Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Meet My Inner Brat...Holly.

I was musing this morning while brushing my teeth (you know you do it, too...I usually do it in the shower, but I haven't gotten that far, yet...). I was doing my Flylady Swish n' Swipe & got to thinking about my perfectionism. I have recently "met" or "acknowledged" my inner brat, Holly. (To get to know/name your inner brat, go here.) Holly is the little girl inside me who whines & talks me out of doing what I *usually* know I should do. I was thinking today that she not only affects my home's cleanliness, she affects EVERYTHING about me.

The thing is, Pam Young from "The Brat Factor" (among other things :)) is ABSOLUTELY right. I won't do it if it isn't fun. That's her motto. Once we acknowledge our inner brat, that's when the work begins. Because we have to reason with them. Sometimes out loud.

I realize that most of you who read my blog are BO (no, not body odor, Born Organized!! LOL). I know this because I've read your blogs & have even been to your house, so I know!! LOL I am not. Hence the whole Flylady thing...and making it fun!! :)

It's not about being lazy, necessarily... it's about preferring to do *ahem* crafting of some sort over emptying the dishwasher...or mop the floors...or de-cluttering my dresser drawers... Not that I would do that!! Hehehe, those would all be a good for MckMama's "Not Me! Mondays." More to follow with that, most definitely!! LOL :)

So, I'm in the process of LEARNING how to get along with my inner brat {Holly}, and to stand up to her!! LOL The whole premise behind "finding your inner brat" is laughing at ourselves & gaining perspective. In a very fun & unique way!! LOL

And, yes, there are more links in this one post than there is on my sidebar...j/k...only half :) LOL


Sherry said...

Ha ha, my brat has grown up to be a drama queen named Tiffanie!

Kelley said...

Wow...I used to teach high school....I could have an entire brat list! ha ha!