Sunday, February 19, 2006

So, here's Papa's Princess :) LOL This is when Dad was putting the cord on our new stove last week :) Have I mentioned I LOVE my new stove? Well, I do!! :)

Not much really going on today...I've got a few things to work on for church, and then I'm taking a nap before our small group tonight. Tonight's PIZZA NITE!! LOL :) One of the couple's can't make it tonight (one's sick, and one wants to go to the closing ceremony for Emmaus), so we decided (me & FunnyMom) that we would order pizza from East of Chicago tonight ;) I'm looking forward to it :) Although, I haven't been weighing myself this week, I'm pretty sure I'm up...I haven't been drinking water as faithfully as I did the week before...

Here's another Princess pic, with her new kitchen...I finally got all those from her Birthday uploaded to the computer, can ya tell? LOL :) She really loves her kitchen, and last night, I put together her Princess high chair (for her babies) & her little "mall" stroller (think those big carseat strollers you use at the mall, with the basket & everything, only Disney Princess style :) LOL She really likes them both, too :) )

Well, I'd better go & get to work so I can take a nappy nap!! :) Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!! :)


Kelley said...

I love her kitchen...that's more my style!! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed your pizza....I love East of Chicago! When we moved up here the day BEFORE the 16 inches of snow, we didn't go grocery shopping. The day it snowed, they were the ONLY place that would bring us food! LOL!

Lots of Love!

Josy said...

What a Princess! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful little girl! I just want to hug her every time I see her picture...but I'm sure that would probably make her cry ("Who is this crazy woman and why is she hugging me??")!!

Your cakes are absolutely beautiful! Do you deliver? hee hee

Sara said...

After looking at those cakes, I really want some and I don't even like cake! You did a great job!!! You and Kelley should go into business together!

Cute pics of Princess and neat kitchen! They keep getting better and better! Hope King had a nice birthday! Love ya!