Monday, May 08, 2006

Really, I meant to come post a thousand times since my last post, but just didn't happen...

Last week was a lot of down time :) It was nice :) Thursday nite a few ladies from praise team took one of the newer ladies (she's playing the piano for us now) to dinner. She's not brand new here, just pretty new :) She's going through a VERY VERY tough time right now, so prayers for her if you think of it. We'll call her Opera Singer (she's a professionally trained Opera singer from Canada)...

Anyways, that was Thursday...Friday, we went straight to Pizza Hut for supper as soon as King came home from work. That was fun!! And VERY yummy...then we went to Sam's Club (I FINALLY ordered my contacts!! I can't wait 'til they're in!!), and just looked around for other stuff (ended up spending way more than we meant to!!LOL) Then, we stopped by K-Mart on our way home, and checked out their kid furniture...there's this set that's REALLY pretty, and we ended up getting Princess's toddler bed for $40!! It was on sale this weekend. Mom said that they'd buy the armoire for us, because they were planning on buying Princess's big girl bed, but since we got such a great deal on it, she said they'd get the armoire :) I CAN'T wait!! It will be so nice to actually have matching furniture in her room :)

Saturday was my Birthday!! :) We won't discuss my age...I'm just getting closer to the 30 mark, and that's not too fun to think about...We hung out here & ate KrispyKremes for breakfast (we bought them at Sam's the night before), and fresh balogna sandwiches for lunch (VERY good fresh...sometime's ya can't beat 'em LOL)...then we met Mom & Dad, Daisy & BB & SweetiePie at Logan's Steakhouse for supper (WOW, we will definately go there again :) VERY GOOD, and pretty reasonably priced, I thought). After we stuffed ourselves, we went to Mom & Dad's (Mom baked me a small cake, and we had ice cream, too :) ). A very good Birthday :)

Yesterday was church, and we just kinda hung out afterwards...oh, we did eat at Cracker Barrell (I LOVE Cracker Barrell...). We didn't go anywhere else all day. We ate bologna sandwiches on our back porch last night, for supper, since we ate such a big lunch, and it hit the spot again...I'm tellin' ya, sometimes, there's nothin' can beat it...only fresh from the deli, though, not those pre-packaged things. Those are gross...

Anyways, that brings us to today...we didn't do much today, either, except get dressed & went to the license bureau (we had to get something notarized), then I browsed the Scrapbook Cafe next door & spent some of my Birthday money :) Very nice day so far...Tonight's weigh in, and I don't know what in the world to expect...Oh, well...we're gonna start walking instead of having a meeting every Monday night...hopefully that will bring in a few more ladies who maybe wouldn't normally come to a weight loss group. We'll see :) I think it'll be nice to get out & chat with the ladies...

Okay, I'd better go...supper's ready, and it's almost 6p.m., and group is at 7!! :) Good think we live less than 3minutes from church!! :)


Jodi said...

Happy birthday to you....happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Queeny...happy birthday to you ::P-family fancy ending:: lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

oh man...Logan's is my favorite...their rolls are to die for! yum...making me hungry! lol

G-Ma T sent me a pic of SweetPie...and she is a SweetiePie! She is just growing and changing...what a sweetie...and I can't believe Princess is rady for a toddler bed how time flies! good deal on the furniture! I love a good bargain!

Kelley said...


So glad that you had such a good birthday! Sounds wonderful!!! That's the kind I eat Krispy Creme for breakfast!!!

That is wonderful about having matching furniture!!! That will be gorgeous in her room!!!

Have a great weigh-in tonight.....and I agree, walking might bring in more people!

Lots of Love!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday! I was thinking about you on Saturday! It sounds like you had a great birthday.....just spending time with family and balogna sandwiches...I SOOOOOO agree with you there! It is the simple things in life!

Yes, I saw pictures of SweetiePie last night and she is stinking adorable! She looks so much like her Daddy...he makes a cute little girl!

Hope your weigh-in went good...and if it didn't....who cares? It was your birthday! We are allowed to splurge on our birthdays!!!

A walking group sounds like a good idea! I love to be outside and walking this time of the year! I would come!

Cool about the cheap furniture! Time does fly, that is for sure! In the blink of an eye....Princess will be ready for school! It happens before you know it!

Love ya!

Sara said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! I've never been to Logan's. I'll have to try that.

Awesome deal on Princess' bed! And yeah for the parents getting the armoir!

I still want to see pics of SweetiePie!!!! :)