Monday, March 08, 2010

Not Me Monday

MckMama is on a trip to Kenya, and she is showing some really awesome photos & some heartbreaking & yet hopeful tidbits from their journey. And, I believe she has put a hold on Not Me Monday, so I will post this, then when she resumes NMM, I will link back to this post :). I'm just excited to join in...I've never been a part of a blog carnival :)

I certainly did not set my almost completely dead cell phone on the couch Tuesday, only to never see it again... I have not been looking for it ever since. And, when I searched under the couch & found TOYS, CRUMBS, AND WHO-KNOWS-WHAT-ELSE, I most certainly did not look at those things with a blind eye & return the cushions right back where they were... Cause we all know I would never do that!!

What have YOU not been doing? hehehehe

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the momma said...

Oh my, I never EVER EVER do that myself. Nope. And even if I *were* to lift my couch cushions, all I would find would be cleanliness. And fairies.
I once lost my cell phone in my room somewhere. Couldn't find it for weeks, but for days heard it beeping as it was slowly about drive you crazy.
I did the "NMM" too, even without MckMamma!
Thanks for visiting!