Thursday, March 04, 2010

JoAnn Fabrics ROCKS!! :)

Steve called me today around 11ish asking, "Are you dressed yet?"

I was slightly offended curious, so I said..."Yes, and my make-up's on..." Quesion mark implied.

"Well, how would you like to take me to lunch today?" he says in his cheeky way.

"OK, what's the occasion?" I ask, still waiting for the punch line...and it came!!

"Well, it seems I've locked myself out of my car!"

So, racing to get the kiddos dressed & ready {even though they really both needed baths...}, we took Steve to lunch...sort of. He had to be at a meeting at 1p.m., so he ordered, paid, and had to leave...

And we ate, then went to the library where Abbey played on the computer (she asked for help to get on the computer while Eli & I went to the restroom...), Eli kinda whined the whole time {read: sleepy}.

But, did I end our day-trip out at the Library? OH NO!! :) We walked down to JoAnn Fabrics, and WOW, am I ever glad we did!! :) Look what I got out of there with!! :)

I will be doing something with this tulle...and, the hearts are just on a tablecloth underneath the's still Valentine's Day here ;) What I do with the tulle will remain a mystery until I get my project use getting your hopes up in case it turns out awful!! hehehe

This is a WHOLE little chipboard album kit that was cLeArEnCeD for 2.97!!

I know, blurry picture, but SUPER CUTE embellishments :) $0.97!!

A nice-sized sticker booklet, again, $0.97!!

And, these are my FAVORITES!! :) Clear stamps, REGULAR SIZED {meaning these aren't mini's} for $2.97 each!! I was so excited!! :)

Eli was a trooper at first, but then he started the pitiful whining that just annoys everyone, so I finally said, "OK, we're DONE." and paid & left...probably missing the sigh of relief that I'm sure followed our exit!! hehe

Little guy was asleep in his car seat before we left the parking naturally I had to swing through Sonic for a Rt. 44 Diet Vanilla Coke during Happy Hour, right?

Ahhhhh....Love me some Diet Vanilla :)

So, while I sip on my diet coke, I will leave you with a question or 2... What would you do with the goodies I stole was blessed to find? And, are the strikeouts annoying, or funny? LOL :) Don't answer that if it's annoying!! :)


Kelley said...

Love the markouts! ha ha! I love reading your blog! You're so funny and I love the craft stuff that you do!

Sara said...

First off, I too, am addicted to diet vanilla coke! In fact, I went to steak-n-shake for lunch today mostly b/c I wanted a diet vanilla coke.....the food is second. :)

Awesome buy on scrap stuff. I do not have the creative gene, so good luck using your crafty skills!

karlalala said...

just found your site... and i think the strike outs are great!! i'm a document processor, so this is very familiar to me!!