Thursday, May 25, 2006

Off to PA...

Hey, everyone, I just wanted to pop in here & say "Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!!" We're heading to PA for our annual trip to visit the inlaws...Please cover me with prayer!! :) LOL

We're stopping half-way tonight & staying at a hotel, and Princess is all excited to "go swimming!!" I hope she doesn't get scared, cause I think we can have fun with her in the pool if she's not too scared to get in :)

Oh, and did I mention...


I'm just a *little* excited about that!! LOL There might've been a lot of girly-squealing at Mom & Dad's last night!! LOL Daisy & I might've acted like a couple of teenagers!! LOL

Well, I'd better go...I still have to finish packing (I say finish because I don't want to put any of you organized people into an attack because I haven't got ANYTHING in a suitcase yet...LOL Now, BREATHE!! LOL)

Okay, I'd better go...I hope you all have a great weekend with your families & friends!! Talk to ya later!!


Sara said...

Yay, Soul Patrol!!!! :) Are we geeks or what?

Have fun in PA! Try not to kill the in-laws.... :)

Kelley said...

Have fun on your trip....hope the in-laws are still in tact when you get home! Lots of Love!

Josy said...

Have a safe trip!