (Steve rented it from the library!! LOL), bawlled like a couple of babies, then Steve did some yard work, and I did NOTHING!! LOL

Then, there was Sunday!! :)

I kinda went out of order, but Sunday went with Thursday's story, so, whatever.

Like you wanted a full play-by-play, huh? LOL

Okay, so I'd better get started on that family's dinner, and gather all my VBS stuff & get my focus together...Talk to ya'll later!! Love ya!! :)


Sara said...

I cried in Click too! Isn't it funny that seeing the previews, you'd never think it would be a tear jerker?

Wow! You've had a busy few days. Glad everything went well on Sunday. I hope your Pastor's Mom's doing okay. Have a good week!

Kelley said...

Me too! Cried like a baby in Click. You'd never think that seeing who was in it and the previews!

You've had a lot going on lately! Don't worry about Abbey eating too much junk....it doesn't happen often and what a cool treat for her!

Have a happy Hump Day!
Lots of Love!